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    28 daqiqa oldin

    Personally I was disappointed in how easy those where

  2. Lisa Kawucha

    Lisa Kawucha

    50 daqiqa oldin

    What A Great Idea

  3. Lisa Kawucha

    Lisa Kawucha

    52 daqiqa oldin

    Let's Stop It Singing

  4. Darrell Jackson

    Darrell Jackson

    3 soat oldin

    I was tired of seeing him on the show at the time. I wouldn't watch it until he was off the show.

  5. Mao LeBron

    Mao LeBron

    4 soat oldin

    They’re racist for not giving him Zelda

  6. Mao LeBron

    Mao LeBron

    4 soat oldin

    Lmao that guy was trying to act like he isn’t a gamer

  7. JJ Faris

    JJ Faris

    6 soat oldin

    Would hope that Ken would want the job permanently or Mike. Will definitely skip Katie's episodes

  8. Arash Parsi

    Arash Parsi

    7 soat oldin

    James Holzhauer would not approve of these wagers

  9. UnderARock


    8 soat oldin

    Lucy tells Ricky, we're going to have a baby.

  10. Beast Mode

    Beast Mode

    8 soat oldin

    These nerds should’ve gotten these ones

  11. Shmaz Pootaz

    Shmaz Pootaz

    8 soat oldin

    Bro i even got the joust question correct by guessing

  12. Rylee Roseborough

    Rylee Roseborough

    8 soat oldin

    They should get Jeff Goldblum to host a few

  13. Rylee Roseborough

    Rylee Roseborough

    8 soat oldin

    I can't wait for the Aaron Rodgers guest host episodes

  14. Ruthie May

    Ruthie May

    8 soat oldin

    Is it just me or do celebrities get easier answers???

  15. Reginald Mizer

    Reginald Mizer

    9 soat oldin

    I was hoping the last guy was going to be a copywriter, too.

  16. nathan ballew

    nathan ballew

    9 soat oldin

    I remember this one. I said pregnant

  17. Warren Higgins

    Warren Higgins

    10 soat oldin

    I am 99% sure Bryan knew the answer, but thought $7598 was a pittance compared to all-time legend status. Bryan, we salute you!

  18. Elizabeth McKenna

    Elizabeth McKenna

    11 soat oldin

    Who is Regis Philbin

  19. AsuranFish


    11 soat oldin

    I guessed CaLVin Klein...

    • AsuranFish


      11 soat oldin

      (Just checked, they DO make watches and luggage... I wonder if I would have got credit for it... :) )

  20. Clara Shortle

    Clara Shortle

    12 soat oldin

    RIP Alex 😢

  21. Heaven Piercing Man

    Heaven Piercing Man

    12 soat oldin

    A red haired individual & the movie adaptation of him.

  22. Uatu


    12 soat oldin

    See. After Marvel Studios tell stories about those characters, they’ll be more memorable. ::sigh::

  23. Lise Bedard

    Lise Bedard

    12 soat oldin


  24. Dawn Hero

    Dawn Hero

    13 soat oldin


  25. Megan Barber

    Megan Barber

    13 soat oldin

    I only knew it because I'm such a huge I Love Lucy fan and I knew the episode title.

  26. Andre Nowaczek

    Andre Nowaczek

    13 soat oldin

    Jordan's guesses were good to be fair for someone who didn't know the answers. Like he guesses halo because he hears bungie.

  27. Christina Kaur

    Christina Kaur

    14 soat oldin

    Too bad Ken can't be the permanent host.

  28. Rose Weldon

    Rose Weldon

    15 soat oldin

    This has to be the only time I’ve laughed at an entire Jeopardy category

  29. ZhangtheGreat


    15 soat oldin

    James Holzhauer: probably the only guy who can pull off wearing a jacket, tie, and NO SHIRT

  30. Jonathan Parks

    Jonathan Parks

    17 soat oldin

    Tibet? Really?

  31. Green Parrot

    Green Parrot

    19 soat oldin

    Another episode of "Why is this in my recommended"

  32. Trev Mac

    Trev Mac

    20 soat oldin

    $800 QUESTION This NFL QB is known as the greatest choker in NFL history Aaron for $800 - Who is myself

  33. Wendy Pyper

    Wendy Pyper

    20 soat oldin

    My vote is for Mike Richards first, Ken Jennings second -both did amazingly well in a very challenging spot.

  34. Bunpei Shiratori

    Bunpei Shiratori

    21 soat oldin

    I think she was the best player in the entire season. I'd make her the favorite for the TOC.

  35. Miguel Bayne

    Miguel Bayne

    21 soat oldin

    Why Katie Couric? Why? Did any of us ask for this? Why not LeVar Burton, the one person anyone actually wanted to see host Jeopardy?

    • Trevor Tuominen

      Trevor Tuominen

      17 soat oldin

      If he doesn’t live in LA, maybe it was due to COVID. I agree though.

  36. Ginny McClinton

    Ginny McClinton

    22 soat oldin

    Ken Jennings was so bland in personality and every way. Being smart is not the only qualification. Mike Richards is so passionate about the show, he is very smooth and he showcases the contestants.

  37. J R

    J R

    22 soat oldin

    Glad Mikey is only doing it for two weeks. I do not think I could take beyond that. But if Katy Couric starts doing it, then I will prolly miss Mikey

  38. George Davis

    George Davis

    22 soat oldin

    Can we all just take a moment to honor Alex’s life and legacy with this song?

  39. Brady


    23 soat oldin

    Rest In Peace, Alex

  40. Joseph Dog

    Joseph Dog

    23 soat oldin

    This Mike guy is so wooden and hyper-aware he is on TV. Hard to tolerate.

  41. Stephen Jackson

    Stephen Jackson

    23 soat oldin

    Once again, a Jeopardy "across America" category that doesn't have a single clue from the western US. It's a bad habit with these guys. They never recognize the millions of people that live there.

  42. Sans Playz Gaming

    Sans Playz Gaming

    Kun oldin

    Rip we will miss him

  43. Logan Outlaw

    Logan Outlaw

    Kun oldin

    No, last team or person standing is death match. get good.

  44. Caden Converse

    Caden Converse

    Kun oldin

    Who else misses Alex. Will never be another like him rip legend.

  45. ken karwoski

    ken karwoski

    Kun oldin

    Ken Jennings did a good job the past six weeks and I thought he was good and I do to like Mike Richards and he has the same Alex Trebek attitude and I like that!

  46. Kali


    Kun oldin

    Figured 1947 was a little late for the CORRECT answer, so I said Radio. Interesting....

  47. Trafalgar Law

    Trafalgar Law

    Kun oldin

    Props to Jeff for the correct pronunciation. There is an accent mark on that "E"

  48. Inhale Burrito

    Inhale Burrito

    Kun oldin

    I knew everything but the fuckin ostrich

  49. Roland Drummer Rudy

    Roland Drummer Rudy

    Kun oldin

    Kinder and gentler... I suppose he's referring to antifa and blm?

  50. Yash Modi

    Yash Modi

    Kun oldin

    Since this is pre-diagnosis, maybe take this one down?

  51. GeographyStuff1134


    Kun oldin

    RIP daft punk

  52. Yash Modi

    Yash Modi

    Kun oldin

    Red Dead Redemption fans watching this will be going like, "FUCK I SHOULDVE KNOWN THAT"

  53. happy Link

    happy Link

    Kun oldin

    The 90s are more iconic for rock and metal then rap and hip hop

  54. Justina Mogro

    Justina Mogro

    Kun oldin

    Mike please stay don't go

  55. Chumanji X

    Chumanji X

    Kun oldin

    Of the 2 guest hosts so far, I prefer Ken. As far as Oz goes, it's an absolutely NO. But have a question on fake doctors who has TV shows . Answer: who is Oz and Phil😄

  56. Smith Giovanni

    Smith Giovanni

    Kun oldin

    Lets rember him 😭😭

  57. MatyDaddyFatty


    Kun oldin


  58. Zita Bishop

    Zita Bishop

    Kun oldin

    Mike Richards is doing a fantastic job, but the true host is Jen Jennings.

  59. Joe K

    Joe K

    Kun oldin

    ken jennings was the best contestant no matter what. in a world with no Alex I pick Mike Richards. he out of anyone understands what Alex did for the show, appreciates the nostalgia of jeopardy . Ken did a great job as an intern. But i think mike is the real deal

  60. aakksshhaayy


    Kun oldin

    Dang this was a tough one for me

  61. Steve Yochim

    Steve Yochim

    Kun oldin

    He has a face MADE for staying behind the scenes of the show! 😄 (see what i did there? )

  62. sugarcookiecube


    Kun oldin

    Nothing against you Mike you are fine as guest host but please name Ken Jennings as the permanent host.

  63. Deep Doop

    Deep Doop

    Kun oldin

    Damn I thought they would be some super obscure indies, this shit is for babies

  64. Chris


    Kun oldin


  65. Buck Futter

    Buck Futter

    Kun oldin

    Gene Simmons is a massive POS.

  66. pinehill productionz

    pinehill productionz

    Kun oldin

    I love it! This was so bittersweet!

  67. LibertarianUSA1982


    Kun oldin

    Why would you wadger $1000 with a question mark? You could have just wadgered 0

  68. Slightly Decent

    Slightly Decent

    Kun oldin

    The one category I could ever do well in... Also I love how unsure everyone is when they answered.

  69. Kathleen Jones

    Kathleen Jones

    Kun oldin

    I prefer Mike over Ken. Much more passionate and real, and has more charisma.

  70. Tony Crenshaw

    Tony Crenshaw

    Kun oldin

    Amazing beyond words.

  71. William Sanborn

    William Sanborn

    Kun oldin

    Still kind of upset that they couldn't get to the $1000 clue.

  72. Dennis Curtis

    Dennis Curtis

    Kun oldin

    Ken was Absolutely AMAZING hosting JEOPARDY!! JUST KNOWING that he already knows these answers without glancing at the screen really adds another dimension to the Show... After the rest of the guest hosts have their stint, Wouldn't it be so Awesome to bring him back Permanent!!! He has been BRED to host this show, and I can think of no other that could even compare to his predecessor! R.I.P. ALEX.

  73. Tommy and Sharon Snow

    Tommy and Sharon Snow

    Kun oldin

    Mike Richards is doing a FANTASTIC job as host. He's a natural!

  74. Kinato


    Kun oldin


  75. Tiffany Morgan

    Tiffany Morgan

    Kun oldin

    And Mr. Ken Jennings would later on end up being on the other side of Jeopardy, becoming the first guest host of the very game show he became famous on and earned the #JeooardyGOAT. Of course, now, his time as the host is up and executive producer Mike Richards has taken over that role. #ThankYouAlex!

  76. Tony Crenshaw

    Tony Crenshaw

    Kun oldin

    Holy crap, I actually guessed it right!

  77. Graham Nancledra

    Graham Nancledra

    2 kun oldin

    it's easy guys - there was no Year Zero! First 100 years Year 1-100 second Hundred years Year 101 to 200 etc.

  78. Jimmy Goodrich

    Jimmy Goodrich

    2 kun oldin

    No you don't gotta love love actually

  79. ScootyPuffSr7


    2 kun oldin

    The dollar value versus the difficulty of the questions seemed pretty random.

  80. John Doe

    John Doe

    2 kun oldin

    Just beautiful, we all love and miss you Alex!