A train ride into Japan's past | DW Documentary

Kyushu is said to be the wellspring of Japanese civilization. Yet few tourists visit the southernmost of Japan's main islands. This documentary contrasts modern Japanese cities with traditional customs in the countryside.
The rail journey begins in Fukuoka - a city with a metro population of 2.5 million - and ends at the southern tip of the island, in the city of Ibusuki. As the train rolls along, it travels through time - and reveals the amazing diversity and contrasts of the most southerly of Japan's four main islands. The trip provides spectacular landscape views, as well as deep insight into a foreign culture, and its ancient traditions and modern lifestyles.
In the West, Kyushu is one of the lesser-known regions in the "Land of the Rising Sun." Even for the Japanese, the green, mountainous island is seen mostly as a holiday spot. Europeans rarely visit this part of the country - but there are plenty of restaurants and cafes that have names like "Wolfgang," "Bavaria," or "Côte d'Azur." Travel guides say that these words sound "European" to Japanese.
The family of the emperor, or Tenno, comes from Kyushu as well. This is also where the dynasties of the proud warrior class, the samurai, have their roots.
And there are a number of active volcanoes on Kyushu. One of the most famous is Mount Aso. Its caldera - the cauldron-like hollow at the top -- has a circumference of about 120 kilometers.
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  1. Raphael M

    Raphael M

    Kun oldin

    Fun fact: the train at 32:49 has an excerpt of Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony on it (thus Den-en Symphony on the train, den-en meaning pastoral in Japanese).

  2. deneb


    Kun oldin

    docs guys at DW know their trade so well. even an oscar award would be a little prize for their productions.

    • DW Documentary

      DW Documentary

      Kun oldin

      Hi @deneb, we appreciate it :)

  3. Kevin 080592

    Kevin 080592

    Kun oldin

    philippines should learn from japan in terms of cleanliness, politeness and discipline.. hayan ang mga kulang sa pinoy

  4. Mohd Hadzir

    Mohd Hadzir

    2 kun oldin

    Someone give facebook link of that cat manager station

  5. Nicholas P

    Nicholas P

    3 kun oldin

    Hahaha the cat boss lol

  6. Nicholas P

    Nicholas P

    3 kun oldin

    The puppets were fun :)

  7. Aroder


    4 kun oldin

    ty for the amazing journey! maybe someday i can take that journey in real

  8. Indra Bayu

    Indra Bayu

    5 kun oldin

    Fukuoka. I miss it.

  9. Asahel


    6 kun oldin

    Yamato Period - Japan take many culture,religion,politics,art literature,writting ETC from China and they made progress Meiji Period - Japan take Army modernization from the west every bit even the uniforms. and they made progress

  10. Asahel


    6 kun oldin

    A train ride into Germany's past, thats a Title with really different impact.

  11. Aceox


    7 kun oldin

    3:16 why? Why are you touching the fish?

  12. nago nago

    nago nago

    8 kun oldin

    Thank you, DW. I appreciate your documentary to grasp Japan correctly. We, Japanese people, look forward to seeing you. In addition, my fiancé and me are going to visit Germany after COVID.

    • DW Documentary

      DW Documentary

      7 kun oldin

      Hi @nagonagonagoya nagonago, you are welcome :) thanks for watching and taking the time to comment!

  13. viking007


    9 kun oldin

    Stunningly beautiful land. And wonderfully captured by DW.

    • DW Documentary

      DW Documentary

      7 kun oldin

      Hi @viking007, thanks for watching and commenting!

  14. Puskar Joshi

    Puskar Joshi

    9 kun oldin

    Clean Calm Cultured Peaceful Disciplined Beautiful Japan.

  15. Nur Cahaya

    Nur Cahaya

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    Terima kasih, telah tambahkan cc bahasa indonesia.

  16. steven jackson

    steven jackson

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  17. Grace Pespesano

    Grace Pespesano

    16 kun oldin

    with these kind of documentary you feel like your also in Japan...

  18. Yogitha Shetty

    Yogitha Shetty

    17 kun oldin

    I loved traveling to Japan, people are awesome, kind and mindful 🙏👏🏻

  19. Ara


    19 kun oldin

    This is a cruel world. And yet...so beautiful. -Mikasa Ackerman

  20. A Kur

    A Kur

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    very oustanding view 😍 great video

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  23. Alfred Holt

    Alfred Holt

    21 kun oldin

    when the employees of DW needed an excuse for a vacation

  24. Ben Mike

    Ben Mike

    21 kun oldin

    Your train travel series are superb! Thanks for producing these great docs!

    • DW Documentary

      DW Documentary

      21 kun oldin

      Hi @Ben Mike, thanks for watching! Glad you like our content 🙂

  25. Richard Serkyere97

    Richard Serkyere97

    21 kun oldin

    I think in japan culture is always frist nice documentary 👌

  26. carlozalez1


    22 kun oldin

    I have always thought the Japanese culture especially the Japanese working ethics are among the highest in the world I have always admired your work ethic especially. I am from America I love my country but man I work ethics are horrible we are becoming a lazy people. It is what it is.



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  28. Logical Consciousness

    Logical Consciousness

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    They're doing all activity by heart and dedication.

  29. Mahmoud Refaat

    Mahmoud Refaat

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    Whale meat is also available, but this delicacy of course is consumed for scientific purposes only 😂😂

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    Farma Cist

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    Maria Aloysius

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    So happy I visited Hiroshima before and had fun on the trains and as well as enjoyed culture and food. Wishing to go again soon. 😍🥺😍😁😁

  33. Chris Penman

    Chris Penman

    28 kun oldin

    Thank you! I had no idea about this, very entertaining and educational, presented and put together very well! 👍🏻 😊

    • DW Documentary

      DW Documentary

      27 kun oldin

      Hi @Chris Penman, thanks for watching and commenting!

  34. UE Peláez

    UE Peláez

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    This Report is a master piece. ☺️

  35. aNinjaGuardian


    28 kun oldin

    I visited Japan spring of 2019. Many beautiful places to visit. I ended up seeing more in the bustling metro areas like Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. Hopefully the next time I visit, I can go to Hokkaido or Kyushu and sightsee some of the smaller towns

  36. Bunni Blue

    Bunni Blue

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    Someone needs to get that fellow who stands with the flag at the train stops a ticket!! I will gladly donate towards it.

  37. Lylelanley99


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    Holy cow, this narrator just massacres the pronunciation of most everything. I knew it was going to be bad when immediately he mangled "Kyushu" but a minute later when he tried to say, "Fukuoka" I almost died.

  38. Rex T

    Rex T

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    I came to see a train journey. It turned out to be a series of elaborate ceremonies. Very beautiful indeed.

  39. drey loo

    drey loo

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    Lovely Japan and so clean everywhere

  40. barua nayan

    barua nayan

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    Amazing documentray about Japanese culture. Thanks to DW.

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    Sava S.

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    B Tte

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  46. Madhan Ganesan

    Madhan Ganesan

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  47. Trix Brix

    Trix Brix

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    shirish panwalkar

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    Henrik Michelsson

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  51. Se Un

    Se Un

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    Wow! Luxury toilets in the train. I want to ride that train.

  52. meris fiamminghi

    meris fiamminghi

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    Un documentario ben fatto, molto interessante. Grazie dall Italia

  53. Babulrayfishbd


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    Nice 👍

  54. Blue 2017

    Blue 2017

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    A nation deserves to be looked up by any other countries in the world including all western countries.

  55. Art Robot - Productions

    Art Robot - Productions

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    \\//\/\/ Blessings ,./\//\/\//\/\

  56. Ashwani Kumar

    Ashwani Kumar

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    I watched this documentary on TV. I felt so excited after watching it that I came on UZtop to watch it again.

  57. WreckerPlaysMC Gamer651

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  58. Siobhan Fahy

    Siobhan Fahy

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    Nice doco! Just wish the narrator had help with his Japanese pronunciation.

  59. Brian Cullen

    Brian Cullen

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    Your pronunciation is rubbish.

  60. えすむげゆーちゅー部


    Oy oldin

    I am a Japanese. I live in Tokyo. My English is not well. However, I would like to speak my opinion. You went go to Kagoshima from Hakata,via Yufuin,Oita and Aso. Kyushu Region has many onsen(hot springs),traditional Japanese landscape and magnificent histories. "The Seven Stars" is the one of luxurious train in Japan. The ohter trains are "TRAN SUITE Shikishima"(JR East) and "Twilight Express Mizukaze"(JR West).They are as luxurious trains that goes around the region,it has been admired by many people. The Steam Locomotive Hitoyoshi had collaboration with very famous and popular manga "Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba". Beppu,Yufuin and Aso has many onsen,due to volcanic geological by Mt.Aso. In the first place, Japan has many onsen,because this country often happens earthquakes,has many volcanoes and geological movement is very active . Those are not only Kyushu. This country is annoyed by disasters,but this country's peoples are enjoying grace of natures. Please come and travel on to the Kyushu,Japan, after the COVID-19 crisis settle down! We'll be waiting for you. That's all, thank you. Ich bin Japaner. Ich lebe in Tokyo. Sie gingen von Hakata über Yufuin, Oita und Aso nach Kagoshima. Die Region Kyushu hat viele Onsen (heiße Quellen), traditionelle japanische Landschaften und großartige Geschichten. "The Seven Stars" ist einer der luxuriösesten Züge in Japan. Die anderen Züge sind "TRAN SUITE Shikishima" (JR Ost) und "Twilight Express Mizukaze" (JR West). Sie sind als luxuriöse Züge, die durch die Region fahren, sie wurde von vielen Menschen bewundert. Die Dampflokomotive Hitoyoshi arbeitete mit dem sehr bekannten und beliebten Manga "Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba" zusammen. Beppu, Yufuin und Aso haben viele Onsen, aufgrund der vulkanischen Geologie von Mt.Aso. Erstens hat Japan viele Onsen, weil dieses Land oft Erdbeben passiert, viele Vulkane hat und die geologische Bewegung sehr aktiv ist. Das sind nicht nur Kyushu. Dieses Land ärgert sich über Katastrophen, aber die Völker dieses Landes genießen die Gnade der Natur. Bitte kommen Sie nach Kyushu, Japan, nachdem sich die COVID-19-Krise gelegt hat! Wir werden auf dich warten. Das ist alles danke dir.

  61. cornflake73


    Oy oldin

    I have had a special place in my heart for Japanese culture. This documented journey through the most beautiful parts of southern Japan has fast become my favorite.

  62. Flowers inherhair

    Flowers inherhair

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    Lovely, thank you

  63. Flowers inherhair

    Flowers inherhair

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    I didn't know I loved trains 😄

  64. Paul Samonte

    Paul Samonte

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    Japan= Perfectionist.

  65. Tyler G

    Tyler G

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    i wanna go back so bad. strictly country side though, nature experiences and good food. drinking culture in japan is fucking incredible too haha

  66. toonmag50


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  67. jemy kishna

    jemy kishna

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    Relax with music videos

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  70. Devdutt Shenoi

    Devdutt Shenoi

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  71. Sparkling Glitter

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  72. Ronxavier Valdehueza

    Ronxavier Valdehueza

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    Still nose bleeding with writing and learning kanji, hiragana and katakana. 🙃

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    Itay Sror

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    The narrator is half Human half AI

  74. Naked Unicorn

    Naked Unicorn

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    Whale meat for scientific purposes?! Lost respect for the “Documentary ” instantly. Document the truth or why bother.....

  75. Philip Irudayaraj

    Philip Irudayaraj

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  77. gspar20


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    The Japanese government is trying to sell bullet trains to countries all over the world, which they think everyone would want it, but I wish they would put even a tenth of that effort into these slow trains. If we could this travel through the fantastic mountains of China, the mighty rivers of Colorado, and the old towns of Europe, we would realize that modern civilization is not the only thing to admire.

  78. B. L.

    B. L.

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    1:15 ...and "finally" to Kagoshima... then to Ibusuki. 😕? 😂



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    Japan is an autistic playing sims city builder.

  80. algreen


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    Fantastic, I would love to visit Japan and learn more

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    Paul Elmore

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    Excellent film. Subscribed. Better than UK TV.

  82. Sai Subhash S

    Sai Subhash S

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    Time just passed by like a breeze. I absolutely love Japan in every aspect. Hope I get to live there someday😍😍😘🥰😘

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    John Grytbakk

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  87. aa bb

    aa bb

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    0:06 Evidence of Japan's lack of digitalisation. Japan's railroad (and traffic in general) is in a very sad state, being the example of failed privatisation plus lack of tech/infra investment. They don't have transfer mechanisms there which is available elsewhere as a one-card system; outdated 1067mm cape gauge rail(international standard is 1435mm standard gauge) with 762mm special narrow gauge still in few places, curved single tracks still operating. Just the half height screendoors installed on some lines,that's all.

  88. Tonmoy Basak

    Tonmoy Basak

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