Alex Trebek's final goodbye and parting message

Tonight marks the final time Alex Trebek will host Jeopardy, leaving a giant hole in prime time and in the hearts of millions around the globe. Trebek passed away in November, but continued to work right up until his death.


  1. George Davis

    George Davis

    23 soat oldin

    Open Your Hands - Trebek Open Your Heart - Jesus/Crush 40

  2. Rizzo RIZZO

    Rizzo RIZZO

    Kun oldin

    Alex Trebek always reminded me of my dad. My dad also used to wear a mustache and I can remember being terrified when I saw him without it one day 😆. I’m lucky enough to still have my father in my life but it was still emotional losing Alex. There will never be another Alex Trebek.

  3. Rimi Mukherjee

    Rimi Mukherjee

    2 kun oldin

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    Rimi Mukherjee

    2 kun oldin

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  5. A.P. Guaschino

    A.P. Guaschino

    2 kun oldin

    If you want to be a better person, be half the man Alex was.

  6. Grumpy


    4 kun oldin

    When true men cried

  7. Will Conqueror

    Will Conqueror

    5 kun oldin

    He was the perfect host for Jeopardy and he will long be remembered.

  8. MiketheYung God

    MiketheYung God

    6 kun oldin

    Anyone remember him on the High Rollers game show in the 70s?

  9. TheSpider 32

    TheSpider 32

    7 kun oldin

    I feel like crying right now

  10. Robert Stewart

    Robert Stewart

    7 kun oldin

    He was a snob !

  11. Larry Morrow

    Larry Morrow

    7 kun oldin

    Alex was, everybody's friend, brother, father, neighbor, son, uncle, etc. You get the idea; he could fit into the family of anyone. I believe he was probably the best known host on a TV game show, or most other shows on TV. He will be missed, and he left big footprints to fill.

  12. Taking It One Day At A Time

    Taking It One Day At A Time

    8 kun oldin

    I use to watch Jeopardy with my grandma. Man, time flies. People die. Life goes by in the blink of an eye.

  13. billy brennan

    billy brennan

    8 kun oldin

    Damn pancreatic cancer 😞😞😞😞

  14. Sean Zoilo

    Sean Zoilo

    8 kun oldin


  15. Dillondebruv


    9 kun oldin

    RIP Alex Trebek We love you. Lost too soon. 😢😢😭😭 You are the greatest game show host of all time. You were an amazing man who led an amazing life through Jeopardy. You are in a better place now, reunited with Brayden Smith.

  16. Connor Mills

    Connor Mills

    11 kun oldin

    His death will forever be a truly sad one, he was a generous and honest man who had never had scandals and criminal records. He deserves the whole world for his kindness and love. 😢😭💔

  17. roundsaturn31


    12 kun oldin

    100% Class Act

  18. Jeff Sparky

    Jeff Sparky

    12 kun oldin

    rip 🇨🇦

  19. dgpx84


    13 kun oldin

    Thank you, Alex.

  20. Meadow Jones

    Meadow Jones

    13 kun oldin

    This made me cry

  21. KDKtv


    14 kun oldin

    We miss you Alex 🥺

  22. Mtg Mtg

    Mtg Mtg

    14 kun oldin

    I know who can take over. Bob Barker.

  23. john woodham

    john woodham

    15 kun oldin

    Thank you Alex Trebek, for showing me what grace and class should be. Jeopardy just IS NOT the same without you. The Colonial Penn Life Insurance commercials are also decidedly lacking w/out you. Thank you for showing me how to be classy, gracious, and especially humble. These are qualities the world needs now more than ever. Rest in peace, my friend. You've earned it.

  24. kargo puller

    kargo puller

    17 kun oldin

    Truly missed icon, I guess now will take people awhile to get used to a new host.

  25. LordZontar


    17 kun oldin

    But when he gets to Heaven, the first thing Alex hears: "Sho, Trebek, we meet again!"

  26. Anthony Asencio

    Anthony Asencio

    17 kun oldin

    He was canadian? Huh didn’t know :/

  27. Michelle Hernandez

    Michelle Hernandez

    17 kun oldin

    His was brought me to tears

  28. Melissa Duran

    Melissa Duran

    18 kun oldin

    Come back:(

  29. Donna Z

    Donna Z

    18 kun oldin

    If Alex the host of jeopardy died then I’m not watching this show on TV.

  30. Karen Alamia

    Karen Alamia

    18 kun oldin

    Such a class act . what style & compassion for others . he will live on in reruns ...thank you & God bless you . mr Alex Tribeck ... 🙏🏻❤️

  31. Marc Michaud

    Marc Michaud

    19 kun oldin

    Another great Canadian respected worldwide 🍁🇨🇦 Legend. Rest in Peace.

  32. Luna Akabane

    Luna Akabane

    19 kun oldin


  33. Rich Shelton

    Rich Shelton

    20 kun oldin

    You will be missed

  34. james


    20 kun oldin

    (UZtop as jeopardy host):This daytime tv show host was on the air for 37 seasons and helped cultivate a love of knowledge and trivia the world over until his death in 2020. Me: who is Alex Trebek? UZtop: that is correct. May he rest in peace.

  35. Mark Smith

    Mark Smith

    21 kun oldin

    Hmm! Oh yes Alex will be missed! #RIP 🙏

  36. Caligula


    21 kun oldin

    I’ve been watching Jeopardy since James came on. I know people been watching it waaaaayyyy longer than me but damn it was sad.

  37. Manar Najjar

    Manar Najjar

    21 kun oldin

    Alex has been on my tv my whole life. Took it as a personal life. Rest In Peace, Alex. You will be missed ❤️

  38. Abby Thoreson

    Abby Thoreson

    21 kun oldin

    He has joined the greats

  39. Travis Frost

    Travis Frost

    21 kun oldin

    If you disgrace Alex's memory and legacy by allowing Katie Couric (who literally said anyone who didn't vote biden should be sent to a camp) whoever made this decision is horrible person!!! Politics aren't supposed to be part of Jeopardy!!!!Why!!!! you ruined he whole damn aura of the show!!

  40. masondjboy


    22 kun oldin

    He died of the same thing my grandmother died from

    • Amber Medellin

      Amber Medellin

      18 kun oldin

      @masondjboy Such same boat!

    • masondjboy


      21 kun oldin

      So you just like and say nothing

  41. Wyte Mike

    Wyte Mike

    22 kun oldin

    Rip my brother.....a great character and wonderful host...thank you sir

  42. David Stinnett

    David Stinnett

    22 kun oldin


  43. Dandan soysauce

    Dandan soysauce

    22 kun oldin

    Sometimes watching the new episodes with Ken Jennings, I rlly feel like Alex is still present in spirit. Jennings is doing a fantastic job as host, even though it will never be the same without Trebek. A legend who will be missed for sure

  44. Bloodylaser


    22 kun oldin

    Jeopardy will never be the same without Alex :(

  45. William Willard

    William Willard

    22 kun oldin

    Good bye to a great guy. God Bless.

  46. Yellow Oi

    Yellow Oi

    22 kun oldin

    I want to look that good at 80!

  47. Nathaniel Hamada

    Nathaniel Hamada

    22 kun oldin

    I watch this show with my grandpa. Alex Trebek was the best.

    • Amber Medellin

      Amber Medellin

      18 kun oldin

      That's nice.

  48. Skeleton in a black scarf

    Skeleton in a black scarf

    22 kun oldin

    Earth lost it's last defender. First bob Ross,Steve Irwin,Robin Williams,Mr Rogers,and now... Alex trebek.

  49. AColonDashSix


    23 kun oldin

    I work in health care so when he said he had stage 4 panceriatic cancer I hung my head because that's a death sentence

    • Amber Medellin

      Amber Medellin

      18 kun oldin

      You probably knew that this would happen.

  50. jen bui

    jen bui

    23 kun oldin

    i’m crying

  51. Aaron Ord

    Aaron Ord

    23 kun oldin

    I wish someone put for the last question: I Don't care if I win, I love you.

  52. Im Lancer

    Im Lancer

    23 kun oldin

    Come back :(

  53. Kyler Davies

    Kyler Davies

    23 kun oldin

    Monetizng this...really?

  54. James Affleck

    James Affleck

    23 kun oldin

    A class act

  55. Michael s

    Michael s

    23 kun oldin

    One of the few times I have cried over a celebrity death. It's just sad that he's gone and a scumbag initialed DJT is still breathing.

  56. mjdxp


    23 kun oldin

    His voice never changed...

  57. Allan Dale

    Allan Dale

    23 kun oldin

    1:40 What is Thames? (Anyone able to make sure I'm correct? Lol)

  58. basegamez 78

    basegamez 78

    23 kun oldin

    Jeopardy will never be the same without alex

  59. Shawn McKinnon

    Shawn McKinnon

    23 kun oldin

    Me: see you on Minecraft tomorrow My friend: see you tomorrow My friend:

  60. CB Sibal

    CB Sibal

    24 kun oldin

    kids born today will never know how it feels to watch alex trebek spit actual facts while eating dinner.

  61. Blair McAuley

    Blair McAuley

    24 kun oldin

    RIP Alex Trebek

  62. Jacob Calanden

    Jacob Calanden

    24 kun oldin

    80 years old. That pretty good. Rip

  63. Patrick Baker

    Patrick Baker

    24 kun oldin

    I cried when I found out he died 😢😭 Also I wish I could have a met him

  64. Katy Lepetsos

    Katy Lepetsos

    24 kun oldin

    It broke my grandma’s heart when she heard about him, she watched Jeopardy every day for years

  65. Star Kitty Official cartoons

    Star Kitty Official cartoons

    24 kun oldin

    Last words?!

  66. Scott Hamp

    Scott Hamp

    24 kun oldin

    How can you give this a thumbs down? This was beautiful

  67. Bot212


    24 kun oldin


  68. J J

    J J

    24 kun oldin

    Just a good old Canadian boy at heart!!

  69. EpsilonNull


    25 kun oldin

    He lived a good long 80 years, all while battling pancreatic cancer! He was a strong, intelligent, hard-working character, and he will never go unnoticed. Thank you Alex, for years of entertainment and knowledge. We all miss you.

  70. Sanford Winston

    Sanford Winston

    25 kun oldin

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  71. Síle


    25 kun oldin

    I first found out about jeopardy in April 2019 around the time James holzhauer because I was staying with my grand uncle and aunt in America and they loved the show. We watched it everyday for the week I spent there and honestly one of the best television shows I’ve seen. Alex seemed to be a great host and a nice man

  72. Frank289100


    25 kun oldin


  73. Microwave


    26 kun oldin

    I'm really going to miss Alex.

  74. B_4_R_S


    27 kun oldin

    hello I'm from Russia and of course I didn't saw his TV show, but I know one think for sure... he was a good man. Rest in peace.

  75. Kordon C.

    Kordon C.

    27 kun oldin

    Category: Amazing people Answer: This longtime game show host instilled a love for trivia and knowledge in all of us, and was the best person in TV. Question: Who is Alex Trebek

  76. Zach Lieberman

    Zach Lieberman

    27 kun oldin

    roses are red, this video is more then plenty, the part your looking for is 3:20

  77. Gustavo Hermosilla

    Gustavo Hermosilla

    27 kun oldin

    This looks like something you would watch on cable tv on a Sunday

  78. Ben Jason

    Ben Jason

    27 kun oldin

    Jeopardy didn’t debut with alex trebek I feel like I have to tell this to everyone

  79. BlueGoth


    27 kun oldin

    Is he from Canada?

    • Inside The Story

      Inside The Story

      26 kun oldin


  80. cartoonclimax


    27 kun oldin

    Goodbye, Alex! We will miss you!🥺😢

  81. Platterpluck


    27 kun oldin

    I still can't believe he was 80. He was in such great shape

  82. Hunter Forsberg

    Hunter Forsberg

    28 kun oldin

    He didn’t look 80 at all. 😭 🍷

  83. Euroccu


    28 kun oldin

    I can’t believe he’s gone 🥺

  84. The Downphoenix Archives

    The Downphoenix Archives

    28 kun oldin

    He's the GOAT as far as Game Show hosts go. He will be missed.

  85. John Doe

    John Doe

    28 kun oldin

    He died ten days after filming the last episode... Absolutely remarkable

  86. Deaths Hands100

    Deaths Hands100

    28 kun oldin

    Such a wise man for his age. No matter what he was going through we were with him in spirit and hoping he would make it through this tough times

  87. Cody Flesher

    Cody Flesher

    28 kun oldin

    We can’t forget Johnny Gilbert is 95.

    • Amber Medellin

      Amber Medellin

      18 kun oldin

      Johnny Gilbert is still alive as of February 9, 2021. He hung in there! Great announcer.

    • Riley Sutton

      Riley Sutton

      27 kun oldin

      96, almost 97.

  88. Chris Ward

    Chris Ward

    28 kun oldin

    RIP alex

  89. skanthavelu


    28 kun oldin

    I have watched this since I was 8.

  90. Covidarius Jackson

    Covidarius Jackson

    29 kun oldin

    When will this flakey Trebek mourn orgy end? Get over it. Thousands of people die of cancer every year. The guy was a game show host for cripes sake. Get over it.

  91. Simon Stevin

    Simon Stevin

    Oy oldin

    Crazy to think both Alex Trebek and Larry King are both gone now

  92. mi nguyen

    mi nguyen

    Oy oldin


  93. John Ackerman

    John Ackerman

    Oy oldin

    Such an incredible man. Alex was a phenomenal host, and nobody will be able to replace him. He will be missed by many. We love you Alex

  94. lukas channel

    lukas channel

    Oy oldin

    Prayers sending your way

  95. Jordan Berson

    Jordan Berson

    Oy oldin

    Alex Trebek was on my TV almost every single weeknight since 1984. What a wonderful man he is, and an amazing legacy he leaves behind. My grandmother, who coincidentally died five days before Alex, used to watch Jeopardy every night as well. If I wasn’t in the family room when it started, she would yell up the stairs “Jeopardy’s on!!!” We miss you wholeheartedly, Alex. One of your millions of fans, Jordan

  96. Sukumar Natarajan

    Sukumar Natarajan

    Oy oldin

    RIP Alex. Missing you everyday. Jeopardy is not the same without you! :(

  97. Darius Mathis

    Darius Mathis

    Oy oldin

    Shit hurts

  98. ejjk ejjejej

    ejjk ejjejej

    Oy oldin

    God bless everyone...

  99. ejjk ejjejej

    ejjk ejjejej

    Oy oldin

    God bless everyone...

  100. ejjk ejjejej

    ejjk ejjejej

    Oy oldin

    God bless everyone..