ALL ACCESS: Davis vs. Santa Cruz | Ep. 1 | Full Episode (TV14) | SHOWTIME PPV

Episode one of the the Emmy Award winning series takes viewers into the lives and training camps of two world champions as they prepare to square off in one of the most anticipated fights of the year. Gervonta Davis and Leo Santa Cruz will meet in the main event of a Halloween thriller on Saturday, October 31 on SHOWTIME PPV.
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  1. Impala


    Kun oldin

    Лайкните комм типо я что то четкое сказал

  2. Don Cristian and Lil Kev

    Don Cristian and Lil Kev

    3 kun oldin

    Mayper view

  3. David Smith

    David Smith

    4 kun oldin

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  4. Vt_ Comicart

    Vt_ Comicart

    6 kun oldin

    who else wants that May-Per-View money

  5. Dean Murphy

    Dean Murphy

    6 kun oldin

    Tank is blessed with skills. And blessed having mayweather as a mentor beside him. He could go all the way best of luck to him. His was a great win for Tank, Leo is a really good fighter ✊

  6. itzRich


    7 kun oldin

    Ryan better

  7. Squatting Nomad

    Squatting Nomad

    7 kun oldin

    After watching this, ask yourself....What's your excuse for not achieving your goals in life? This young man not only had nothing, he had one hell of a hole to climb out of.

  8. Leonardo David Chow

    Leonardo David Chow

    9 kun oldin

    Con mucho Respeto. Pero Santa Cruz no tenía oportunidad de Ganarle a ese animal Gervonta Davis.

  9. Danny Duncan

    Danny Duncan

    9 kun oldin

    I wanna see this cat and Garcia fight.

  10. Supreme Dipper

    Supreme Dipper

    9 kun oldin

    This kid is HUMBLE 🔥🔥

  11. Julian Sagaitu

    Julian Sagaitu

    11 kun oldin

    Imagine Davis vs Mayweather

  12. • ᴀɴᴛʜᴏɴʏ

    • ᴀɴᴛʜᴏɴʏ

    12 kun oldin

    Lmao why Mayweather acting like Davis is his 3 year old boy man like wtf I know Davis ain't smart enough to make a full understandable sentence but damn man he is in his 20s let the damn man speak and decide what's he gonna do next.

  13. Javi_Lee


    12 kun oldin

    Tank davis disrespecting mexican heritage by doing that same shit floyd cant-read-a-book did to oscar de la croya... NO Tyson Fury did not do it with the same intentions these 2 did it...

  14. KOBE D

    KOBE D

    12 kun oldin

    Big Respect homi I am Kobe from Sudan 🇸🇩 You can clean the dust from the sidewalk because the pavement belongs to you💨💨💨💨💨💨💨😁🤣🤣 keep going bro We are behind you ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾😎

  15. Felipe ,

    Felipe ,

    13 kun oldin

    traducción en español

  16. Joel Barrios

    Joel Barrios

    13 kun oldin

    I was surprised when “desde morro” was playing on here 😂

    • JNavarrete08


      11 kun oldin

      Lmao i thought it was still on Davis especially cause he came out in a sombrero and Mexican shorts

  17. karim kh

    karim kh

    14 kun oldin

    Garcia vs gervonta 💪❤️

  18. Queen Dee

    Queen Dee

    14 kun oldin

    This Was Amazing To Watch Great Stories👏🏽🙏🏽💯

  19. Gulsenem Kakabayewa

    Gulsenem Kakabayewa

    15 kun oldin


  20. Mimi Melendez

    Mimi Melendez

    15 kun oldin

    So many damn commercials...

  21. I heart money Bags

    I heart money Bags

    15 kun oldin

    is it me or does tank kinda sound like mike tyson 😂😭

  22. Crazyoldman84


    15 kun oldin

    Looking chubby

  23. Peaceful Minds

    Peaceful Minds

    15 kun oldin

    Future high roller💸💰 will show ❤ on this comment.

  24. Temporary Love

    Temporary Love

    15 kun oldin

    Feel for Davis. Dude doesn’t seem like his own person. Mayweather puppet.

    • Jake Snow1

      Jake Snow1

      9 kun oldin

      He's just chilling and let his promoter promote

    • قوڵپەی ئـاگرین

      قوڵپەی ئـاگرین

      13 kun oldin

      he more look like robot

  25. eggegg eggegg

    eggegg eggegg

    16 kun oldin

    Yall saying flyod over talking him and shit but tank cant sell himself like flyod can he need flyod to build the hype and to train with

  26. dirk digler

    dirk digler

    16 kun oldin

    Them mexicans are a very proud fighting nation leo had to go threw hell to win that and his dad must b so proud 👊👊

  27. dirk digler

    dirk digler

    16 kun oldin

    Calvin and tank is like tyson and cus its really moving

  28. Chad Buie

    Chad Buie

    16 kun oldin

    Could this be any more "The Wire" written all over it?? West Balimore, drugs, murder, boxing to get off the streets??? Jesssszzzzzz life is hard man and you need family and people in your corner to stay protected! 100%

  29. Gavin Townsend

    Gavin Townsend

    16 kun oldin

    Literally cant shut up can u mayweather

  30. George Carlin

    George Carlin

    17 kun oldin

    Behind the Mayweather flashiness is a master strategist, a psychologist, but most important a mule of a worker. If Tank absolves an ounce of this he will go far.

  31. cheng chao

    cheng chao

    17 kun oldin

    Seeing Santa Cruz give his belt to his father made me genuinely tear up. My father passed away when I was 9 years old.

  32. Yg31


    17 kun oldin

    Hes really good. I use to not like him but man have to tip my hat off to tank.

  33. Child Protective Services

    Child Protective Services

    17 kun oldin

    He’s the only person I believe when they say imma knock yo ass out😭

  34. NigelJfit


    18 kun oldin

    Mayweather is a living legend of course they gonna show him wtf?

  35. Ernesto Eduardo Dobarganes

    Ernesto Eduardo Dobarganes

    18 kun oldin

    great champion, have always been a great boxer

  36. Mad SUPANOVA


    18 kun oldin

    Cruz a hunched over fighter head out tucked in. Garcia a straight up stance fighter arm lenght arms firing off fighter.. will be an issue for Gervonta

  37. Mad SUPANOVA


    18 kun oldin

    3 years older 5' 5" vs. A Fast 5'10" garcia... hmmm... interesting. Short reach... getting in will be hard on Garcia since his punches keep flying... Gervonta might have his work cut out for him... matter of fact it will be a big problem... the speed of Garcia. On paper Garcia wins. GARCIA STRONGER FASTER THAN DAVIS... and faster than Cruz. But I want the older guy to take out the younger buck. GERVONTA VS. GARCIA WILL BE A MASSIVE FIGHT.

    • Jake Snow1

      Jake Snow1

      9 kun oldin

      Davis will kill em

    • Unk


      18 kun oldin

      Davis would win, Ryan hasn't fought anyone good as Cruz or Davis yet, and Davis just beat Cruz, maybe after Ryan has more experience to fight someone like Davis if he has more experience It would be harder for Davis, but right now Davis would win almost guaranteed. His team won't let him fight him right now probably anyway.

  38. karltrell taylor

    karltrell taylor

    18 kun oldin

  39. Tre Miller

    Tre Miller

    18 kun oldin

    Mauro Ranallo voice everywhere

  40. Lumush Amos

    Lumush Amos

    18 kun oldin

    This kid is in safe hands.

  41. Ivan Reese

    Ivan Reese

    18 kun oldin

    Who lyrics Floyd stole at the beginning 🤯🤣🤣

  42. SupermanBB


    19 kun oldin

    Gotta love Santa Cruz! Great guy

  43. Jenny Booker

    Jenny Booker

    19 kun oldin

    Floyd coaching these young fighters is like Kobe with his Mamba Academy and his offseason training with players.. we should be thankful for the guys before us

  44. Str8line Racing

    Str8line Racing

    19 kun oldin

    Tank looking at him like I will nock your ass out. when the money stop Tank won't be his puppet. He will call him out.

  45. Vigilance


    19 kun oldin

    14:25 💀💀 mayweathers laugh lol

  46. Anita Flemisch

    Anita Flemisch

    19 kun oldin

    Learn from your father LOMA....

  47. Zach Johnson

    Zach Johnson

    19 kun oldin

    go away Floyd

  48. A1 Autobuild

    A1 Autobuild

    19 kun oldin

    Hey where’s Floyd’s uncle?

  49. Justin Time

    Justin Time

    19 kun oldin

    Who’s watching this after that brutal uppercut

  50. Noah Harris

    Noah Harris

    20 kun oldin

    How the fuck did i miss this smh:{

  51. Herminia Romero

    Herminia Romero

    20 kun oldin

    Anything is possible 🙏

  52. Thayer Jay

    Thayer Jay

    20 kun oldin

    tank got GOAT potential skys the limit for him

  53. East coast red Yum

    East coast red Yum

    20 kun oldin

    Keep Running from King Ryan

  54. East coast red Yum

    East coast red Yum

    20 kun oldin

    Floyd Mayweather and Davis Is the story of Rocky and Tommy gun Davis is nothing but a little fucking puppet All he does is cherry pick fights just like Floyd did

  55. Mag-nito Muzik

    Mag-nito Muzik

    20 kun oldin

    May Per View

  56. Thomas Whitten

    Thomas Whitten

    20 kun oldin

    This reminds me of Rocky. Glad to see Floymob nut nut mum.,

  57. Fabilla Toure

    Fabilla Toure

    20 kun oldin

    Behind the Mayweather flashiness is a master strategist, a psychologist, but most important a mule of a worker. If Tank absolves an ounce of this he will go far.

  58. The Bearded Ginger

    The Bearded Ginger

    20 kun oldin

    When he lose that 0 then he gots to go. Lol he dumped broner half way through his first L

  59. hahn cornelia

    hahn cornelia

    20 kun oldin

    Man ain’t nothing like coming from the bottom & making it.

  60. YoureWrongImRight


    20 kun oldin

    I was there! Great fight

  61. Benjamin Anderson

    Benjamin Anderson

    20 kun oldin

    Yo who won

  62. Mop James

    Mop James

    20 kun oldin

    Tank hits hard, but he works harder

  63. KhaledElkholy


    20 kun oldin

    Davis running me like:😬😬

  64. fearless platinum

    fearless platinum

    20 kun oldin

    Literally 99% won't see this but if you do, God Bless you and your Family. Stay Safe. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  65. Joseph Chajon

    Joseph Chajon

    20 kun oldin

    Gervonta davis the truth ₵# respect

  66. James Simmons

    James Simmons

    20 kun oldin

    If he just leaves the street life and bullshit alone he will be definitely a great fighter. If he stays grounded and listens to Floyd he will be just fine, financially and in life....

  67. Cj Treasure

    Cj Treasure

    20 kun oldin

    that uppercut was lowkey dirty, should be suspended for that..

    • Cj Treasure

      Cj Treasure

      20 kun oldin

      but dude is a BEAST, just fight cleaner 🙏

  68. German Suarez

    German Suarez

    20 kun oldin

    Was going for Ryan Garcia but since he linked up with 69 no longer a fan hopefully this guys wins either way it’s gonna be a good fight

  69. Nick Fedorov

    Nick Fedorov

    20 kun oldin

    What is the name of the Spanish song when they show Santa Cruz?

  70. rockjawinc


    20 kun oldin

    Loma would take tank out the same way he took out Lopez

  71. rok rok

    rok rok

    20 kun oldin

    davis magic gloves

  72. Jesus Noel

    Jesus Noel

    20 kun oldin

    He needs to train wilder

  73. Manú


    20 kun oldin

    Suge "for those who tired of their manager all in their video" 👀😅

  74. I Jah rog

    I Jah rog

    20 kun oldin

    Tank just hit hard dats all..

  75. biriani khabo

    biriani khabo

    20 kun oldin

    Hard to root against either of them. both good dudes just trying to make it to the next level. Respek!

  76. Cristian Flores

    Cristian Flores

    20 kun oldin

    The danny gonzalez issue should be mentioned somehow.

  77. Erwin Bleskadit

    Erwin Bleskadit

    20 kun oldin

    Gervonta,you have to staying with Floyd because you will legend like Floyd.

  78. Andrew B.

    Andrew B.

    20 kun oldin

    Is it still a compliment if you say you had been there done that still the greatest. And making darn sure he reminds you of that when a camera is near and on, so basically everyday probably multiple times a day😆. The thing he will never realize is calling yourself the greatest of all time is exactly why he will never be that or maybe he does realize that so he has to keep saying it. Now when others like Tyson, Foreman, Jones or Atlas call someone the GOAT.....

  79. Olivier E

    Olivier E

    21 kun oldin

    LMAOOO his trainers hilarious holy shit

  80. Yellow Rob

    Yellow Rob

    21 kun oldin

    But Floyd when you getting back in the ring FLOYD MAYWEATHER VS EARL SPENC OR DANNY GARCIA

  81. jamaine Ezell

    jamaine Ezell

    21 kun oldin

  82. Michael Lozano

    Michael Lozano

    21 kun oldin

    What’s the song at 9:18

  83. Rickrock Ruiz

    Rickrock Ruiz

    21 kun oldin

    Tank you a beast keep getting that $$$$$$ can’t wait for you to fight Devon Haney

  84. Karamelkylie


    21 kun oldin

    Mayweather is daddy

  85. TJ Swann

    TJ Swann

    21 kun oldin

    Tank's only weakness is when he's not training he over indulges in lifes pleasures. it will hurt him later down the line. I hope not but he has to control his weight.

    • Freshness


      21 kun oldin

      Shut up you only see Him on social media, and people show life pleasure on there only . You don’t know what he do when them cameras off and his off social media

  86. M B

    M B

    21 kun oldin

    who's music is that playing : )

  87. John Rey

    John Rey

    21 kun oldin

    Legendary stuff

  88. ben lad

    ben lad

    21 kun oldin

    Floyd coaching these young fighters is like Kobe with his Mamba Academy and his offseason training with players.. we should be thankful for the guys before us

  89. Vishal Verma

    Vishal Verma

    21 kun oldin

    Coaches changes lives

  90. Thebault Reisz

    Thebault Reisz

    21 kun oldin

    The look on he's dad's face when he gave him the belt is priceless and proud

  91. world videos

    world videos

    21 kun oldin

    king already

  92. MrRizo Mortali

    MrRizo Mortali

    21 kun oldin

    Put your mind to it, hard work, dedication, and put the rite people near you The sky won't even have limits for you 💯 everything you need you already have with in you! ❤

  93. Ryd Scheer

    Ryd Scheer

    21 kun oldin

    A future millionaire will like this comment

  94. Konrad Mroczek

    Konrad Mroczek

    21 kun oldin

    Davis on that photo looked like young Mike Tyson. Floyd has got great influence on him.

  95. Diamond Prince

    Diamond Prince

    21 kun oldin

    Little Men of Boxing

  96. silva geko

    silva geko

    21 kun oldin

    I like this tank kid but he needs the correct guidance...he needs to be given the right fights at the right time, cause there's some very dangerous fighters around atm...i just hope nobody tries to rush him into a fight he's not ready for yet.

  97. JVSxN


    21 kun oldin

    I thought they was beefing lol they made up?



    21 kun oldin

    future of boxing, future of gaming, the future is here old man

  99. Shaquille Williams

    Shaquille Williams

    21 kun oldin

    Santa Cruz set for life, win or lose!

  100. Anthony Williams

    Anthony Williams

    21 kun oldin

    This is where Adrien Broner should be but he wasted his talents.

    • grapedrank


      15 kun oldin

      @lolololololo lololololololol Way more skilled too

    • lolololololo lololololololol

      lolololololo lololololololol

      18 kun oldin

      @justin kongolo way more talented

    • justin kongolo

      justin kongolo

      19 kun oldin

      I honestly think gervonta is more talented