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Animated by Ben ‘Wonchop’ Smallman (@Wonchop) asdfmovie merch (tomskashop.com)
Written and Directed by Thomas Ridgewell (@TomSka)
Co-Written by Eddie ‘Eddache’ Bowley (@Eddache)
Music by Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce’ Bryanton (@LilDeuceDeuce)
With Alto Sax by Chris Carlier (linktr.ee/carliermusic)
Featuring Chris Alex ( FilmCow_Chris)
Chris Bingham ( helloiambing)
Anna 'BrizzyVoices' Brisbin (@Brizzy Voices)
Chloe ‘ScarfDemon’ Dungate (@ScarfDemon)
Brian David Gilbert (@brian david gilbert)
Stefan Johnson ( S_johnson_voice)
Daniel J Layton (@Daniel J. Layton)
Phil 'AmazingPhil' Lester (@AmazingPhil)
and Rik Bowley ( rikbowley)
Secondary Channel (@DarkSquidge)
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  1. Rebecca McInnis-Wilson

    Rebecca McInnis-Wilson

    12 soniya oldin

    What kind of dog is he He's russian ''Гав''

  2. ayaan zafar

    ayaan zafar

    42 daqiqa oldin

    What hv i watched........

  3. William Yan

    William Yan

    59 daqiqa oldin

    I like the ridiculously funky theme music

  4. Muadib Adder

    Muadib Adder

    Soat oldin

    1:29 this part is so nasty I can't stop laughing 😂😂

  5. NovaBoy Gamerz

    NovaBoy Gamerz

    Soat oldin

    'Aww what kind of dog is he?' 'He Chinese' Woiff

  6. William Yan

    William Yan

    Soat oldin


  7. mr.cheese


    Soat oldin

    funniest part 0:42

  8. SteveCould BeMe

    SteveCould BeMe

    2 soat oldin

    "What kind of dog is he?" "Hes unoriginal" Dog: "What kind of dog is he?" "Hes russian" "B... oom"

  9. Gamma


    2 soat oldin

    Aww what kind of dog is he He's Japanese 横糸

  10. NoobSploder


    2 soat oldin

    I like the 2nd one

  11. Sir Came-Alot

    Sir Came-Alot

    2 soat oldin

    Person 1 :Aww, what kind of dog is he? Person 2 :He's Russian. Dog : славянский даг иди лает



    3 soat oldin

    congrats you finally made another one!!! now lets watch

  13. ༒ ElXGamer ༒

    ༒ ElXGamer ༒

    3 soat oldin

    " What kind of dog is he ? " " He's Chilean. " " Guau weon. "

  14. Preston Taylor

    Preston Taylor

    3 soat oldin

    Are you still watching? Someone’s daughter: 0:04

  15. Strikes this is awesome

    Strikes this is awesome

    3 soat oldin

    0:45 was that Lumpy space princess?

  16. Rizqy Naufal Maulana

    Rizqy Naufal Maulana

    4 soat oldin

    0:12 **When girl she this**

  17. Rizqy Naufal Maulana

    Rizqy Naufal Maulana

    4 soat oldin

    0:12 Ow :\

  18. Rizqy Naufal Maulana

    Rizqy Naufal Maulana

    4 soat oldin


  19. Reya Animates

    Reya Animates

    4 soat oldin

    "Awe, what kind of dog is he?" "He's British." "Bawk."

  20. BM Beats

    BM Beats

    4 soat oldin

    What if the bullets came out the other way at the same speed

  21. Carl Wheezer

    Carl Wheezer

    4 soat oldin

    i wonder if Crash-Zoom will ever be continued

  22. JoyFlameball


    4 soat oldin


  23. Daily Memes

    Daily Memes

    5 soat oldin

    The return

  24. Noah Jones

    Noah Jones

    5 soat oldin

    0:16 why do the cute ones always die

  25. Dead Draws Stuff

    Dead Draws Stuff

    5 soat oldin


  26. bomb guy

    bomb guy

    5 soat oldin

    0:52 is it me or does he kinda sound like that character from wildhouse

  27. PluralRaccoon


    5 soat oldin

    “Da da *Daddy* 😏” *”Oh”*

  28. YEET MAN


    5 soat oldin

    When I grow up I wanna be a doctor just like you! Oh, :) Your not gonna grow up

  29. TheSxlx Brawl stars

    TheSxlx Brawl stars

    6 soat oldin

    Among us, :v

  30. Simon Blyashuk

    Simon Blyashuk

    6 soat oldin

    Guy: Come one every body do the whale dance The whale: AAAAAUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEE

  31. lucky mario

    lucky mario

    6 soat oldin

    i am in the presence of a god

  32. Timothy Santos

    Timothy Santos

    6 soat oldin


  33. The Light Entertainment

    The Light Entertainment

    7 soat oldin

    Women: "Aww what kind of dog is he?" Owner: "Hes Sexiest" Women: "Then I'll just walk away"



    7 soat oldin

    0:00 high five! HUNDRED the man: ahhhh

  35. Bucky Jones

    Bucky Jones

    7 soat oldin

    10/10 👌

  36. Chris Chacon

    Chris Chacon

    7 soat oldin

    1:50. When your parents look at your report card and see bad grades.

  37. JamisonsToyBox


    7 soat oldin

    Your the best animators ever

  38. Rosana Falcao

    Rosana Falcao

    7 soat oldin

    Aw. What kind of dog is he? He's Brazilian. Latido!

  39. Mr Fish

    Mr Fish

    8 soat oldin

    This is so bad and cringy but I love it!

  40. UbuntuTheDistro


    8 soat oldin

    Wait 13 is the unlucky number

  41. Trinity Jaxon

    Trinity Jaxon

    8 soat oldin

    Is this new

  42. Jacob Diaz

    Jacob Diaz

    8 soat oldin

    1:39 among us be like

  43. Freakboy KS

    Freakboy KS

    9 soat oldin

    “Are you ready to DIE” “No” “Then I’ll come back LATER”

  44. jeremy rodriguez

    jeremy rodriguez

    9 soat oldin

    1:06 1987: eats meatloaf for dinner MEANWHILE in our year: eats gun powder bullets

  45. Someone Random

    Someone Random

    9 soat oldin


  46. pinklova101


    9 soat oldin

    these never fail to make me laugh omg

  47. Elioz Efraim

    Elioz Efraim

    10 soat oldin

    2:23 look out he got his nose

  48. JoAnn Whatoname

    JoAnn Whatoname

    10 soat oldin

    Make an awesome movie 14

  49. Colt Mansir

    Colt Mansir

    10 soat oldin

    1:47 Patrick screaming

  50. fistorian 101

    fistorian 101

    10 soat oldin

    This is how I feel when I'm whispering something in my friends ear and don't want to breath so much hot air in there ear 1:15

  51. LighteningKid 2

    LighteningKid 2

    10 soat oldin

    MAKE A 14!

  52. Eric Hansen

    Eric Hansen

    11 soat oldin

    How to make a hi5 go on forever Step one go up to someone and say hi five Stop to turn it into a 500

  53. H Z

    H Z

    11 soat oldin

    "I got your nose" "Whats a nose" "I.. I dont know" I guess nobody nose

  54. GD Zaphikel

    GD Zaphikel

    12 soat oldin

    come on everybody do the whale dance (splat) AAEUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  55. itsJD plays

    itsJD plays

    12 soat oldin

    High five.hundred

  56. Dave Jame

    Dave Jame

    12 soat oldin

    0:20 POYO?

  57. raindrop


    13 soat oldin

    I watched this whole video whilst walking in circles, so much fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun x)

  58. PikaChin


    14 soat oldin

    "Aww, what kind of dog is he?" "Self-combusting" *woof*

  59. Insephet Gamer

    Insephet Gamer

    14 soat oldin

    "OHU NUOO!!!. i'm still alive~"

  60. Gian Capistrano

    Gian Capistrano

    15 soat oldin

    Cool adsmovie13

  61. TheNestedDuck


    15 soat oldin

    What kind of dog is he? He's Russian.. "Blyat"

  62. PixelRed


    15 soat oldin

    She is uhhh punching my horse YoUvE gOt 2 MaNy LeGs

  63. E Sometimes I don’t wanna be happy

    E Sometimes I don’t wanna be happy

    15 soat oldin

    Instead of muffin, MARSHMALLOW!!

  64. Throwback Channel

    Throwback Channel

    15 soat oldin

    My girl Brizzy Voices is in this!

  65. AndreJ HD

    AndreJ HD

    16 soat oldin

    asdfmovie13 9.7M People : Interesting

  66. Ace boi

    Ace boi

    16 soat oldin

    "Aw what kind of dog is he?" "He's Mexican" "Barrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrk"

  67. Liz Rob

    Liz Rob

    16 soat oldin

    Aw! What kind of dog is he? He's Russian Gulagwoof.

  68. や ろ

    や ろ

    17 soat oldin


  69. Lemu Boss

    Lemu Boss

    17 soat oldin

    "Aw, what type of dog is he?" "He's German" "Ein Wuff mit extra Currywurscht!"

  70. ItzDragonGaming


    17 soat oldin


  71. Cristian Caravaca gomez

    Cristian Caravaca gomez

    17 soat oldin


  72. Aeden Campbell

    Aeden Campbell

    17 soat oldin

    what foa dinna lmao



    17 soat oldin

    Hello Gay I'm Sergay

  74. i hate myself

    i hate myself

    17 soat oldin

    When you forgot to wear a mask. Coronavirus : 1:36

  75. Ant Rangel

    Ant Rangel

    17 soat oldin


  76. E1craZ4life


    18 soat oldin

    I just realized that Bing was in this episode.

  77. Zetsuki


    18 soat oldin

    the ONLY thing that would have made this better was if you got Markiplier and Ethan to do the high 500 voices. ;)

  78. The Lost Will To Live

    The Lost Will To Live

    18 soat oldin

    Whenever i see a new Asdf movie come out i fear it'll be the last one

  79. Ana Isabel Gomez Robledo

    Ana Isabel Gomez Robledo

    18 soat oldin

    RIP for the Waffle and Mr. Marshmallow. Anyone remember them.

  80. Rohan yokesh

    Rohan yokesh

    19 soat oldin

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh he made one year to make this video asdf 13 was one year ago i was waiting for long

  81. BalkanScrubs


    19 soat oldin

    i was here

  82. Harrison Roberts

    Harrison Roberts

    19 soat oldin


  83. This Guy

    This Guy

    19 soat oldin

    0:16 that little "hi there" is adorable

  84. Slimyminer


    19 soat oldin


  85. The WaPikmin

    The WaPikmin

    20 soat oldin

    It's great getting one of these every year or so, I've been watching them forever.

  86. Layla Youkhana

    Layla Youkhana

    21 soat oldin

    whats for dinner?! **gun cock** (gun) mah fav **gun bang** NOMNOMNOMNOM

  87. Inot Jade

    Inot Jade

    22 soat oldin

    What type of dog is he? He’s British. Hello

  88. Sparkplug Studios

    Sparkplug Studios

    22 soat oldin

    Each time they release a new asdfmovie I want to hear a fulls song of their intros more.

  89. Joey Bagadoughnuts

    Joey Bagadoughnuts

    22 soat oldin

    Oh my God

  90. Hayden Hansen

    Hayden Hansen

    23 soat oldin

    “Aww, what kind of dog is he?” “gay” “ohmygosh #woof”

  91. Avni Kashyap

    Avni Kashyap

    23 soat oldin

    "Aw, what kind of dog is he?" "Indian" "वूफ"

    • 12491 HEMANG DHYANI

      12491 HEMANG DHYANI

      4 soat oldin


  92. itsJD plays

    itsJD plays

    Kun oldin

    Youview got to many legs!

  93. Dennis Chhor

    Dennis Chhor

    Kun oldin

    What’s for dinner? *gun reloading sounds* my favorite! nomnomnomnomnomnomnom

  94. Maxinator


    Kun oldin

    This is the end. It is all coming full circle.



    Kun oldin

    huh never known that asdf came from our keyboard

  96. Emily Ann

    Emily Ann

    Kun oldin

    I literally had to look up what a noose is in order to get that one joke not even halfway through. I almost regret that decision....

  97. Nathan Armstrong

    Nathan Armstrong

    Kun oldin

    We got you on cams!

  98. Tripp Henderson

    Tripp Henderson

    Kun oldin

    11 yr old me would SUCK THIS UP

  99. Jake Uptight

    Jake Uptight

    Kun oldin


  100. Your Local Lesbian

    Your Local Lesbian

    Kun oldin

    i should've fucking came out like that 0:22