Charli & Dixie ABUSED BY Their PARENTS & HITS BACK! Noah Beck LEAKS WHAT? Kenzie Ziegler BREAKS DOWN

Charli & Dixie ABUSED BY Their PARENTS & HITS BACK! Noah Beck LEAKS WHAT? Kenzie Ziegler BREAKS DOWN
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  1. Zoe and Kat

    Zoe and Kat

    2 kun oldin


  2. toca stories

    toca stories

    4 kun oldin

  3. j h

    j h

    4 kun oldin

    i'm sorry but instagram literally allows underaged kids like dani post half naked with their ass out but when Noah a grown ass man post a picture without a shirt it's a problem?

  4. london aaliyah

    london aaliyah

    7 kun oldin

    please tell me this is a joke LMAO BYE



    8 kun oldin

    LOL DumbKins are so dramatic i mean like charl's mom pinched her bcs maybe she was acting bad yk... like bruh dont be so Dramatic im watching whole netflix in Tiktok.. i love old tiktok ngl. i joined 2018 alm and no Drama's only chil af 🕳🚶🏻‍♀️

  6. Keziah Hart

    Keziah Hart

    8 kun oldin

    I really need the fans to stop attacking and making false rumors about almost every tiktoker. Like can you sit down some where please

  7. Ariana Mondragon Escudero

    Ariana Mondragon Escudero

    8 kun oldin

    Why don’t we just leave the drama and why don’t the sisters leave together and have there own live🤔

  8. sinead O’Shea

    sinead O’Shea

    9 kun oldin

    U say who gave other people phones who gave u a phone

  9. Raz


    9 kun oldin

    soo girls can be half naked on insta but noah cant lol... i dont get it

  10. Jocelyn K

    Jocelyn K

    9 kun oldin

    So what they took a vk during covid MOST OF AMERICAN ISN'T IN LOCKDOWN, they all are out partying. But when someone they hate do it they call them out? Lol people will do anything to get likes. Stay home people

  11. Brittney Mckayla

    Brittney Mckayla

    9 kun oldin

    Anna at school 😐 Anna at home 💻👐😲

  12. raspberrii_teas


    10 kun oldin

    these people- they aren't taking abuse seriously.

  13. brooklyn cordova

    brooklyn cordova

    11 kun oldin

    Fi ouy cna rade tihs ru wired

  14. allison r

    allison r

    12 kun oldin

    people love drama dont they.

  15. ImFine


    18 kun oldin

    Heidi and Marc are abusers!!!

  16. Saranya Fernando

    Saranya Fernando

    18 kun oldin


  17. Derpstick


    18 kun oldin

    "You said that you could let it go and that wouldn't catch you hung up on somebody that you used to Kn0oOOo0o00ow!"

  18. Ella Eckhoff

    Ella Eckhoff

    18 kun oldin

    You are one of those people who start drama because mark was talking about the Bahamas and you were being mean so shut up anna

  19. Kate Brookes

    Kate Brookes

    20 kun oldin

    Its silly because you don't do things like edit your heros videos or make fan art for recognition you do it to show appropriation for that idol!! You chose to do it she didn't ask for it!! Xxxx

  20. Gacha Moonlight

    Gacha Moonlight

    22 kun oldin

    but Tana's fine 😐

  21. Ashley Mejia

    Ashley Mejia

    22 kun oldin

    Yeaaaaww this video is crap sorry and everything you saw is so fake let them go out



    22 kun oldin

    Bruh hate this

  23. Charlotte Baskill

    Charlotte Baskill

    23 kun oldin

    i heard that marc admiited he doesn’t abuse he just uses her for miney i saw a vid wanna be tagged and showed a photo of marc but maybe edited i don’t know

  24. Charlotte Baskill

    Charlotte Baskill

    23 kun oldin

    all people do is want to cancel everyone even people who don’t but there self in drama is so stupid like leave people that stay away from drama awya from it

  25. Axasia the chlie

    Axasia the chlie

    23 kun oldin

    Litterally at the Bahamas while millions ppl of dying... 🤨

  26. Axasia the chlie

    Axasia the chlie

    23 kun oldin

    So many drama.

  27. Dxvilish Aubreyyy

    Dxvilish Aubreyyy

    23 kun oldin

    i luv ur intro

  28. Anita Ebrahimi

    Anita Ebrahimi

    23 kun oldin

    Anna what the fuck is wrong with u and what did mark and the demilio sister ever do to you huh

  29. Not Fast, Just Furious

    Not Fast, Just Furious

    24 kun oldin

    Low key forgot about Kenzie lmfao

  30. It’s Starlet

    It’s Starlet

    24 kun oldin

    You guyyyyyyyyyys! here is one reason that kenzie deserves the world: she works hard! so dont go around giving her shade cuz she has a life of social media u know! ugh

  31. Try and Gamef Girl *basic black girl*

    Try and Gamef Girl *basic black girl*

    25 kun oldin

    Ok so why y’all mad Noah posting he’s a MODEL not a tiktoker that’s all y’all think he is when he was a model first. Also kids don’t need to be on grown adults page or have Instagram at all 🤦‍♀️

  32. Kendall martinez

    Kendall martinez

    25 kun oldin

    What that fawck😃

  33. laila lee

    laila lee

    25 kun oldin

    i love how she never gets canceled and that she probably hasn't gotten copyright claimed at all.

  34. Nalah Chever

    Nalah Chever

    25 kun oldin

    Im proud to say i never dumped for Noah but vinnie on the other hand😏

  35. Nalah Chever

    Nalah Chever

    25 kun oldin

    The fact he said Corona is serious and he went to A place with very little of it is worse why would go come to A place with A little bit of A virus from A place that has the virus everywhere

  36. XxCorspeAngelxX


    25 kun oldin

    0.28 todoroki?

  37. Gamer Beth Davies

    Gamer Beth Davies

    25 kun oldin

    Can you stop hating?



    26 kun oldin

    Don't talk about my queen like that girl or else I will come back to you

  39. Ali 07

    Ali 07

    26 kun oldin

    Poor kenz

  40. Tueron McKellar

    Tueron McKellar

    26 kun oldin

    Yo Noah cant control who watches his pics, if they wanna see then they will, parents should be more interested in what their "10" yr old children are watching on sm. He's a 19 yr old boy that wants to pursue a certain career, yall act like people literally dont take naked photoshoots........But go awf🤷🏽‍♀️

  41. Delany V

    Delany V

    27 kun oldin

    bruh you’re getting really anoyying asfk💀

  42. Keithani The midget

    Keithani The midget

    27 kun oldin

    Wait why is she crying though 💀

  43. Keithani The midget

    Keithani The midget

    27 kun oldin

    Innapropriate photo shoot ? 💀 um- what are y’all on 💀 do y’all not see this stuff on a normal basis?

  44. Keithani The midget

    Keithani The midget

    27 kun oldin

    Ppl rlly believed they were getting abuse i-

  45. Sara Smith

    Sara Smith

    27 kun oldin

    Wait- what ever happened to Simon codwell

  46. teague☆


    27 kun oldin

    Noah umm this isn't a game of pocket pool

  47. M N

    M N

    27 kun oldin

    This is a reason why I don’t watch your vids your so pathetic..

  48. Amy Carlisle

    Amy Carlisle

    27 kun oldin

    Hi I'm Addison rae 😄

  49. spicexedits


    27 kun oldin

    well noaahhhhh maybe if you so wanna post pics like these then just open an onlyfan acc lmao. noah beck what the heckk

  50. spicexedits


    27 kun oldin

    well almost everyone throughout the world are now freaking going for vacations with taking safety measures. i dont really get why yall need apology from them. like if they took safety measures then let them freaakinng live.

  51. marissamonkey_playsrblx :D

    marissamonkey_playsrblx :D

    28 kun oldin

    i do not understand if other tts have been going on airoplanes like god knows how much, like addi she went on one at the beginning of the pademic like leave her alone she literally went ONCEEE!!!

  52. •cherry clouds• !

    •cherry clouds• !

    28 kun oldin

    your the best Tea Talker 😳✨✨

  53. 『「 ꨄ•Alia •ꨄ 」』ッ

    『「 ꨄ•Alia •ꨄ 」』ッ

    28 kun oldin


  54. Alysssa Orozco

    Alysssa Orozco

    28 kun oldin

    Do you know alot of people also do that not just noah so get your facts right

  55. Chocolate_mocha


    28 kun oldin

    Wanted to be famous, i change my mind 😊

  56. Asteticly Red

    Asteticly Red

    28 kun oldin

    I hate how some ppl want Dixie and Noah to break up Me they such a good couple



    28 kun oldin

    Tiktokers be like “we needed a vacation” from what? 15 second videos?

  58. yani paul

    yani paul

    28 kun oldin

    The damelio sisters make me sick. They are untalented. I'm way younger than both of them and I refuse to leave my house even tho I can, I keep my mask on without a complaint. Like damn I'm 12

  59. Kia Games

    Kia Games

    29 kun oldin

    Not hating if I was her i would serch up fan edits of whater my name is

  60. brunna pitaluga

    brunna pitaluga

    29 kun oldin

    tf i travel like-

  61. •Ar i•

    •Ar i•

    29 kun oldin

    anna if u dont want to be in drama then stop showing us drama istg.

  62. Mary Crosby

    Mary Crosby

    29 kun oldin

    You keep spreding rumors... Buy no hate

  63. amazing, talented, beautiful and she is the moment

    amazing, talented, beautiful and she is the moment

    29 kun oldin

    fun fact ‼️ coronavirus is real 🤯 mark damelio, the conservative even told you 🙈

  64. JJClIPZ


    29 kun oldin

    The tiktok sisters being abused? Really? For frowning in 15 second videos? Yall just want clicks babe 💀.

  65. That_ Wannabe.-.

    That_ Wannabe.-.

    29 kun oldin

    “We take it seriously” so you let your daughters go to the Bahamas. Ye cause that makes sense 🥱

  66. viridiana Martinez

    viridiana Martinez

    29 kun oldin


  67. Amit Surendre Carsane

    Amit Surendre Carsane

    29 kun oldin

    Mark : we take it very seriously Me : your not even wearing a mask!!!

  68. fatimah corrales

    fatimah corrales

    29 kun oldin


  69. LeighAndra Ryan

    LeighAndra Ryan

    Oy oldin

    I dont see why people care about traveling stuiped asf people need to grow tf upp

  70. brianna altman

    brianna altman

    Oy oldin

    How is what Noah posted on insta inappropriate when we have girls doing that same thing and other guys. I swear my generation is just big crybaby’s about the littlest things out there it’s just annoying

  71. Emily Chachi

    Emily Chachi

    Oy oldin

    Let Noah be there’s other people like “influencers" tht take photo shoots like tht and u guys don’t come for them🙄😬 Dramatic 😶like Justin Bieber and more like let him be it’s his life his body

  72. Kylla McComb

    Kylla McComb

    Oy oldin

    1. Shouldn’t be traveling anyways that’s exactly why people can’t go out of the U.S we have the most cases like seriously 2. I think he shouldn’t have done it because most of his platform is children so yeah and 3. She’s busy she can’t get to everyone she tried her best y’all just canceling her for dumb stuff.

  73. Josie Kinghorn

    Josie Kinghorn

    Oy oldin

    Charlie and dixie just need to quit I'm sick of them already - _-

  74. Umbrella Academy

    Umbrella Academy

    Oy oldin

    Idk like Anna how do you know everything like lowkey - 😭✋🏻

  75. kay_c


    Oy oldin

    tbh I don't think its Noahs fault because the app is 13+ but the pics were a bit inappropriate

  76. anngoist


    Oy oldin

    bro, Kenzie is so fucking pretty 😭

  77. meowmeow 7

    meowmeow 7

    Oy oldin

    Bruh tiktok drama isn't for me like I can't comprehend anything that they all are saying

  78. Ava Sutherland

    Ava Sutherland

    Oy oldin

    Personally I don’t think people should have got so mad at Kenzie. Because when you have so many fan accounts you can comment and like them all. And they need to recognize that

  79. Sar Ah

    Sar Ah

    Oy oldin

    Ugh, Noah Neck. What do we do with Noah Neck

  80. Karissa Cardenas

    Karissa Cardenas

    Oy oldin

    literally everyone travels like shut up

  81. Sashajade Howard

    Sashajade Howard

    Oy oldin

    i just love how you said noah is acting like he did not post him self half naked on instagram to his 10 year old fan base

  82. Butterfly N

    Butterfly N

    Oy oldin

    Y’all are so dramatic 👋🏼

  83. Layla Carreiro

    Layla Carreiro

    Oy oldin

    Family vacation with the whole hype house

  84. aiden Aesthetics

    aiden Aesthetics

    Oy oldin

    um i thought you like charlie... now it look like you are canceling them... make your mind up anna

  85. lollipop


    Oy oldin

    they have such a good life if anything there parents probably force them to make more money

  86. Frédérique Etonde

    Frédérique Etonde

    Oy oldin

    always the « she’s 16 » excuse..... as i remember dixie isn’t 16 anymore 🥴

  87. Sheila (Heart) Breen

    Sheila (Heart) Breen

    Oy oldin

    Guys. You know what? You know what I want? I want all this weird "I hate her" "I hate him" "She did that" all those shits in the garbage bin. Let's have a good year please! I have enough of fighting online! It's INSANE!

  88. Ruby Hicks

    Ruby Hicks

    Oy oldin

    I went on a vacay but u can leave 5hat family alone u do not make that family’s choices there trying and your clearly not i used to like u

  89. Humanity ._

    Humanity ._

    Oy oldin

    the Noah thing was over dramatic but the responses are funny

  90. Mxdnxght_Skies


    Oy oldin

    I dont wanna get corona but i dont wanna wear a mask. Once it was so warm that I got a nosebleed for wearing one- the worst thing is that it was in a shop-

  91. Shai Parker

    Shai Parker

    Oy oldin

    Whoop that tea is HOT DANG GRL

  92. Coffegirl Chambers

    Coffegirl Chambers

    Oy oldin

    Oh shut up plz she u guys don’t even know the real story

  93. deku Izuku

    deku Izuku

    Oy oldin

    noah honey

  94. african kaleab

    african kaleab

    Oy oldin

    Jesus is King. Orthodox Christianity is the Truth. Pray to Him and Pray to Mary. Have faith in Him. 2021 will be your year.

  95. Finley Rooney

    Finley Rooney

    Oy oldin

    So can influencers not live there life without getting dragged down by you shitty ppl

  96. nasty


    Oy oldin

    yeah marc, corona is real, then put your mask on please

  97. nasty


    Oy oldin

    that story about the damelios being abused looks sooo fake yet some of yall think it's real 😭

  98. nasty


    Oy oldin

    kenzie shouldn't feel obligated to notice her fans all the time, give her a break

  99. nasty


    Oy oldin

    not noah getting mad for posting pictures that are nearly nudes for his young fans to see 💀

  100. Q u e e n i e C a r t o o n

    Q u e e n i e C a r t o o n

    Oy oldin

    ”We did what we had to do” 🤔