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I try and make my sponsorships/ads as funny as I can so I hope this video could make you laugh even if it's really short. Like I said in the video I'm working on another video right now as we speak. It will be done in a couple weeks for sure. It's one I wanted to do for a while because it has some of the more interesting stories in it.
Check out my shorts channel in the mean time. I think I might even upload something there later today. Or maybe I'll play minecraft. Anything is possible.

have a good one ❤️

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    Ice Cream Sandwich

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    • Viper


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    • OP GUY

      OP GUY

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      My wallet: HOW ABOUT NO

    • Cyborg panda 13

      Cyborg panda 13

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      So like when's the next real video?

    • TRAP GOD

      TRAP GOD

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    • Miguel Carino

      Miguel Carino

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      K I will get it :)

  2. Rhyno


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    that is adorable

  3. Lmontro 17

    Lmontro 17

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    I got it now all i have to do is wait...

  4. slytherin 4 life

    slytherin 4 life

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    You should make a video bout pets

  5. norah mateos

    norah mateos

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    kk bossa is the best kk song and you cannot change my mind (bubblegum kk is close second 💕)

  6. Steven Friedman

    Steven Friedman

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    Damn the title actually works for views. Don't even know who you are

  7. Lapo Riccardi

    Lapo Riccardi

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    Now this has nothing to do with the video but, I was thinking to make an ice cream sandwich and then eat it

  8. RasEli


    2 soat oldin

    i dident click the video, i clack'd it

  9. don't mug me

    don't mug me

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    "Click this video" You: oh, ok then

  10. bluish


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    This was posted on my bday

  11. Ratman noodles

    Ratman noodles

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    I accidentally clicked this video.

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    Onion Boi

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  13. Julia Alexandre

    Julia Alexandre

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    I did

  14. smoladrien


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    But father, I'm broke to acquire product

  15. Ahmed Tahqiq

    Ahmed Tahqiq

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    What’s with the Italian “a-goodbye-a”

  16. ObeyTecq


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    Omg in my notifications I thought this was clickbait LOL

  17. Mr. Bemis

    Mr. Bemis

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    Smart name

  18. Darth bane

    Darth bane

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    I bought one

  19. its just Brea

    its just Brea

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    How did I just find this channel?

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  22. Hörður Anton

    Hörður Anton

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    I like that the legs on the youtoos are on the side

  23. Random stuff Channel

    Random stuff Channel

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    I couldn’t help it I had to click this video

  24. Jaime Jimenez

    Jaime Jimenez

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    DO IT FOR THE DOG!!! 🐶

  25. Gabes2000


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    Thanks for money

  26. bilinas mini

    bilinas mini

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    "click this video" no one: me: HA THIS SIGN CANT FOOL ME I CANT READ!!! my cousin that lives in the basement: comes out of the closet it says 'click this video'

  27. ABAgamer


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    I forgot to click on the video.

  28. IAMA Tabble .

    IAMA Tabble .

    7 soat oldin

    Ckilnkinty clink click clonk bonk Bank Baonkionk Ye key yee

    • bilinas mini

      bilinas mini

      6 soat oldin

      Anyone else thought it was gonna be a rickroll

  29. StreamLine-Torteeto 2

    StreamLine-Torteeto 2

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    The beginning was the pest part 0.0

  30. Ion Phoenix

    Ion Phoenix

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    I clicked the video. Happy?

  31. Lu Toons

    Lu Toons

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    I knew it

  32. Billy The Catfish

    Billy The Catfish

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  33. Conner Scoggins

    Conner Scoggins

    9 soat oldin

    “One last time, as per the contract. I must advise you to acquire product.” Subbed, great job youtube recommendations.

  34. Beka Kunkei

    Beka Kunkei

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    Lovely dog

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  36. [[Scorpion]]


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    *i want it but can’t have it*

  37. Bryan Bernal

    Bryan Bernal

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    I just clicked this video on pure impulse amazing

  38. Fake Emiyo

    Fake Emiyo

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    I don't even know who this guy is but I clicked this video....... And now I want those smol pizza eating dude...

  39. Samuel Ignacio Dogeno

    Samuel Ignacio Dogeno

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    This Is Copyright

  40. Fake Ice Cream Sandwich

    Fake Ice Cream Sandwich

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  41. Majed CT

    Majed CT

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    I am here just to say i cant click the video because i am phone

  42. Green Gale Productions

    Green Gale Productions

    13 soat oldin

    I know it's because your personality is so endearing, but your adverts are really good.

  43. Shaun Free

    Shaun Free

    13 soat oldin

    Anyone else thought it was gonna be a rickroll

  44. Fake Ice Cream Sandwich

    Fake Ice Cream Sandwich

    13 soat oldin

    Oh umm ;-; ok

  45. Jake Hammer

    Jake Hammer

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    This made my shit stink 😅😅😅

  46. Quin Gale

    Quin Gale

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    Wish I had the money to get one

  47. Silky Milk

    Silky Milk

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    Damn it worked

  48. Ronniejohn Masicampo

    Ronniejohn Masicampo

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  49. okden


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    shouldve sold an -penus- icecream sandwich smh

  50. omen de David x

    omen de David x

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  51. Nugget Reaper

    Nugget Reaper

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    When you found this video in your recommended and clicked cuz it said so.

  52. joaquin kolomatangi

    joaquin kolomatangi

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    me:this is obvious clickbait also me: clicks vid

  53. Water Milan

    Water Milan

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    some random ice cream sandwich viewer: product saying from hell said from satan?? COOL! ice cream sandwich: yeast yes boiy

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  56. Blahblah Guy123

    Blahblah Guy123

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    I listene

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    Javier Olmedo

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    here before 1 million? ok

  58. GooseWatcher


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  59. Gabriela Dejesus

    Gabriela Dejesus

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    I guess i have to make a contract with the devil for his dog now. WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE NOW

  60. Kuhlula Mahlori Junior Mahlori

    Kuhlula Mahlori Junior Mahlori

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    U are weird MR ice cram sandwich guy

  61. Yeah fox XD

    Yeah fox XD

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    Okay so I clicked the video and then it show I need to buy his yootubz and I wanted to buy that but realised my money is gone because I was buying a lot of pizzza

  62. gisele c

    gisele c

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    ok now what

  63. Elliott Alexander

    Elliott Alexander

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  64. Commenting Commenter

    Commenting Commenter

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    No one else expect a rick-roll?

  65. Fake Ice Cream Sandwich

    Fake Ice Cream Sandwich

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    Umm ok

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    Chad Peterson

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    guy told me to click so I clicked

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    Bryce Eichelkraut

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    Im a simple man I see click. i click

  68. Fake Ice Cream Sandwich

    Fake Ice Cream Sandwich

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  70. Fake Ice Cream Sandwich

    Fake Ice Cream Sandwich

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    And I just asked my mom

  71. Fake Ice Cream Sandwich

    Fake Ice Cream Sandwich

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    I really want one

  72. Fake Ice Cream Sandwich

    Fake Ice Cream Sandwich

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    I want one

  73. Glitch Wolf

    Glitch Wolf

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    OK I just finished ordering my kidneys, and I asked the doctor where is my statue

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    every utuber is getting a utooz rn and idk y

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    Julia Angeron

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    I just saw it saying "Click This Video" so I did, IM SO GLAD I DID

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    I love the beginning 😂😂😂 the empty head marble sound

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    Natalie Kors

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  78. † ito meow 1 †

    † ito meow 1 †

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    The other Sri

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    I did it

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    Buddy Johnston

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    woah it worked

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    Actually, I tapped this video.

  82. just an SDR fan here

    just an SDR fan here

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    I'm on mobile, ha

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    Joel Bennett

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  84. Potato in the comment section

    Potato in the comment section

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    Guys... I clicked it

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    Gacha Trash

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    jokes on you i tapped on this video

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    Amelia Walther

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    I don't know who you are, but your dog is cute.

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    Beta To The Max

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    I didn't click it, I'm such a rebel

  88. Tricia Van Andler

    Tricia Van Andler

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    Why are all the animation youtubers coming out with new merch and games and stuff at the same time?

  89. Flying PIgs

    Flying PIgs

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    Click the video 939 thousand people: sure

  90. Green Sharp

    Green Sharp

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    when he said "GET THIS YOUTOOZ TO SUPPORT MAI DOG" sounds like brian david gilbert in his "please buy my bed" video.

    • Wolfie Studio's!

      Wolfie Studio's!

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  92. Anjimili


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    HEY here is a funny story as soon i clicked on the video i got an add, guess what it said? THE BARBADOS PUBLIC WORKE-

  93. Abyss Shriek

    Abyss Shriek

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    Sell my soul the satan uh *YEAH*

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    Minecraft Man

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  95. Gavin Borges

    Gavin Borges

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    I had a dream about getting one but I have no money I entered for the free one but I don't think I've won it

  96. Sol Ribeiro

    Sol Ribeiro

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    Ive never even watched this chanel before and the first thing i see its... propaganda?... very cute propaganda tho ill give u that

  97. Dan Dan

    Dan Dan

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    1. Looks in wallet - There is only dust 2. Looks on table - There is some polymer clay! 3. I have an idea - probably I'll forget by tomorrow...

  98. Ezraniac


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    No. I am on mobile. I Tapped the video. Also I did not watch it, I paused the ad that came before the video started and left this comment, then clicked off. I win, sandwich man.

  99. Christopher Grimes

    Christopher Grimes

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    What song is dat playing in the background???

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