Dude Perfect Corn Maze | Nerf Battle

Could you escape the DUDE PERFECT CORN MAZE!?!
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Performed by Ryan Innes
Courtesy of Position Music
Written by Arlo Lake
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Comment: How long do you think it took Cody to escape the maze?
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    H F

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    CODY: rip

  4. Mary


    2 kun oldin

    How did Cody get out?

  5. jackedupjunk


    2 kun oldin

    you guys should do kid habit steryotypes

  6. Alien Adventures

    Alien Adventures

    4 kun oldin

    poor cody

  7. Relatively Random

    Relatively Random

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    Team Colby!!!

  8. twinkypig


    6 kun oldin

    RIP Cody

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    Orlando J. Hardin12

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      Panguito Leonard Joseph C.

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      What?? Weirdo

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    Poor Cody

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    I love dude perfect drop a like if you love them to visit my channel if u like asmr

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    Dean Raney

    9 kun oldin

    Tall man went to the goonies.

  13. Hamza Hassoun

    Hamza Hassoun

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    Legend has it Cody is still in their

  14. Gladys Morris

    Gladys Morris

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  15. BeamNGod YT

    BeamNGod YT

    13 kun oldin

    I love Coby... but what happened to his leg? It looks hurt or broken. I'm sorry for him :(

  16. Nadia Toews

    Nadia Toews

    14 kun oldin

    “I’m just gonna kinda, kinda do my thing with speed” - Tyler 2020/2021

  17. Patjamesui12


    14 kun oldin

    Did you know that they have ultra three's?

  18. Lance Bareth Calamaan

    Lance Bareth Calamaan

    14 kun oldin

    Ty: Cody's fine. Cody: Guys! You There! I guess we are stuck here camera man and myself

  19. Lorraine Garate Roldan

    Lorraine Garate Roldan

    15 kun oldin

    how do they pop their balloons with nerf darts?

  20. Ouassim Baddaou

    Ouassim Baddaou

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    Mr. N

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  22. nhutang Hoang

    nhutang Hoang

    17 kun oldin

    Rest in peace Cody

  23. August Davis

    August Davis

    18 kun oldin

    The fact that Cody made a full lap around his head it’s hilarious

  24. Tyque


    18 kun oldin

    I’m coming for you jerry

  25. Francesco Hasuyre

    Francesco Hasuyre

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  26. Kellen Smith

    Kellen Smith

    19 kun oldin

    They had to leave cody

  27. Monke Monke

    Monke Monke

    19 kun oldin

    Legend has it that late at night you can still here the eerie screams for help in the maze

  28. Deepa Durge

    Deepa Durge

    19 kun oldin

    One like for cody😂😂😂

  29. FunGuy4Life


    20 kun oldin

    Is nobody gonna talk about how they have a gigantic quorn maze SOMEHOW???!!!!

  30. Radom Video’s

    Radom Video’s

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    Rumor has it Cody is still in the maze

  31. Chris Webb

    Chris Webb

    21 kun oldin

    Nice vid you guys are really cool

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    Russell Sand

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    but im soo fast you cant beleve it

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    Russell Sand

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    im 11 years old

  34. Russell Sand

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    i want ot join your dude perfect

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  37. Jacob Grochowski

    Jacob Grochowski

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    You left them in the corn maze

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    Prathap Raina

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  39. Einz Jayme

    Einz Jayme

    22 kun oldin

    4:24 sad Cody



    23 kun oldin

    We all wonder abt stuff but who wonders who’s panda?

  41. Dheeraj Singh

    Dheeraj Singh

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  42. Ibbyisblank 123

    Ibbyisblank 123

    25 kun oldin

    poor cody

  43. Two Doe Outdoors

    Two Doe Outdoors

    25 kun oldin

    I personally would have just ran straight through the corn to get out of the maze😂

  44. Two Doe Outdoors

    Two Doe Outdoors

    25 kun oldin

    Thats crazy to think somebody spent the time to make that maze... wow

  45. WrangWrang is me

    WrangWrang is me

    25 kun oldin

    Aight used to watch stereotypes done them want more now watching thsi stuff

  46. Beena kulshrestha

    Beena kulshrestha

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    I also want

  47. Beena kulshrestha

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  50. Cyrry


    26 kun oldin

    My name is cody



    26 kun oldin

    I feel so excited



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  53. Tahna Erickson

    Tahna Erickson

    26 kun oldin

    Coby: doesn’t win much Cody:Breaks bones a lot Ty:WINS EVERY FREAKIN BATTLE Garrett:Funny loves purple Cory:Always first out

  54. ProSaboor000 7

    ProSaboor000 7

    27 kun oldin

    See this part 4:46



    28 kun oldin

    Hey can I get a nerf gun

  56. hunter voice changer Macneil

    hunter voice changer Macneil

    28 kun oldin

    These guys are just like I can do anything I'm cool which they're like showing off

  57. Alexis Pinkerton

    Alexis Pinkerton

    28 kun oldin

    Go coby

  58. {Wolfie Angel}

    {Wolfie Angel}

    28 kun oldin

    Poor Cody

  59. me


    28 kun oldin

    They play* Me:How tf did they do this maze btw watching 2021

  60. Plegg


    28 kun oldin

    There's a myth going around that if you went to that Cornfield maze at midnight, you will hear an eerie voice of Cody screaming for help. Once someone heard that voice, they must escape the maze before dawn or else, he dies.

  61. Theodore Burdenski

    Theodore Burdenski

    29 kun oldin

    And Cody’s phone would be lost for 100 years until a...

  62. Joshua Blake

    Joshua Blake

    29 kun oldin

    Ty: what a shot Me: that was the easiest shot ever Garret was not even moving

  63. William Leffler

    William Leffler

    29 kun oldin

    why don't this video have more views???

  64. Coco •

    Coco •

    Oy oldin

    Coby playing the smort game

  65. Luca Davis

    Luca Davis

    Oy oldin

    Was this while corn maze actually grown I mean it was GROWN

  66. Jason Sharp

    Jason Sharp

    Oy oldin

    I would've just sent someone in the maze to pop Cody's balloon, then bring him out Lol

  67. AVerboom


    Oy oldin

    Поставьте лайк нв мой ком если здесь есть ктото из Украины или Росии✌️

  68. Portgas D Ace

    Portgas D Ace

    Oy oldin

    The award winning movie *In the Tall grass* is based on Cody's Never ending maze challenge.... Legend says he's still there waiting to pop more balloons of challengers.

  69. Tipage96


    Oy oldin

    Guys! This is a gamer moment!

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    waw 😆

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      Excuse me what?

  73. ChiLing saysHi

    ChiLing saysHi

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    RL Corn maze: imma "hack" into these corn ez Video Game corn maze: imma need to actually hack into these corn real hard

  74. Diana Francisco

    Diana Francisco

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    May i have nerf im in the philiphines bulacan bulihan

  75. Spencer Higinbotham

    Spencer Higinbotham

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    Was the camera man lost with him?

  76. Jace Campbell

    Jace Campbell

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    Rip cody

  77. ping pong trick shots

    ping pong trick shots

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  78. ping pong trick shots

    ping pong trick shots

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    Guys please lock at my Chanel I hope you enjoy it

  79. Lavinia Ilin

    Lavinia Ilin

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  80. WJ B

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    CODY you are going around your head!!!!!!!!!

  81. Aidan Peterson

    Aidan Peterson

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  82. Aidan Peterson

    Aidan Peterson

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    Poor Coby

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    The panda 🐼

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    Привет из России

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    Chan Caminos

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    It's been three months. Is Cody out already? Hahah

  86. ThatsEpiclyRandom


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    How did you find Cody

  87. pewsdie pie

    pewsdie pie

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    congrats tyler

  88. Aliffian Romdhani

    Aliffian Romdhani

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    Poor Cody XD

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    SCAR- H YT

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    Poor coby lol

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    SCAR- H YT

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  91. RattleSnake


    Oy oldin

    The finishers: Cody is doing another lap of his head Cody thinking: ima go this way Cody:the problem is the corn all looks the same Me: duh it's a corn maze wa wa how hard is it to follow another person instead of going round your head twice you should have followed ty and jerry(garret) Garret: it's a corn maze for crying out loud

  92. RattleSnake


    Oy oldin

    Ty: I'm coming for ya gary

  93. Aida Guterres

    Aida Guterres

    Oy oldin

    How did Cody get lost with his phone and his radio.

  94. shajibaby shajibaby

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    is cory and coby is twin

  95. PandaGirl Playz Roblox

    PandaGirl Playz Roblox

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    I saw someone with a DP sweater today

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    Jon Hurlburt

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