Full Face Using FROZEN Makeup Challenge 🥶

HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to freeze every single product in my makeup routine! This makeup challenge was insanely fun to see which products still worked and which ones turned into ice cubes! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


  1. Isabella Lara

    Isabella Lara

    16 daqiqa oldin

    When I go to California I wish I could visit u but I’ll try looking LA

  2. Wolfiebear Xox

    Wolfiebear Xox

    24 daqiqa oldin

    There is snow sometimes and I love it 🥰

  3. leeAnna Martin

    leeAnna Martin

    26 daqiqa oldin

    James Charles: Like a smothde Me: *laughing like crazyy

  4. Anne Greenstreet

    Anne Greenstreet

    36 daqiqa oldin

    yes and i love it

  5. Safia Shahid

    Safia Shahid

    36 daqiqa oldin

    Im from Germany so yea there is snow but currently not

  6. Mark Chaney

    Mark Chaney

    46 daqiqa oldin

    i love the snow

  7. Addison Wurster

    Addison Wurster

    50 daqiqa oldin

    Yes I love the winter time but I hate summer 😒 and yes I live in the snow for like half of the year

  8. Veronika Rogers

    Veronika Rogers

    57 daqiqa oldin

    yes i have snow but i hate it

  9. Lovey_cokkie Gacha

    Lovey_cokkie Gacha

    Soat oldin

    I don’t have snow some times I have hail and I am in ksa

  10. Kendra Hayden 14 (STUDENT)

    Kendra Hayden 14 (STUDENT)

    Soat oldin

    I’d like to see how’d he survive in Newfoundland lmao

  11. Ej Gomez-Owens

    Ej Gomez-Owens

    Soat oldin

    The ah tho

  12. Alesia Uendi

    Alesia Uendi

    Soat oldin


  13. Kisan Sanap

    Kisan Sanap

    2 soat oldin

    I live in India

  14. Crystal Blossoms

    Crystal Blossoms

    2 soat oldin

    James: this is my normal foundation does it look lighter?? Me: flashback Mary is that you

  15. Natalie Ritchey

    Natalie Ritchey

    2 soat oldin

    I live in idaho, and we have 4 seasons but some places have more snow than others, and I love winter

  16. Let's Make Treats!

    Let's Make Treats!

    2 soat oldin

    I live in Canada and there is soooooo much snow right now and sometimes it's freezing cold sometimes it's just cold but I hate it I love summer muchhhh more!

  17. kurt kwidama

    kurt kwidama

    2 soat oldin

    Jes i hate it

  18. Alma Alkayal

    Alma Alkayal

    2 soat oldin

    I live in belgium but here the winter sucks cause like somedays its -18 degrees😥😳

  19. ajrr2


    2 soat oldin

    I wachted this video while drinking hot coffee, can it be better? 😌

  20. Kinley Smith

    Kinley Smith

    2 soat oldin

    Yes there is and I love it and snowboarding.

  21. Cordelia Woods

    Cordelia Woods

    3 soat oldin

    You look amazing already

  22. Cordelia Woods

    Cordelia Woods

    3 soat oldin

    Stop hurting yourself

  23. Cordelia Woods

    Cordelia Woods

    3 soat oldin

    I love seeing

  24. Jasmin Lannoo

    Jasmin Lannoo

    3 soat oldin

    im from Belguim 🌸🌸🌸💕

  25. Bay’s Art Studio

    Bay’s Art Studio

    4 soat oldin

    Me: gets a hedache: gets asprin James: gets a headache: assumes he's dying lol

  26. Mia Hansen

    Mia Hansen

    4 soat oldin

    There is snow Where i live i like it for a little bit then i get cold and i want it to be warm

  27. strawberry cream

    strawberry cream

    4 soat oldin

    It can snow here but only like 3 times per year in Ireland

  28. Darya Don

    Darya Don

    4 soat oldin

    I live in Herkimer County like an hour from Albany and 😬😬 the snow is gross.

  29. ganna andshahd

    ganna andshahd

    5 soat oldin

    I'm from Egypt and it never snows in Egypt

  30. Raheela Zaib

    Raheela Zaib

    5 soat oldin

    no there is no snow here i live in saudia arabia and i love winter

  31. it's Ava

    it's Ava

    5 soat oldin

    i live somewhere snowy!

  32. Rachel Fields

    Rachel Fields

    5 soat oldin

    I live at a place that has alot 9 Of snow and I dont like the snow

  33. Indi Jane

    Indi Jane

    6 soat oldin

    I live on Australia but in wa cause it doesn't snow in wa

  34. Alexis Adams

    Alexis Adams

    6 soat oldin

    Um de-thawed would mean it refroze 🧐

  35. Nicol Dytrychová

    Nicol Dytrychová

    6 soat oldin

    I am from Czech Republic

  36. Yanderi Tavarez

    Yanderi Tavarez

    6 soat oldin

    I live in new York and these a lot of snow 🌨️❄️

  37. Alecia Pennock

    Alecia Pennock

    7 soat oldin

    James: this is not as climactic as I thought Also James: ItS aN iCe CuBe Hahah ❤️💅🏻🤪

  38. Avinash Kiran

    Avinash Kiran

    7 soat oldin

    Bruh I don't got no snow in my area. I live in India:)

  39. DebayeuxChats


    7 soat oldin

    Your pores don’t have muscles or anything, the pore thing is a myth.

  40. sims4lover


    8 soat oldin

    i love winter. its super fun

  41. Kirsten Wiltus

    Kirsten Wiltus

    9 soat oldin

    No,I'm from indonesia

  42. The RedPandaCorn

    The RedPandaCorn

    9 soat oldin

    I am wheezing lol ok ok watch this at speed 2x 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  43. Lynette Julienne Biscocho

    Lynette Julienne Biscocho

    11 soat oldin


  44. •danish•


    11 soat oldin

    We dont have snow in Indonesia, all we have is RAIN and SUN

  45. Paul Lewis Jr

    Paul Lewis Jr

    12 soat oldin

    Yes I have snow

  46. Sraboni Chakrabarty

    Sraboni Chakrabarty

    13 soat oldin

    ❤🇧🇩 I am from Bangladesh i love winter so so much..

  47. Gummi Penguin 1

    Gummi Penguin 1

    13 soat oldin

    Hmm yes my state is half desert and half snowy mountains and forests.

  48. Courtney Light

    Courtney Light

    14 soat oldin

    I'm from Ohio and we sometimes get snow

  49. Anabelle Smithberg

    Anabelle Smithberg

    14 soat oldin

    No snow

  50. Arlene Cox

    Arlene Cox

    14 soat oldin

    The hospitable bowling luckily empty because ring presently tap above a nauseating waitress. ragged, selfish area

  51. Shadow-san 影先輩

    Shadow-san 影先輩

    14 soat oldin

    I live in the Arizona mountains where it’s in high elevation and colder XD I can’t do the California air

  52. M G

    M G

    14 soat oldin

    It doesn't snow where I live. I live in Hawaiʻi



    14 soat oldin

    I live in Florida and sadly it does not snow here but the last time it snowed in Florida was 104 years ago I think

  54. Annaアンナ


    15 soat oldin

    Me in America in a place where it doesn’t snow🥲

  55. Sqeeky Toes

    Sqeeky Toes

    15 soat oldin

    hi im michaela

  56. Trey Lawson

    Trey Lawson

    16 soat oldin

    James Charles just literally said like snooty and slushy

  57. Kinley Martin

    Kinley Martin

    16 soat oldin

    No I am from California yes

  58. denaya grey

    denaya grey

    16 soat oldin

    Yes I can only stay outside for one hour

  59. notLia the Dunats

    notLia the Dunats

    16 soat oldin

    Im from Indonesia sooooooo I live with no snow Its sooo sad because i love cold and snow sooo ya suck tho suck Sorry my raiting is bad :(

  60. ABBIE TAN Moe


    16 soat oldin

    I live at Malaysia and it doesn't snow plus its super hot

  61. Sarahi Anacleto

    Sarahi Anacleto

    16 soat oldin

    No I live in Texas

  62. Lillian Wolfe

    Lillian Wolfe

    17 soat oldin

    i live in Canada and i love the winter

  63. Ella Dahlman

    Ella Dahlman

    17 soat oldin

    Yes I live we’re there is a lot of snow I don’t really like snow but I do love skiing

  64. Alexa Jamieson

    Alexa Jamieson

    17 soat oldin

    I live in bound brook james

  65. Krista Fayant

    Krista Fayant

    17 soat oldin

    Yes there is snow because I live in Canada 🇨🇦

  66. Xochitl Gutierrez

    Xochitl Gutierrez

    17 soat oldin

    lmfao i love how he says "de-thaw" i think it's so funny😂

  67. Shiestycece


    17 soat oldin

    It snowed a month ago summer is better

  68. Akane Izumi

    Akane Izumi

    18 soat oldin

    Yes I live in Las Vegas it’s actually pretty fun out here so in the snow we used to go to this little mountain top and you know we used to play around in it and they will stop going for some reason I think it’s because we start getting much snow during the years go by

  69. Emma Harlan

    Emma Harlan

    18 soat oldin

    I love this

  70. Izabella Messina

    Izabella Messina

    18 soat oldin

    I live for the snow which is why I am so happy that I life in Idaho there are crazy white outs all the time and my family goes skiing ⛷ and sledding ALL the time we some times go out and all of a sudden a blizzard 🥶 appears.

  71. Agatha and ⭐️star

    Agatha and ⭐️star

    18 soat oldin

    My snow is melting but my aunt lives in pensilvenia and there is a tiny mountain that is a lot of snow to roll down and a lot of snow

  72. DucksYT


    18 soat oldin

    You should start a frozen makeup asmr Chanel

  73. Agatha and ⭐️star

    Agatha and ⭐️star

    18 soat oldin

    James are you a girl?

  74. Siena Roberts

    Siena Roberts

    19 soat oldin

    I never have snow in Holyhead

  75. Shonta Fluellen

    Shonta Fluellen

    20 soat oldin

    I live in Georgia

  76. Vanessa Pena

    Vanessa Pena

    20 soat oldin


  77. amelia hanusz

    amelia hanusz

    21 soat oldin

    This is EPIC!!!!

  78. Calleigh Van-Pedro

    Calleigh Van-Pedro

    21 soat oldin

    not me commenting on a video a month later

  79. Calleigh Van-Pedro

    Calleigh Van-Pedro

    21 soat oldin

    I live in Ontario CANADA. thats all i have to say on that. in winter our doors our frozen shut and the snow is as high as the doors so it blacks entrances

  80. gacha pudding

    gacha pudding

    21 soat oldin

    hi sHiStErS

  81. Chris Roehrig

    Chris Roehrig

    21 soat oldin

    when you don't have mascara next, get your eyelash curler, put some coconut oil on it and then do your lashes

  82. Raina Levasseur

    Raina Levasseur

    21 soat oldin


    • Hamitaba Jadeja

      Hamitaba Jadeja

      11 soat oldin

      Are you talking about me yaaa... I did notice 🙃💜💜💜😑😄😄😌💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  83. Gillian Chapman

    Gillian Chapman

    21 soat oldin

    I live in England so snow is normal around Christmas and at the start of the new year. I don't really like snow as it's cold and I suffer from bad blood circulation in hands and feet so they go numb easily.

  84. Hala Islam

    Hala Islam

    21 soat oldin

    Me watching James do makeup everyday Me to my mom:can we get makeup for me please mom Mom:sure Me: ty mom! :) ~ days later ~ ~ the makeup arrives ~ Mom:try it :) Me: how do I use this 👁️👄👁️

  85. Haileigh Pritchard

    Haileigh Pritchard

    22 soat oldin

    I can see by some of the language that james has been watching miranda sings lmao 🤣

  86. Marilyn Endres

    Marilyn Endres

    22 soat oldin

    Yeah In Germany Where I live it sometimes snowes

  87. Juneigh the Leopard Gecko and Amelia

    Juneigh the Leopard Gecko and Amelia

    22 soat oldin


  88. Fidget Asmr. Come Join Me!

    Fidget Asmr. Come Join Me!

    22 soat oldin

    i live in sweden its alot of snow here i love u james

  89. Myamii 17

    Myamii 17

    22 soat oldin

    Live in Jamaica so no snow 😂🇯🇲

  90. JC_The _Meløn

    JC_The _Meløn

    23 soat oldin

    It doesn’t snow UmU I’m from Cali and I prefer spring

  91. Lauren Schumacher

    Lauren Schumacher

    23 soat oldin

    No I live in Florida

  92. Jose Martinez

    Jose Martinez

    23 soat oldin

    it snows a lot there oh no!

  93. Jose Martinez

    Jose Martinez

    23 soat oldin

    i live in ohio USA YEA! it is allmost summer oh yea! i kinda like winter okie byee!

  94. Maara Saunders

    Maara Saunders

    Kun oldin

    I live in Estonia and it snows evey winter and I love it, just that it's very cold🥶

  95. Kenyon'Shay Motten

    Kenyon'Shay Motten

    Kun oldin

    You can you to big bear

  96. M Roy

    M Roy

    Kun oldin

    I live Canada there is snow and this video was really funny and oak why luv u❤️

  97. Kirstie Elsley

    Kirstie Elsley

    Kun oldin

    I live in the UK believe it or not doesnt snow much near me

  98. Peyton Smith

    Peyton Smith

    Kun oldin

    i live in new jersey

  99. Lydia Vlogzz

    Lydia Vlogzz

    Kun oldin

    I’m buying your pallet today!!! I’m so excited!

  100. Matei Buburuzanu

    Matei Buburuzanu

    Kun oldin

    I’m in England Kettering and when it’s Christmas it is snow