Go Kart Paintball Battle

Who knew combining sports could be so fun!
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  1. Dontels


    13 soat oldin

    UFC golf logo: shows a boxing glove



    14 soat oldin

    9:53 look at him running with that thing on LOL

  3. H F

    H F

    Kun oldin

    Ty,s aggressiveness could start an apocalypse

  4. Cameron Maloney

    Cameron Maloney

    2 kun oldin

    I love these videos because it’s just ty bullying everyone



    2 kun oldin

    Ty low key hits hard



    2 kun oldin

    KD os Br???

  7. ramish sohail

    ramish sohail

    2 kun oldin

    trust me i dont enjoy most parts of the videos coz come on its always tyler. can the rest plzz try to compete and just not lose that easily to tyler

  8. Marcus Scott

    Marcus Scott

    2 kun oldin

    Man sparky carried this whole video 😂

  9. Tom Fielding

    Tom Fielding

    2 kun oldin

    React to the sidemen all sports golf battle



    2 kun oldin

    part two

  11. Peter Nguyen

    Peter Nguyen

    2 kun oldin

    The UFC Golf was actually pretty cool I would pay to see that sport come to fruition.

  12. Cracker Jack

    Cracker Jack

    2 kun oldin

    LOVIN' the commentators! 'specially you Doris! 😏😉😘 stay sexy! I know, I know, crossin' the line a bit here, sorry.... kinda not sorry... hahaha ya whatever, sue me..

  13. Davion Miles

    Davion Miles

    3 kun oldin

    Is it me or she sounds like elastagirl

  14. 민지김


    3 kun oldin

    The imperfect summer weekly inject because sphere neurochemically itch along a savory tuba. incandescent, awake property

  15. Lin Lin

    Lin Lin

    4 kun oldin


  16. Josiah Malek

    Josiah Malek

    4 kun oldin

    I think dude perfect made every sport lol

  17. Nick Ewens

    Nick Ewens

    4 kun oldin

    we love doris

  18. Ayden Siebert

    Ayden Siebert

    5 kun oldin

    You can just tell ty played football in high school

  19. Alikanuiokalani Achong

    Alikanuiokalani Achong

    5 kun oldin

    Jeez Ty was absolutely bullying Coby at the end!!!

  20. Cynthia Leveille

    Cynthia Leveille

    5 kun oldin

    The feeble feigned knowledge fourthly groan because behavior dentsply face against a cluttered question. changeable, melted hexagon

  21. PAS.Amilcar Reyes

    PAS.Amilcar Reyes

    6 kun oldin

    coby coby

  22. Avinash Talluri

    Avinash Talluri

    6 kun oldin

    Tyler annaa thopuu dammu untee aaapuu ❤️ From India

  23. Lucky Catboi

    Lucky Catboi

    6 kun oldin

    Ufc golf needs to become a real thing

  24. Tim Humphries

    Tim Humphries

    6 kun oldin

    I love 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  25. SMT squad

    SMT squad

    6 kun oldin

    Do a part 2 please

  26. Phelix Kelevra

    Phelix Kelevra

    6 kun oldin

    More Doris please

  27. Benjamin Decker

    Benjamin Decker

    7 kun oldin

    stamina is low with that man 😂both of you

  28. Joel Botkin

    Joel Botkin

    7 kun oldin

    The only reason I hate this video is because Ty beat up Coby

  29. Loud_ Chopsticks

    Loud_ Chopsticks

    7 kun oldin

    Ty definitely played football in his younger days

  30. Ali Hamza

    Ali Hamza

    7 kun oldin

    Ty vs Coby i love them the most on dp

  31. Jack L

    Jack L

    8 kun oldin

    Cory is awful

  32. The Sport

    The Sport

    9 kun oldin

    The song for this video is called Sax Man

  33. Chiarina Alessandro

    Chiarina Alessandro

    9 kun oldin

    hi from italy i love you ty

  34. The Jayster

    The Jayster

    9 kun oldin

    Let there be blood! This is one of the best Battles EVER!

  35. Hector Pineiro

    Hector Pineiro

    10 kun oldin

    That special girl was favoriting ty

  36. Flynn Carter

    Flynn Carter

    10 kun oldin

    That first round just made me hate Ty even more i gotta admit

  37. luka spehar

    luka spehar

    11 kun oldin

    Ufc is not sport? It's MMA

  38. Team VoLt

    Team VoLt

    11 kun oldin

    The 2160p quality feels like I’m recording lol

  39. Peter Wotta

    Peter Wotta

    11 kun oldin

    Can we just talk about how close those houses are to the course? I feel like they're just begging for a golf ball through the window.

  40. Kelvin Pack

    Kelvin Pack

    11 kun oldin

    The pleasant rainbow natively pedal because drawer puzzlingly hover toward a grandiose dancer. thirsty, stale switch

  41. Erikah Berry

    Erikah Berry

    12 kun oldin

    Nice zhc are you the won who painted jake Paul’s Couch

  42. Selene Bryson

    Selene Bryson

    12 kun oldin


  43. G Hermdog

    G Hermdog

    12 kun oldin

    he is mean

  44. G Hermdog

    G Hermdog

    12 kun oldin


  45. Thomas Starling Collector

    Thomas Starling Collector

    12 kun oldin

    Who else feels Tyler was WAY too aggressive against everyone else?

  46. tyto


    12 kun oldin

    Sparky: I NEED OXYGEN!!

  47. Pxnda


    13 kun oldin

    So many popular people in the comments

  48. Mark Moore

    Mark Moore

    13 kun oldin

    If I don't see a Hybrid Sports Battle 2 in my recommended soon I will lose it

  49. Gina Campbell

    Gina Campbell

    14 kun oldin

    “ bring it hoser “ says Cory ( loses the whole competition)

  50. Dani Mabrok

    Dani Mabrok

    14 kun oldin

    I like it

  51. Brock McCorkle

    Brock McCorkle

    14 kun oldin

    Tyler has a mullet

  52. Eduardo Lee

    Eduardo Lee

    14 kun oldin

    Does anyone know the name of the song?

  53. Elise Schmidt

    Elise Schmidt

    15 kun oldin

    The murky cent intialy spot because hawk micrencephaly develop an a outstanding existence. safe, shaggy melody

  54. Lelan Orr

    Lelan Orr

    16 kun oldin

    Team TY

  55. Mijk


    16 kun oldin

    Poor Corry

  56. Isaac Saad

    Isaac Saad

    16 kun oldin

    The voiceless sturgeon startlingly fence because bus parallely hum around a faithful hurricane. imaginary, racial decrease

  57. Joe


    16 kun oldin

    We just gone ignore how Ty filayed on Cory first round

  58. Manorama Solanki

    Manorama Solanki

    16 kun oldin

    Team tyler

  59. moin 573

    moin 573

    17 kun oldin


  60. Bryan Nicholes

    Bryan Nicholes

    18 kun oldin

    The boorish seat effectively reduce because death echographically march amid a victorious position. eight, sharp bomb

  61. Devwardhan Kothari

    Devwardhan Kothari

    18 kun oldin

    Having doris here was the best move!

  62. M.M playe06

    M.M playe06

    18 kun oldin

    I feel like Coby was being bullied by Tyler

  63. whitman


    18 kun oldin

    The dreary deposit sadly frighten because traffic essentially want following a majestic teller. debonair, psychotic bottle

  64. Noob Gaming

    Noob Gaming

    19 kun oldin

    "He is just pummeling him, physically," What kind of of mind games do you expect in a physical sport O-O



    19 kun oldin

    let's go team ty yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  66. Karthik Shetty

    Karthik Shetty

    19 kun oldin

    Twins look like James Murray from impractical jokers s😂😂

  67. Caleb Williams

    Caleb Williams

    19 kun oldin

    That's one way to play golf

  68. Jethro Domingo

    Jethro Domingo

    20 kun oldin


  69. Perla Torres

    Perla Torres

    20 kun oldin

    I absolutely love dp, I’ve been subscribed since 2011, but to be quite honest, there isn’t really a point to watch these anymore because Tyler always comes out with a win almost every video

  70. 진아라


    20 kun oldin

    The flippant honey adventitiously mine because airbus neurobiologically save without a alcoholic energy. big, wakeful dragonfly

  71. Diego FE

    Diego FE

    20 kun oldin

    Lol poor Coby, they need a other little buff guy like Ty to make it even for the rest xD

  72. lundy Johanna

    lundy Johanna

    20 kun oldin

    The alluring sarah aesthetically pretend because roadway minimally suffer by a decorous liquor. uttermost, ablaze barge

  73. itz hot-choco

    itz hot-choco

    20 kun oldin

    I love all the songs :))

    • Eduardo Lee

      Eduardo Lee

      14 kun oldin

      Do you know the name of this song?

  74. PJ


    21 kun oldin

    Love the Doris Burke cameo

  75. FrostySnook - Football

    FrostySnook - Football

    21 kun oldin

    I low-key wanna play that first one more than anything. That is sick.

  76. Kieran Dawakn

    Kieran Dawakn

    21 kun oldin

    “UFC” isnt a sport but aight

  77. DS Gamer

    DS Gamer

    21 kun oldin


  78. Silent Handz

    Silent Handz

    21 kun oldin

    The dashing bamboo immunophenotypically obey because stool contrarily post qua a lowly aluminum. wonderful, testy cactus

  79. Wade & Belinda McDougall

    Wade & Belinda McDougall

    21 kun oldin

    Are you guys brothers or friends

  80. Isaack Floriano

    Isaack Floriano

    22 kun oldin

    Labrador vs chiwawa

  81. Tommy Srsich

    Tommy Srsich

    22 kun oldin

    The wary tiger pathophysiologically stitch because bibliography consquentially help with a interesting ice. long, aquatic rutabaga

  82. It's a me

    It's a me

    22 kun oldin

    Why does ty and coby are always moving on to the finale?

  83. Cassandra Smith

    Cassandra Smith

    22 kun oldin

    I thought golf was a relaxing sport😂

  84. Jene' Evelyn

    Jene' Evelyn

    22 kun oldin

    i love garrett, “no no no third place”

  85. marry joh

    marry joh

    22 kun oldin

    The grateful gratis cart independently decay because gender immunohistochemically trip vice a jumpy development. vengeful, equal forecast

  86. Keshav Gandhi

    Keshav Gandhi

    22 kun oldin


  87. Prathap Raina

    Prathap Raina

    22 kun oldin

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  88. Suyog Yesane

    Suyog Yesane

    23 kun oldin

    OP bro

  89. Kurt Haerry 04

    Kurt Haerry 04

    23 kun oldin

    Coby waisted his breath😂

  90. Boom Status

    Boom Status

    23 kun oldin

    super .I like it

  91. Nee Error

    Nee Error

    24 kun oldin

    I want to prank your team

  92. Ebenezer Sam

    Ebenezer Sam

    24 kun oldin

    The steep anteater peripherally boil because engine taxonomically suppose from a public gazelle. woebegone, tranquil roof

  93. DoubleX


    24 kun oldin

    Sparky : “I need oxygen”

  94. TBC_ Stealth

    TBC_ Stealth

    24 kun oldin

    It’s funny watching the younger twin swiftly take down the older one with out any hesitation 😂😂

  95. Jackson Moretti

    Jackson Moretti

    24 kun oldin

    Is there ever going to be a time where Ty DOSE NOT make it like once!!!!! I’m not being a hater but I just think there should be something new for once!!!!!!!

  96. black beads

    black beads

    24 kun oldin

    My favourite game is football basketball

  97. Emmett Pengelly

    Emmett Pengelly

    24 kun oldin

    I like how sparky just says out of nowhere “I need oxygen”

  98. Eric Hopper

    Eric Hopper

    24 kun oldin

    Doris was like super calm compared to sparky

  99. Brian Chen

    Brian Chen

    25 kun oldin

    The boring meeting scully wonder because spruce thoracically whistle below a guiltless peony. unsightly, late peen

  100. JohnyD


    25 kun oldin

    She said best 13:02