How Advanced Was Life In Pompeii | Pompeii with Mary Beard | Absolute History

Pompeii: one of the most famous volcanic eruptions in history. We know how its victims died, but this film sets out to answer another question - how did they live? Gleaning evidence from an extraordinary find, Cambridge professor and Pompeii expert Mary Beard provides new insight into the lives of the people who lived in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius before its cataclysmic eruption.
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From the original documentary, Pompeii: Life And Death With Mary Beard.


  1. susan baca

    susan baca

    54 daqiqa oldin

    My mother always used to say she thought heaven would be seeing the history of the world. I hope it is and she has a guide like Mary Beard.

  2. Mark Rowland

    Mark Rowland

    5 soat oldin

    The skelitans of a well dated English monistry, showing syfalitic erosion, ten years prior to Colombus.

  3. Kai Sanderson

    Kai Sanderson

    11 soat oldin

    The music that starts at 56:20 and goes through the end credits is HAUNTINGLY BEAUTIFUL.

  4. Nadia Rossetti

    Nadia Rossetti

    12 soat oldin


  5. Nadia Rossetti

    Nadia Rossetti

    12 soat oldin


  6. Pius Hälg

    Pius Hälg

    13 soat oldin

    The destiny of the pregnant woman, stressing her late pregnancy, is really tragic. But regarding the fact that in the UK more than 200'000 abortions take place in a year it seems a bit exagerated. But maybe I have a wrong opinion, a distorted sense of reality or just a lack of empathy.

  7. Kylie Minou

    Kylie Minou

    20 soat oldin

    After the report on the study of all that shit comes out, soon a new fad will emerge, instead of "paleo" diet, "pompei" diet, "be like a gladiator! eat like one!"

  8. Kylie Minou

    Kylie Minou

    21 soat oldin

    so many dicks it looks like a gay bar, but that is our interpretation, that comes mostly of victorian morality, people were not so prude in the past, although that is not necessary a good thing, they didn't have many qualms about rape and child sexual abuse, or sexual abuse in general, though incest might have been frown upon depending on which society

  9. Sara Jane

    Sara Jane

    Kun oldin

    I wish that the camera would stay focused on the artifices and not on her face - I don’t want to look at her I want to see what she’s seeing and hear what she has to say!

  10. Florence Orman

    Florence Orman

    Kun oldin

    Love 💕 this woman! Fabulously in grossing couldn't be more down to earth, it's as though your listening to your best girlfriend share stories over a glass of tea on the front porch swing.

  11. Patricia Jones

    Patricia Jones

    Kun oldin

    Romans were big on homosexuality. The bath houses is where a lot of that went on! Big willies to attract same sex. Lots of lesbians as well. Yeah Pompei was full of sexual depravity.

  12. Greg Appelgren

    Greg Appelgren

    Kun oldin

    The word “Slave” is being thrown around in America so loosely it now means anyone that works for a living. An employee. Those not working make as much on welfare benefits so hey! Why work ?

  13. Mick EZ

    Mick EZ

    Kun oldin

    Where's the casts they made of the couples stll having sex whilst the volcano covered them up?

  14. Roland Lawrence

    Roland Lawrence

    Kun oldin

    nope no nookie here at all.. all above board... romans just didnt get up to that kind of thing :O no orgies. no drinking.. none of that. all good christians you know.

  15. Liesl


    2 kun oldin

    I saw some of the casts at an exhibition in London when I was a kid during the 1970s. I've been fascinated by Pompeii ever since. Its good to see how they lived, not just how they died. Fantastic 👏

  16. Robert Giles

    Robert Giles

    2 kun oldin

    Clearly the Ex Slave did not take the ex-friends effigy down BECAUSE he wanted everyone to Know what a bad guy he was.

  17. Rae Hughes

    Rae Hughes

    2 kun oldin

    #TRUTHbeREVEALED #TARTARIA ... if Pompeii was covered and unknown .. then WHY HOW was Pompeii FOUND ON OLD MAPS from TARTARIA .. ???

  18. charles lindsay

    charles lindsay

    2 kun oldin

    they know a lot more and have exposed a lot more since i was there in the mid 1980's.very good video-thank you

  19. Pharmer David

    Pharmer David

    2 kun oldin

    According to many old maps, Pompeii was still there until the 16th century, meaning it wasn't destroyed in 79AD as "historians" tell us. This is how they lived ~500 years ago, if true. If it isn't true, then why do all those old maps show Pompeii until the 1500's..?

  20. Sailing to Atlantis and Liveaboard Life

    Sailing to Atlantis and Liveaboard Life

    2 kun oldin

    Who wants to watch this disgusting non-woman, typical of Cambridge University.

  21. Tammy Bettiga

    Tammy Bettiga

    3 kun oldin

    How wild is greed.

  22. michael martinez

    michael martinez

    3 kun oldin

    34:59 Corn was ground? In Pompeii?

  23. Mississippi Mud

    Mississippi Mud

    3 kun oldin

    FACINATING and horrible at the same time

  24. Mike Croly

    Mike Croly

    3 kun oldin

    Thank you Mary Beard and of course ALL the many folk it takes to produce/ share such a wonderful historical film/ study!

  25. Chip Cook

    Chip Cook

    3 kun oldin

    Why would I assume that a guy from Africa would have been a slave in Herculaneum or Pompeii? If I had one, I would have assumed that anyone not from the Mediterranean was not a slave, but a visitor.

  26. xisotopex


    3 kun oldin

    what is the history of this cellar/room with the skeletons inside? when was it discovered? how was it discovered?

  27. Dr Wafik Moustafa

    Dr Wafik Moustafa

    3 kun oldin

    The best narrative I saw about Pompeii

  28. xisotopex


    3 kun oldin

    do they ever do DNA tests on these remains to see what their relationship is to the current inhabitants?

  29. Geograph-ology


    3 kun oldin

    It would not have been a simple "switch off" situation with the burial of Pompeii. Rich survivors would have tried to recover buried valuables. Finding old homes would have been hampered with the lack of known landmarks. There would have been a find here and a find there, but eventually the lack of discovering gold would have then relinquished the buried cities to becoming "lost." Then in the 18th Century, household items would be considered extremely valuable- as much as gold coins and jewelry- igniting another round of digging. Treasure hunting would finally be replaced with a search for knowledge which would finally be the gold dug out of Pompeii by archaeologists and done in a systematic way.

  30. DaveFazzino


    4 kun oldin

    They had time to build elaborate structures, write, paint, fashion and sculpt. Id say they lived extremely good. The more things change the more they stay the same.

  31. Ret KE

    Ret KE

    4 kun oldin

    Emperor Doktor all were slaves! All doctors in Rome were slaves All aristocrats and rich got slave doctors after they concord Ancient Greece. All doctors were Greeks! Romans didn’t have any doctors before they. Medicine in Europe was founded and got on pretty high level by great culture!

  32. Miranda Gonzalez

    Miranda Gonzalez

    4 kun oldin

    I love this channel. Very educational and entertaining. LOVE LOVE LOVE

  33. MsBizzyGurl


    4 kun oldin

    Without chlorine, the baths would have been lethal.

    • Dwizzleusa 1984

      Dwizzleusa 1984

      3 kun oldin

      Most had drainage where the water could be changed easily

  34. daughter of patriots

    daughter of patriots

    4 kun oldin

    The skeletons on the left could be slaves as well. Not just poor vs wealthy.

  35. Patti Earehart

    Patti Earehart

    4 kun oldin

    I think you’re wrong about the brothels. It makes perfect sense that Pompeii being a stop for ALL foreigner sailors... the genitalia makes it easy to find the brothels and the murals make it easy to choose your source of gratification. The Roman rich, vacation here too and it stands to reason that lots of money was to be made by many owners of slaves in the brothel business.

  36. web2yt


    4 kun oldin

    Great thing about having a penis is sharing it with men and women. The people of pompei got it. Enjoy life.

  37. Tommy Canadian

    Tommy Canadian

    5 kun oldin

    Amazing that in last minutes of life , the material wealthy still think their possessions mean something. The others have no such distractions during their final moments.

  38. Oro The Nymph

    Oro The Nymph

    5 kun oldin

    I love her.

  39. ebayerr


    6 kun oldin

    23:43 "Biggus Dickus"

  40. Roderick


    6 kun oldin

    If they'd spent half as much time on extremely closeups of the narrator's face, the video would have been much better.

  41. Quint de Gourd

    Quint de Gourd

    6 kun oldin

    (40 minutes in). In order not to confuse the layman watching this, Mary Beard does not mention that the texts of the captions are written in Greek. It means that various nationalities came to that bar. Greek was the lingua franca of the time, like English is today. The layman expects Roman people to speak Latin but they didn't. When Ceasar crossed the Rubicon, he did not say alea iacta est, which is Latin, but quoted a line in Greek that everybody knew from a famous theatre play, like today we know "to be or not to be, that's the question". The latter is recited in English regardless of the language of the speaker.

  42. Robin Lillian

    Robin Lillian

    8 kun oldin

    Pompeii was near the water, and poor people could also catch fish in addition to grain staples. Hence the better nutrition.

  43. sea69man


    8 kun oldin

    Mary, you are so sure in your view of questioning the cleanliness of the baths and there is no way for water to exit and how people are sitting in their own piss etc. Simply put.. the water is displaced over the top or lip of the bath as there is no doubt that the water coming in is continuously streaming, therefore as clean as a fresh mountain stream but just a lot warmer. Sounds delicious to me. You look around you standing in the bath and you are also standing in the biggest exit hole of all.

  44. Robin Killoran

    Robin Killoran

    8 kun oldin

    I got REALLY tired of camera shots of the narrators face rather than of the object she was describing. Ten minutes in I KNOW what she looks me the jewelry or the lamp or the frescoes.

  45. Evil Ian

    Evil Ian

    9 kun oldin

    Sadly the whole take away from this was: So Pompeii was just a regular city? .......Yup.

  46. Biz Ness

    Biz Ness

    10 kun oldin

    Syphilis may not have come from the Americas but corn was. Corn was not ground in those mills.

  47. Marcia Spiegel

    Marcia Spiegel

    10 kun oldin

    I can just imagine being a tourist finding a place for the night, getting lunch, and maybe spending the night on a boat.

  48. Jicky 2.0

    Jicky 2.0

    10 kun oldin

    disgusting liberal globalist propaganda on pompei

  49. Game Time

    Game Time

    11 kun oldin

    I'm not sure that "I don't want to think it happened that, therefore it didn't" is a good historical argument. Somewhere like Pompeii, where everything was covered in lava then removed centuries later when it was discovered, you have to wonder how much evidence was removed during clean up in the mid 1700's. Even during early 1800's when excavation became more systematic it was still early 1800's, not the same as if it was done today. Remember the lamp that wasn't shown (with the large erect penis) because of decorum, imagine how much was destroyed because of the decorum of those living in the mid18th century to the early 19th century.

  50. Mark T.

    Mark T.

    11 kun oldin

    The body cast at 1:10 shows cranial shattering due to heat boiling their brains. Like when you over boil an egg.

  51. ckorpi88ify


    11 kun oldin

    Is it just me or are British people extremely annoying to everyone else as well?

  52. CHoKlATy ShAbX

    CHoKlATy ShAbX

    12 kun oldin

    So civilized nation lol

  53. Lauren Chatman

    Lauren Chatman

    12 kun oldin

    She was a wonderful hostess.

  54. Akiko Fuerte

    Akiko Fuerte

    13 kun oldin

    Seeing this place was pretty amazing.

  55. Terence Michaels

    Terence Michaels

    13 kun oldin

    I do wish this wasn't spoiled by so much loud and distracting music.

  56. coyotedust


    13 kun oldin

    I would love to see historians rebuild a model historic city of Pompeii, by copying the authentic Pompeii down to each building.

  57. Heru- deshet

    Heru- deshet

    14 kun oldin

    The shit! Yes, the shit! BWAHAHAHA!!

  58. I.C.U


    14 kun oldin

    I love this lady

  59. Jack Hagerty

    Jack Hagerty

    15 kun oldin

    This was fascinating and informative, but I'm really surprised that she was allowed to handle the bones, jewelry, etc. with her bare hands. Shouldn't she have gloved up first? Even if they've already been examined, they're still ancient artifacts subject to contamination and deterioration from skin acids, etc.

  60. snuppiioo1


    15 kun oldin

    Amazing to see how developed the economy and structure of law was in larger populations like Pompeii so long ago. Simpler yet similar to today.

  61. Ernest Sanchez

    Ernest Sanchez

    16 kun oldin

    I left my toga in the two men doggy yeah ok no wonder why God let the volcano flow 👎

  62. Rose Binx

    Rose Binx

    16 kun oldin

    I love how Mary just says it like it is, uncensored lol

  63. Gerhard Rohne

    Gerhard Rohne

    16 kun oldin

    this hands-on woman again touching, grabbing, handling every item without respect, gloves and breathing on ... "i get my hands on it": 9:30

  64. lurking0death


    16 kun oldin

    Nicely done Mary Beard. If this was a male society with a certain amount of coercion, law and order, then there must be considerable artifacts of soldiers. Swords, arms, armor etc. Are they there?

  65. Ma Ha

    Ma Ha

    16 kun oldin

    so what was the cause of death of those people in the cellar? was it gas? or were they trapped inside? did i miss it in the movie?

    • Ma Ha

      Ma Ha

      20 soat oldin

      @Patricia Jones so you say they died of suffocation because of the ash?

    • Patricia Jones

      Patricia Jones

      Kun oldin

      The people in the cellar were trapped under 20 feet of ash for 2,000 years!

  66. RoseRage95


    17 kun oldin

    Wow all those sex scenes lol Daaamn

  67. Troy Clayton

    Troy Clayton

    17 kun oldin

    31:58 "I'm standing now in the area where the corn was ground" except corn was unknown to them. It hadn't been imported from the Americas yet. Great video, Thanks!

    • Troy Clayton

      Troy Clayton

      15 kun oldin

      @Gloria Montgomery Thanks for filling me in. I'm a little less ignorant now. : )

    • Gloria Montgomery

      Gloria Montgomery

      16 kun oldin

      The British use the word “corn” as a general word the same way we use the word “grain”. For what Americans refer to as corn they use the word “maize”.

  68. ryan Thoroman

    ryan Thoroman

    17 kun oldin

    so the rich get buried in boxes and the poor are left where they fell to be poked and prodded for eternity.figures

  69. Susan Long

    Susan Long

    17 kun oldin




    17 kun oldin

    I wonder why they wear no gloves???

  71. Sabir Ahmed

    Sabir Ahmed

    17 kun oldin

    God Almighty gives life and death .

  72. ho2cultcha


    18 kun oldin

    This video confirms for me that Mary Beard must be one of the most fascinating people alive to enjoy a meal with. Bravo!

  73. Benjamin Gal-Or

    Benjamin Gal-Or

    18 kun oldin

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  74. H LoveWood

    H LoveWood

    18 kun oldin

    Black Africans were very much into slave trade themselves

  75. john taylor

    john taylor

    18 kun oldin

    This host is amazing !!! Shes so genuinely excited, and real, it makes this so much better. I've seen quite a few docs about Pompeii. This is by far the best !!! Bravo 👏.

  76. Roberta Morrison

    Roberta Morrison

    19 kun oldin

    I do love this series, and this is a great episode.

  77. b1mfua33


    19 kun oldin

    Big Willies everywhere!!

  78. William Albert

    William Albert

    19 kun oldin

    29:20 Enough with the feminist theory. Could it be that the phalluses are symbols of fertility and vitality? Too many subjective interpretations. Her disgust over the Roman rub joint is telling. Comparing them to prisons is a bit over the top. Though, I must say, doing it on a stone lab is not very appealing. Other than a few minor things, this was an interesting documentary and well worth watching a few times. Seeing how evidence is used to build a picture of Roman life is exciting.

  79. Robert Richardson

    Robert Richardson

    19 kun oldin

    These documentaries on Pompeii always have a surprise. I never knew the Romans could and did make gold chained jewelry. This is NOT the Rome we were taught about in school.

  80. tom mcguire

    tom mcguire

    20 kun oldin

    Some of it is good and half sounds like the drivel pouring out if you local women's studies dept

  81. Xolias - Elyxeum Morta

    Xolias - Elyxeum Morta

    20 kun oldin

    "The graffiti in Pompeii is better this" imagine that...

  82. notfiveo


    21 kun oldin

    Those beads look as much like jadeite as they do emeralds, although the two stones can look almost identical. Regardless of which, considering how hard the beads are, I would like to know how they drilled holes through them..

  83. Roland Sorg

    Roland Sorg

    21 kun oldin

    Good work - Thanks for sharing!

  84. Moath Abdulghani

    Moath Abdulghani

    21 kun oldin

    Such is the punishment of your Lord for towns in the midst of their sins: His punishment is terrible and severe. -Quran translation

  85. Daniel Vergara Acosta

    Daniel Vergara Acosta

    22 kun oldin

    this is best video I have ever seen in my life. Thank you

  86. Maggs Bufton

    Maggs Bufton

    22 kun oldin

    Did she SAY the forensic team was led by a man by the name of .. “ fugging cuntz ? Sad as that may be........... ... 🤪🤨W Q

  87. Maggs Bufton

    Maggs Bufton

    22 kun oldin

    One of the most interesting UZtop channels !

  88. Nanny Oggins

    Nanny Oggins

    22 kun oldin

    Great to have this on UZtop, I’ve seen this on TV but it’s wonderful to be able to see it over again. I’ve been to Pompei and walked or stumbled sound its slippery broken streets but it’s so wonderful to have it explained by a sympathetic expert. Thank you!

  89. varghes smith

    varghes smith

    22 kun oldin

    As Jews was moving to Canaan from Egypt Santorini erupted and Minoens where judged As Christianity was moving in to Rome From Canaan Pompey was judged As the 1000 year kingdom begins the volcano under yellow stone national park will judge USA

  90. Spookay It's Me

    Spookay It's Me

    23 kun oldin

    The high pitched whistle she makes when she says her S's is so irritating

    • Spookay It's Me

      Spookay It's Me

      21 kun oldin

      @M H okay

    • M H

      M H

      21 kun oldin


  91. Donita Forrest

    Donita Forrest

    23 kun oldin

    On the whole, alot of unattractive people...with psychosis & arrogance in their eyes & homicide & sadism in their twisted souls, even the little ones look like hungry wolves, or just stunned to be born innocent & quickly caught up in a dichotomy of pure evil. Nazis.

  92. sarita schwedes

    sarita schwedes

    23 kun oldin

    she reminds me of phil harding from time team. they both have great enthusiasm for their jobs and the info they are around. 🌸

  93. Floyd Vaughn

    Floyd Vaughn

    23 kun oldin

    Let's do a movie about war and romance in a Roman resort town. Summer of XLII..or horror Jaws A.D.

  94. Annelien Fourie

    Annelien Fourie

    24 kun oldin

    Mary Beard is a treasure.

  95. Allan Fifield

    Allan Fifield

    25 kun oldin

    Mary is a little too upbeat for me. It was a resort town with similar class divisions to today.

  96. Allan Fifield

    Allan Fifield

    25 kun oldin

    31:50 "Corn" is ground. "Corn" as used by an English historian is what we call "wheat".

  97. Allan Fifield

    Allan Fifield

    25 kun oldin

    30 bakeries and 1 brothel? I think not.

  98. Allan Fifield

    Allan Fifield

    25 kun oldin

    30:00 I don't think that it's two groups: the rich and the poor. I think it's two groups: the rich and their servants (relatively well off at least in terms of diet) who were fleeing with them. That's why there are no signs of malnutrition. With a group of genuine non-household slaves and working poor, the diet is a different story.

    • TraditionalAnglican


      18 kun oldin

      But even working class poor ate pretty well in 1st Century Rome, & people in Pompeii had a captive audience of rich customers.

  99. John Behneman

    John Behneman

    26 kun oldin

    Thank you so much. I leaned so much.