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  1. Gaming Boy9

    Gaming Boy9

    11 daqiqa oldin

    your so rude

  2. Joselyn Hernandez

    Joselyn Hernandez

    20 daqiqa oldin


  3. Ilyas Bari

    Ilyas Bari

    14 soat oldin

    Liz stop and get kik out

  4. Big O Thompson

    Big O Thompson

    Kun oldin

    Carter you are not the boss of everybody you did not start the team Lizzy did all the work

  5. JLizzy 510

    JLizzy 510

    Kun oldin

    It was funny when Ryan was off the phone with Carter and he said love you

  6. Tilly Lea-Stout

    Tilly Lea-Stout

    3 kun oldin


  7. Lina Anis

    Lina Anis

    4 kun oldin

    The person that was filming was filming Carter and liz when he said dont film

  8. Esmaeel Khan7

    Esmaeel Khan7

    4 kun oldin

    Carter do the thing when you drove your car over ryans car but Liz's this time as another warning

  9. Freya Thomas

    Freya Thomas

    5 kun oldin


  10. Ali Aqeel Ahmad

    Ali Aqeel Ahmad

    5 kun oldin

    LIZZY is so annoying

  11. Mace Cooper Sophia

    Mace Cooper Sophia

    5 kun oldin


  12. mark denver3

    mark denver3

    5 kun oldin

    lol ryan is the camera mqn

  13. Kirsty Lynch

    Kirsty Lynch

    6 kun oldin

    Noooo waaaaa I love lizzy

  14. Ted Davies

    Ted Davies

    6 kun oldin


  15. Rakshi Nasir

    Rakshi Nasir

    7 kun oldin

    Carter code of seade Lizzy on the fact

  16. Hasham Ahmed

    Hasham Ahmed

    7 kun oldin

    Liz gets everyone pretty well



    7 kun oldin

    You deserve to get kicked out

  18. shaheen


    8 kun oldin

    Lizzy is ongoing

  19. Jazmin Olivares

    Jazmin Olivares

    8 kun oldin

    Lizz your really annoying

  20. Hi Hottie

    Hi Hottie

    8 kun oldin


  21. Alison Wrinkle

    Alison Wrinkle

    8 kun oldin

    Mkkkkkk,, ,i. Kookiness she

  22. Jasen plays

    Jasen plays

    9 kun oldin

    Liz can you stop being mean or else carter will do pranks on you and you don't like it.

  23. doris pierre

    doris pierre

    10 kun oldin


  24. GaminWithSavage


    10 kun oldin

    Roses are red violets are blue you got click baited and I did too

  25. Chloe Silva

    Chloe Silva

    11 kun oldin

    That. Bad. Lizz

  26. Akberet Tekeste

    Akberet Tekeste

    11 kun oldin


  27. Akberet Tekeste

    Akberet Tekeste

    11 kun oldin


  28. Akberet Tekeste

    Akberet Tekeste

    11 kun oldin


  29. Cody Cowden

    Cody Cowden

    11 kun oldin

    Why do you like to prank lissy so mean

  30. Ella Spurrell

    Ella Spurrell

    12 kun oldin


  31. Mariqueen Estephan

    Mariqueen Estephan

    12 kun oldin

    Thats sad

  32. Leah Lagan

    Leah Lagan

    12 kun oldin

    hi shannon

  33. Leah Lagan

    Leah Lagan

    12 kun oldin

    hi 1 leah sis shannon

  34. Jillian poulette

    Jillian poulette

    13 kun oldin


  35. Pei Ying

    Pei Ying

    13 kun oldin

    Sad Liz :(

  36. Ahsan Saleem

    Ahsan Saleem

    13 kun oldin

    I love your prank vlog

  37. Isabella Macias

    Isabella Macias

    13 kun oldin

    Code: lizzy

  38. Family Youtube Channel

    Family Youtube Channel

    14 kun oldin


  39. fornite ninjas

    fornite ninjas

    14 kun oldin

    Hi LiZ

  40. Susanita Lerin

    Susanita Lerin

    14 kun oldin

    Liz your a mean you deserve kieik out on the team rar

  41. OnlyAva


    14 kun oldin

    Who noticed denisse is carters ex

  42. Lhukeman Usop

    Lhukeman Usop

    14 kun oldin

    Lizzy Capri ormcizzy car more so uo can Times Sa you want

  43. Lizzy T

    Lizzy T

    15 kun oldin

    Wait the blue has a blue box but the green bottle has a brown box hmmmm 🤔 🤨

  44. Destiny Resendiz

    Destiny Resendiz

    15 kun oldin

    Oh and Liz if they kick you off the team then say it's ok let them kick you off the team you have some other best friends

  45. Destiny Resendiz

    Destiny Resendiz

    15 kun oldin

    Oh and stove if you are going to leave if Liz dose not go than go give her a 2 chance

  46. heather kostoff

    heather kostoff

    16 kun oldin


  47. April Blake

    April Blake

    16 kun oldin


  48. Selena Guzman

    Selena Guzman

    16 kun oldin

    you know better

  49. Selena Guzman

    Selena Guzman

    16 kun oldin

    That is rude Liz

  50. Jackie 11132ジャッキー

    Jackie 11132ジャッキー

    16 kun oldin

    You are very rude

  51. Noorhan Mansour

    Noorhan Mansour

    16 kun oldin

    I loved the water bottles ❤️

  52. jay breezy

    jay breezy

    16 kun oldin

    Liz didn’t you Literally didn’t you hear him and you broke the door and he has to pick up his sister in 25 minutes at the airport exit for how far

  53. Elias Rahmani

    Elias Rahmani

    16 kun oldin

    Lizz is Domm

  54. Nineth León

    Nineth León

    17 kun oldin

    Wow how can I get one

  55. Mlp Amazing

    Mlp Amazing

    17 kun oldin

    When Lizzie is there that place is a death trap

  56. Ravi Ratol

    Ravi Ratol

    17 kun oldin

    The cameraman has glasses

  57. Rufo Robert

    Rufo Robert

    17 kun oldin

    I remember you guys were doing a challenge you guys put water a swim on it but carter change mean ingore kicking you out it all dinesses fualt

  58. Anna Vou

    Anna Vou

    17 kun oldin


  59. Mqssy l sUs3 mc and bc

    Mqssy l sUs3 mc and bc

    18 kun oldin

    ur annoying wth

  60. Emma Witkiss

    Emma Witkiss

    18 kun oldin


  61. Danaliz Osorio

    Danaliz Osorio

    18 kun oldin

    Are you still in northern for 24 hours

  62. Janelle Nachica Hubilla

    Janelle Nachica Hubilla

    18 kun oldin


  63. Sonia Cruz

    Sonia Cruz

    18 kun oldin


  64. Kalleigh


    18 kun oldin

    I cant belive they just said that on camera

  65. Daniel Morales

    Daniel Morales

    18 kun oldin

    Lazy lizzy

  66. Gabriel Orridge

    Gabriel Orridge

    19 kun oldin

    carter u are controling

  67. Renno's Vlog

    Renno's Vlog

    20 kun oldin

    They r not married jk

  68. Renno's Vlog

    Renno's Vlog

    20 kun oldin

    But why would daddy carter kick his wife

    • Renno's Vlog

      Renno's Vlog

      20 kun oldin


  69. Renno's Vlog

    Renno's Vlog

    20 kun oldin

    Carter is the daddy and liz is the momma and milli is the baby

  70. Renno's Vlog

    Renno's Vlog

    20 kun oldin


  71. Lathum Tyrese

    Lathum Tyrese

    20 kun oldin

    I stoped watching carter because he just needs to give liz a chance cause there just pranks I mean if I got pranked id laugh

  72. Litzy Rocete

    Litzy Rocete

    20 kun oldin

    There really funny 😄

  73. Emilia Ciupa

    Emilia Ciupa

    20 kun oldin

    Lizzie is funny

  74. andresa alves

    andresa alves

    21 kun oldin

    That the wrost breaknew

  75. ashraf Ashag

    ashraf Ashag

    21 kun oldin

    I bought this water bottle

  76. Aly Thong

    Aly Thong

    21 kun oldin

    Both liz and the boys have their faults... Liz pranked the boys, drenching Stove, ruined Ryan's car, ruined Carter's dinner The boys read her diary and graffiti her girls lounge Im on neither of the girl nor boys' team... To be fair

  77. gaming tube

    gaming tube

    21 kun oldin

    Lizz denies is not your real friend leave her because she is using u and is trying to get you away from the team she just wants you to get out

  78. Adventure !

    Adventure !

    21 kun oldin

    that was harsh but i got to be honest it was so funny when stove got hit with water bollons 😂😂😂🤣

    • Adventure !

      Adventure !

      21 kun oldin

      actullay i change my mind there just being dramatic that wasn't that bad -.-

  79. Eric Wilder

    Eric Wilder

    22 kun oldin


  80. Eric Wilder

    Eric Wilder

    22 kun oldin

    Nice March

  81. Summer Williams

    Summer Williams

    22 kun oldin


  82. Rubbal gill

    Rubbal gill

    22 kun oldin

    Carter looks 😠 😡😤🤬😖😣😠👿😾🙎🏻‍♀️

  83. Lily Sue

    Lily Sue

    23 kun oldin


  84. zwh dooder

    zwh dooder

    23 kun oldin

    Party pooper

  85. Ady Sarawan

    Ady Sarawan

    23 kun oldin


  86. Jeremyfgfyfgyty Brfufyfy6r7ftdgtydown

    Jeremyfgfyfgyty Brfufyfy6r7ftdgtydown

    23 kun oldin

    Lizzy Can you got him a new car

  87. Rahaf Alnizi

    Rahaf Alnizi

    23 kun oldin

    Oh my girl how do you do this like this is not even true no into a brain I mean a prank like you being like super like annoying everybody

  88. Karina Diaz

    Karina Diaz

    24 kun oldin


  89. Bassam Dababneh

    Bassam Dababneh

    24 kun oldin

    We miss it at the old house

  90. Elijah Biggs

    Elijah Biggs

    24 kun oldin

    well every time they prank you get all mad but when you prank them your like its just a prank its not a big deal you kinda deserve it but only a little and you don't really clean up you blame it on them

  91. A Wu

    A Wu

    24 kun oldin

    Hvjkióî JH in nhl ññn🥡🥓🥡🥡🥡🥡🍣ᕦ༼✩ل͜✩༽ᕤᕦ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕤ༼ᕗຈل͜ຈ༽ᕗ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)ᕤᕦ༼ ~ •́ ₒ •̀ ~ ༽ᕤᕦ༼ ~ •́ ₒ •̀ ~ ༽ᕤᕦ⊙෴⊙ᕤᕙ[・۝・]ᕗᕦ( ⊡ 益 ⊡ )ᕤᕦ( ⊡ 益 ⊡ )ᕤ

  92. The Goat

    The Goat

    25 kun oldin

    Who saw the power outlet in the beginning of the video

  93. Crystal Gaming Gacha

    Crystal Gaming Gacha

    25 kun oldin


  94. Rainbow Kittens

    Rainbow Kittens

    25 kun oldin

    My respect for liz went 📉📉📉📉

  95. Arjeta Ratkocerie

    Arjeta Ratkocerie

    25 kun oldin


  96. nyla muhammad

    nyla muhammad

    25 kun oldin

    soooooooooo cooooooooool

  97. Saahithya Arts&Crafts

    Saahithya Arts&Crafts

    25 kun oldin

    Lizzie you can’t be mean people live their lives and you’re trying to destroy them

  98. Yi-Shing CHEN

    Yi-Shing CHEN

    25 kun oldin

    Liz is the baddest person in team rar

  99. Yi-Shing CHEN

    Yi-Shing CHEN

    25 kun oldin

    Liz you are the worst!!!”!!!!!!’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Carlos Torres

    Carlos Torres

    26 kun oldin

    You should get a new boy friend