Ice Cube SLAMS Don Lemon & Cuomo on CNN, BREAKS Hollywood Media!

Ice Cube SLAMS Don Lemon on CNN, BREAKS Hollywood Media!
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  1. Mark Patton

    Mark Patton

    7 soat oldin

    Lemon was the first woman who had a sex change into a,,,, well whatever it is now. 🤨💣💥😆

  2. Diana Maras

    Diana Maras

    Kun oldin

    Really? He broke them? Hyperbole alert.

  3. Gary Robinson

    Gary Robinson

    3 kun oldin

    Good job ice cube. Don 🍋 is a pathetic man. CNN is a joke. Our country is going in the wrong direction!!!!!! We need more REAL Men w balls like ice cube!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Henk Meiring

    Henk Meiring

    6 kun oldin

    As a superwhite non -American i think Ice cube should run for president.It actually would be a waste if he dont.Good face ,good attitude.Lick nobody's behind.

  5. Brandon Gillan

    Brandon Gillan

    7 kun oldin

    Good for cube you should never work with people that are going to put you off never

  6. marc johnson

    marc johnson

    9 kun oldin

    He seems like a leader not a follower, I am a fan of his acting , now as a individual .

  7. Sue


    9 kun oldin

    Great job Ice Cube ! Take that fake news

  8. Stephanie Leigh

    Stephanie Leigh

    11 kun oldin

    I love it Cube is the Man.

  9. Tinah Schwenke

    Tinah Schwenke

    13 kun oldin

    I saw the interview Ice didn't bash CNN...you're over the top and too dramatic.

  10. CloudyBram


    15 kun oldin

    any other people get this video recomended (after) its over?

  11. Briareos Barnes

    Briareos Barnes

    19 kun oldin

    Here we go again, Trump asked to see his plan, then Trump make modifications to the platinum plan... believe what u want, your going to anyhow...🤪

  12. Vincent Viscardi

    Vincent Viscardi

    20 kun oldin

    Does CNN have the balls enough to fire Lemonhead? Probably not! Why? I think we know why.. He is a loser who said on tv, that he is giving up his conservative friends, and they must all be "DRUG-ADDICTS" Does he have any friends? Would be nice if one of those FRIENDS would come out to talk to us. Talk about racists.. No CNN!! Losers!!

  13. Jim Olson

    Jim Olson

    20 kun oldin

    Ban CNN the Communist news Network.

  14. Sonny Cao

    Sonny Cao

    21 kun oldin

    Lemon is a lemon, no choice

  15. Anj B

    Anj B

    21 kun oldin

    Ice cube would kick lulu lemons ass all day lol

  16. Jeanne Warrenfeltz

    Jeanne Warrenfeltz

    21 kun oldin

    Don Lemon is pathetic....and a big liar.....

  17. Bonita Applebum

    Bonita Applebum

    21 kun oldin

    He didn't bash anyone. I saw both interviews and they just had a conversation. It wasn't all that

  18. Joan Anderson

    Joan Anderson

    21 kun oldin

    well i think he should look out for all people not just black people he didnt do to bad himself

  19. Phyllis Sinopoli

    Phyllis Sinopoli

    21 kun oldin

    Ice Cube is wrong coz Lemoan squeezed his lemons and then shoved his fingers under some poor, unsuspecting guys nose! FACT CHECK

  20. Tom grant

    Tom grant

    21 kun oldin

    When Lemon lets himself go on record saying and admitting that he had to dump all his trump friends because they refused to bow to his self-righteous views on politics, that tells you what a phony friend and wuss he really is, talk about an entitled little boy who thinks he's a man. And CNN allows this, what a channel where the elite will always take priority.

  21. silvestre miranda

    silvestre miranda

    21 kun oldin

    Don Lemon is really a cry baby.

  22. Tailgunner Blue

    Tailgunner Blue

    22 kun oldin

    Look what nasty old Orange Man is doing! Got permanent funding for HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities), created opportunity zones in low income areas, and proposes $500 Billion dollars in new infrastructure spending to create 500,000 black owned businesses. Com'on man, the guys a flaming racist! So what a ya say Joe? "You ain't black man!"

  23. Viel German

    Viel German

    22 kun oldin

    Idk why CNN keeps Don Lemon!!!

  24. Venus Venus

    Venus Venus

    22 kun oldin

    I agree with Ice Cube working with the Republicans. Regardless of these Liberals questioning his motives and their personal issues regarding Cube working with President Trump, he is doing a good thing and I support him and his efforts. Blacks fail to see that he was willing to work with both the Democrats and Republicans, but it was the Republicans who were willing to work with him to address the issues in the black community. The last thing that the black community should do is call Ice Cube a sell-out. You are a sell-out if your hatred for President Donald Trump supersedes making America Great Again, for all Americans! Don Lemon is a hypocrite and he is cancelled.

  25. michael lee

    michael lee

    22 kun oldin

    Cube is showing everyone what adulting looks like. Just because you don’t get along doesn’t mean you can’t work together.

  26. Grumpy MC

    Grumpy MC

    22 kun oldin

    Good thing he didn't date Chelsea the Handler because he would be in a lot of trouble. Or maybe she would pay his taxes too? Hmmmmm

  27. zsazsa bodine

    zsazsa bodine

    22 kun oldin

    Orange Man RAD! Trump 2020! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  28. Alex vella

    Alex vella

    23 kun oldin

    Ice cube O.G

  29. Tracy Maxie

    Tracy Maxie

    23 kun oldin

    He didn’t work with Donald Trump on the President plan . He only presented The Contract with black America’s . Two different plans. The Democratics didn’t want to talk until after the election.

  30. P Jj

    P Jj

    23 kun oldin

    go Ice...not a sheeple

  31. Dean Campion Martinez

    Dean Campion Martinez

    23 kun oldin

    Right on cube.

  32. Wessidious Smoke

    Wessidious Smoke

    23 kun oldin

    Ice Cube don’t s speak for blacks

  33. Martha Reyna

    Martha Reyna

    23 kun oldin

    You’re probably not black, so you can’t possibly understand where Ice~Cube is coming from. I’m not a black person, but I commend Ice~Cube for what he’s doing. That despite the criticism he knew he might get from people, he was willing to put his career on the line, to help the Black community! His bless him. 🙏🏼💯❤️

  34. R ST

    R ST

    23 kun oldin

    Ice Cube will school Donny boy lemony! Wake the F up Donny! His fantasy world is crumbling! Your missing the truth! ! Left has you in their pants !! Cuomo is making u his B!

  35. Nicolas Bentayou

    Nicolas Bentayou

    23 kun oldin

    Cuomo had enough of his gf's tantrums

  36. MJ Hanners

    MJ Hanners

    24 kun oldin

    I’m surprised that got through Twitter.

  37. biDens a loser Kameltoe too

    biDens a loser Kameltoe too

    24 kun oldin

    Don for china

  38. chuck wilson

    chuck wilson

    24 kun oldin

    lemon is a wuss

  39. Charles Walker

    Charles Walker

    24 kun oldin

    Sounds like you're trying to put black men against each other

  40. Anthony Castellano

    Anthony Castellano

    24 kun oldin

    It is pretty simple . The soft Black people who support transgenders , Christians and people with colored hair support Biden . The hard blacks who got their asses kicked by their parents growing up support Trump

  41. Jerald Hite

    Jerald Hite

    24 kun oldin

    Don lemon worthless. Good for Chris. Fantastic for Ice Cube!! Now Cube needs to hold his constituents feet to fire to take advantage of the help. He also needs to push reporting of black on black crime. He also needs to push them to take advantage of existing programs. He also needs to have parents stop teaching their kids victimization. Teach kids that selling drugs and pushing violence is wrong. Without all of this together no plan will work. All of us need to take responsibility. All of us!

  42. Jeff Hall

    Jeff Hall

    24 kun oldin

    Leave the man alone let him vote for who he wants damn he 8s a a American so m its his vote

  43. Whynot Doitanyways

    Whynot Doitanyways

    25 kun oldin

    Vote Democrats out of the house!

  44. Larry Davis

    Larry Davis

    25 kun oldin

    Don is a coward just got his man card pulled lol



    25 kun oldin

    Cube, I would be glad to teach, Reading Blue prints and Masonry Skills.

  46. Coleman Jenkins

    Coleman Jenkins

    25 kun oldin

    What you don't know is that Trump will say anything to get elected. He likes and wants POWER. He throws people under the bus. Think about how he has mishandled COV-19, and 227,000 deaths. Just do your research on Trump. He is a con man

  47. Billy Gram

    Billy Gram

    25 kun oldin

    What do you have to lose?????????????????????????????????????

  48. Ander Ander

    Ander Ander

    25 kun oldin

    I have come to hate virtue signalling....Don Lemon is a master at it

  49. Badattitude Michael

    Badattitude Michael

    25 kun oldin

    I got lotta respect for ice cube. A man, person who isn't exactly a fan of trump but realizes as all ppl should, yall gotta put personal feelings aside to make a great country even greater

  50. Murph


    25 kun oldin

    Ice Cube actually talked to both parties. Biden didn't want to do anything with him until after the election. Trump was immediately receptive and his Platinum Plan has, in part, some of the ideas Ice Cube gave him in their meeting. So, which candidate is really trying to help blacks? If Biden talked to him, maybe he'd have some idea of how to help blacks and put a plan out about how he'll help. Biden shouldn't even have a chance to win this election, he's such a terrible candidate.

  51. Marshall Bell

    Marshall Bell

    26 kun oldin

    Well it's a beautiful thing to be a black man in America in as I say about Ice Cube is our beautiful black man they got a gift from God Amy came here to set his people free freedom of speech thank you for the Ice Cube God bless you

  52. Noena Pacayra

    Noena Pacayra

    26 kun oldin

    Red all the way

  53. Ronnie P

    Ronnie P

    26 kun oldin

    Props to Ice Cube, like u said Ice Cube is putting effort into HELPING people, regardless of his political likes/dislikes, he's able to use critical thinking skills and utilize whichever platform he feels will allow him to have the better chance to help people.Period,end of story, if more people would conduct themselves with the greater good in mind, our country would be ALOT better off.Why the ppl.with critical thinking skills who eliminate thier own egos and seek truth, whether they prefer what they learn or not are constantly called conspiracy theorists,simply illustrates that the average person doesn't keep an open mind, does not use critical thinking and simply believes without question the lies that they are fed by mainstream media over and over.Often too proud to be willing even to consider a different P.O.V.and seemingly not realizing that it's ok to have been fooled by all the lies and mass mind control stuff we've all pretty much been subjected to.The ignorant behavior is to refuse to research topics and facts that one knows nothing about, yet pass STERN Unwavering judgement on said subject matter.I went thru a period of realizing that I'd been deceived for a long long time without realizing it, many many other people have also realized the same thing good luck

  54. crazypolite


    26 kun oldin

    Ice Cube should re-educate Snoop Dogg and the rest of those clowns we all uses to idolize before we knew how much they hate white people

  55. James Reynolds

    James Reynolds

    26 kun oldin

    Ice, Ice, Ice!

  56. Carolyn Yoxall

    Carolyn Yoxall

    26 kun oldin

    Yeah it's called being an adult. I like ice cube a little more now.

  57. Teresa Ashley

    Teresa Ashley

    26 kun oldin

    No Don doesn’t !!!!!😏

  58. Dawn Lawless

    Dawn Lawless

    26 kun oldin

    I think he flipped now right! So disappointing!

  59. Justo Torres

    Justo Torres

    26 kun oldin

    Mike Tyson should have gave Don Lemon a fist to the face when he had the chance.

  60. Rafael Tavares

    Rafael Tavares

    26 kun oldin


  61. A_Chained_Angel


    27 kun oldin

    50 cent took back his backing of Trump.... shows he’s a bitch. Stand strong #icecube

  62. timothy ingram

    timothy ingram

    27 kun oldin

    CNN, shutdown comments if it is against there network. Can dish it out but can't take it!!!!

  63. sanddocon


    27 kun oldin

    what disagreement could Ice cube have with the prezz? they never met before he said ice was just going along with the hellywood gang/the pedo gang

  64. Taker Deasy

    Taker Deasy

    27 kun oldin

    Gotta give it to the cube, Don Lemon tries to censor him and he calls his ass right out.

  65. 游吳做野


    27 kun oldin

    what another brave leader like IC, work not for politic, only for Americans, no matter what race 💠🔹️💠🔹️💠🔹️💠🔹️💠🔹️💠

  66. Rico Ssuave

    Rico Ssuave

    27 kun oldin

    You gotta love Ice Cube😎

  67. yup it's ME!

    yup it's ME!

    27 kun oldin

    and why NOW at election time and not at the beginning of his so called presidency?

  68. yup it's ME!

    yup it's ME!

    27 kun oldin

    this is bullsh*t. The only thing Trump will help is himself to that $ and the only blacks that he will help are not the down and trodden but the ones that will supercede! Mark my words, it will only benefit the elite which in this case includes Ice Cube

  69. Raymond Pasqual

    Raymond Pasqual

    27 kun oldin

    What kind of world is this where Don Lemon tells Ice Cube to watch his step

  70. Gary Beckham

    Gary Beckham

    27 kun oldin

    I hate CNN ! Bad! I'm so glad for ice cube. Trump in November the red wave coming soon.

  71. Mary S

    Mary S

    27 kun oldin

    Don lemon should not be talking about the President, and I am not a Trump fan, but Don Lemon has no morals, he doesn't get to talk about the President. How would he like it if everyone start talking about him. I am tired of CNN day in day out talking about the same thing, the President, and I am not voting for trump, I am a Biden person. But Don Lemon is disgusting slanderer.

  72. E Jayone

    E Jayone

    28 kun oldin

    2020 will be a blue wave of brainless liberal tears! 😂

  73. rockonallnight


    28 kun oldin

    Chelsea Handler has just come out and announced that Ice Cube needs to be reminded, by her specifically, that he is black and should therefore not associate or have any sort of discussion with Trump due to the fact that Cube is a black man.

  74. Kerry OBrien

    Kerry OBrien

    28 kun oldin

    Just for the record how many African Americans serve in the trump administration, might be a sign of how accepting the republican party is?

  75. Riverzala


    28 kun oldin

    Who's watching CNN? That's the story

  76. KATT KT


    28 kun oldin

    I'm late to your videos, I just found you, happy I did. Don Lemon thinks he's white, he could care less about the black community.

  77. Nick West

    Nick West

    28 kun oldin

    Ice Cube is the man f*** with everybody else come out I'm from that dirty water Flint town

  78. MOC


    29 kun oldin

    Link bait post...no ending? FAILED to end you post other than think about your perspective? Come On Man! unsubbed....

  79. John Love

    John Love

    29 kun oldin

    You're wack🤦🏾‍♂️🤣

  80. Tracey smith

    Tracey smith

    29 kun oldin

    Don Lemon is not a journalist. He’s a commentator.

  81. Mark Baxter

    Mark Baxter

    29 kun oldin

    Don lemon is a LEMON lol

  82. Alex Sousa

    Alex Sousa

    29 kun oldin

    A black person with his/her own views or his/her own thoughts gets butchered...who's the real racist?

  83. gregory Sinclair

    gregory Sinclair

    29 kun oldin

    Red boy you the host you have no idea what in the hell you talking about he not working on plastic plan we have our on plan so get it right devil

  84. Deno Tm

    Deno Tm

    29 kun oldin

    The ice melting.

  85. Dumbelldoor


    29 kun oldin

    Don Lemon is scared of Trump's supposedly racist policies but has no problem simping for a guy who supported segregation. I still scratch my head thinking about that

  86. Pyluk Lockyer

    Pyluk Lockyer

    29 kun oldin

    Why is America against their Command and Chief, Mr. President Trump? What did he do?? Is he not the President! America has lost its Identity.

  87. Glenn Franklin Franklin

    Glenn Franklin Franklin

    29 kun oldin

    He’s the only one that has worked with the administration at the time wanting to help people no matter what race colour or creed drums administration was the only one that would look at the issues now not after the election so ice cube was right and looking at that

  88. Stacy Rose

    Stacy Rose

    29 kun oldin

    I can't understand it... .. I support Icecube whole heartily... Sad what they are trying to do to Icecube..

  89. philip case

    philip case

    29 kun oldin


  90. philip case

    philip case

    29 kun oldin


  91. philip case

    philip case

    29 kun oldin


  92. Lovey


    Oy oldin

    MALCOM X. “The white liberals, who have been posing as our friends, have failed us. The white liberal is the worst enemy to America and the worst enemy to the black man.”

  93. Jjkevin Klondike

    Jjkevin Klondike

    Oy oldin

    The agenda for dems is to stay out of jail at all costs. Russia, Russia, Russia.

  94. TheDigitalPillars


    Oy oldin

    Lemon is paid to hate America.

  95. begoneby 2021

    begoneby 2021

    Oy oldin

    And the UK news bash Trump too,I cant watch it

  96. Cesar D Castillo

    Cesar D Castillo

    Oy oldin

    50 Cent makes no sense for a cent, another Tom like Ice Cube so much bla bla bla against the police and white supre all these years and know they are selling out for 50 cents

  97. Reasons Why

    Reasons Why

    Oy oldin

    Don Lemon is just one among many Black people who only care for themselves, & don't give a rats ass about the rest of the people who looks like them outside of their immediate family. They're upset over politics, gender, fake principles, etc. They're too dedicated to the democrats who some of them call "The lessor of two evil's" how completely pathetic is that??

  98. Chijioke Chukwudum

    Chijioke Chukwudum

    Oy oldin

    Don Lemon is an emotional piece of work. He's not happy and is still looking for approval. He must have been abused as a child

  99. Black BEAR

    Black BEAR

    Oy oldin


  100. Mel L

    Mel L

    Oy oldin

    He's more than a Rapper! SMH