Illusions of Time

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1896 snowball fight: joaquimcampa/status/1311391615425093634?lang=en
Prospective and retrospective timing:
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ISOLATION - Mind Field: uztop.info/my/video/nqN9naiaqo7FdWQ
(every episode of Mind Field is free to watch on UZtop!)
speed of time as we age:
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Examples of facts that challenge our chronological illusions:
My "Narrow Slice" video: uztop.info/my/video/roB-ncWeeLLSpKc
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archive footage from archive.org and shutterstock
MRI clips are of my brain as taken by the Stark lab featured in this Mind field episode: uztop.info/my/video/ZoR6rKSHq6ekcn0
--MUSIC (in order of first appearance)--
"glitch" audionetwork
"sweet revival" audionetwork
"passage of time" audionetwork
"desert witch" audionetwork
"facing south" audionetwork
"broadway dawn" audionetwork
"final breath" audionetwork
"tribeca" audionetwork
"carlin dream" Jake Chudnow
"martinique" audionetwork
"lazy daze" audionetwork
"imaginary sun w less voices" Jake Chudnow
"why so blue" audionetwork
"for leah" Jake Chudnow
"shona" Jake Chudnow
"moon men" Jake Chudnow
"crypt" audionetwork
"eclectica" audionetwork
"banjo ascension" audionetwork
"heat and dust" audionetwork
"twisted trip" audionetwork


  1. Darrell Fossitt

    Darrell Fossitt

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    Wow Michael, that was deep! I'm glad I took the "Time" to watch this video...

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    Blazing King

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    Hey tomato sauce, tomato here!! XD

  3. lesROKnoobz


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    Brother you're only 9 years older than me. You've been doing this UZtop thing since you were in your twenties? what the ever loving hell. You're so smart / talented. can't imagine doing such things as a twenty anything. or a thirty for that matter

  4. Sofia Keefe

    Sofia Keefe

    22 daqiqa oldin

    Why do I mix up dreams with reality tho

  5. dementionalpotato


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    “Micheal without a beard doesn’t exist, he cant hurt you” Micheal without a beard:

  6. Der3k G

    Der3k G

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    About to make me rethink my whole life right now

  7. TheBehnny


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    More entertaining than any TV show



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  9. Avatar Aang

    Avatar Aang

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    Me : Comments *The Return Of The King* Some Verified Person : **Comments The Same Thing** Me : ಠ︵ಠ ಠಿヮಠ (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ) (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ) ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

  10. Mo_cardio


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    Anyone watching early 2021?

  11. Mike LaPointe

    Mike LaPointe

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    When he asked how many holes does a straw have..I never recovered.

  12. PSn 505

    PSn 505

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    27:35, who also relate?

  13. peedy pxblo

    peedy pxblo

    47 daqiqa oldin

    This is basically an explanation of the movie TENET.

  14. PSn 505

    PSn 505

    55 daqiqa oldin

    That Pipe Dream vid.. I always thought it was real, damn..

  15. Dustin Citrone

    Dustin Citrone

    56 daqiqa oldin

    @0:01 I just came.

  16. Robert Nash

    Robert Nash

    59 daqiqa oldin

    My dad would always tell me the present is coming and then tell me it was in the past. Always blew my mind as a kid. Guess that's why I'm here, watching this video, now, in the present. At least it used to be the present :(

  17. Mitschcrafter


    Soat oldin

    i watched this and just left 90% into the video and came back a week later. now it feels like ages and iam confused to what he is talking about.

  18. Itz_Lily Gacha

    Itz_Lily Gacha

    Soat oldin

    I just finished watching Solar Sands' video. I go to watch Vsauce. I see Solar Sands in the comments. I think it's a spooky coincidence. Vsauce has a video about spooky coincidences. *The coincidence to the coincidence.*

  19. Beans and rice

    Beans and rice

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    "it will happen to YOU!" -Abraham Simpson

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    Omar Perez

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    Amazing vid wow! Finally! Great job michael!

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    Gold Pixel Gaming

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    singer M

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    Avery St. Clair

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    Kuldeep Deka

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  27. Karhu


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    *How do we remember you after 50 years ?*

  28. Gia Harton

    Gia Harton

    Soat oldin

    My theory is that we started working, thus felt longer while only remembering all the fun things from before. We are keep repeating dealing n chasing after client & deadline - Thus we tend to find the time go by so fast.

  29. Fatima


    Soat oldin

    wait that's what Melanie Martinez said... "Times's an illusion, if you just remove it."

  30. Rich Dobbs

    Rich Dobbs

    Soat oldin

    It is really freaky to think that I've been alive for 25% of the existance of the USA!

  31. Piristron


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    Who's watching this in 2021?



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    His last speech is just asking us to watch more youtube

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    He knows exactly what he did to half of us and he doesnt feel bad

  35. Karlstens


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    I remember going to school before the internet. Thanks goodness I had Encarta 95 to do my assignments with.

  36. Erfan Hoseini

    Erfan Hoseini

    2 soat oldin

    Who else cried at the end?

  37. Isaiah Perez

    Isaiah Perez

    2 soat oldin

    I've been thinking about this for a while you proved every point I was thinking of I was waiting for this video too

  38. Guco


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    it has only been a minute to the video and i have to put some effort to understand what the fuck is going on.

  39. tdg712


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    Thanks I'm having an existential crisis

  40. David Ville

    David Ville

    2 soat oldin

    Wow you and I were born on the same year (don't know the month), and I always thought you were way older than me, but if you think about it, Since I've only see you on pre-recorded videos chances are every time I've seen you, you were actually younger than me.

  41. Sammy


    2 soat oldin

    Chronosonder! I love that word, I've been thinking about this for a few months now. Like we're alive so we're somehow better than dead people? is that a messed up thought?

  42. Calvissuperman


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    Yo, who's here???

  43. Axolotl


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    The way this dude talks, it get your interest.

  44. Porkus Morris

    Porkus Morris

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    Who else misses Mind Field? Most UZtop Originals are bad but man I loved that one.

  45. ProxyDoug


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    Weird thinking I'm not that much younger than Michael, I was about his age on that photo with Beakman when Beakman's World was airing here.

  46. dazaimaru


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    Ah, what a delicious dose of existentialism during these late hours of the day 🙃

  47. T Town

    T Town

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    So basically what I took away from this video is I need to watch a bunch of mind numbing media until I get to see a new vid from Michael. Love your content bro. 🤯

  48. Matthew McGourty

    Matthew McGourty

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    21:23 I was waiting for it

  49. Drop Therapy

    Drop Therapy

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    What the fuck did I just see

  50. Frankice


    2 soat oldin

    "Be bored; Miss out; Fall behind; Feel time passing; Lose track of time while experiencing only what your body can alone. You might not have the time of your life, but you will have more time of your life" - Michael Stevens, Vsauce 2021 Amazing quote

  51. Darell Carter

    Darell Carter

    2 soat oldin

    That was exactly what I need thank you for that! Time to make time for time! ✌🏿

  52. David10 More

    David10 More

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    did he make the beard after and the non-beard was pre-recodred before?

  53. Kapten


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    Hold up this video isn’t 6 years old. It’s a week.

  54. seriouscatman


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    Does this mean that People of tomorrow will look at Michael as people of today look at Carl Sagan?

  55. Avery D

    Avery D

    2 soat oldin

    So I guess the deal is Michael posts a video every six months that makes me question my life until the next video comes out and the cycle continues

  56. Alex Perez

    Alex Perez

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  58. Nat Rungpeng

    Nat Rungpeng

    3 soat oldin

    It is like when you travel to a far away place and it feels like forever to reach the destination. But when it comes to return home? It is as quick as light.

  59. Niko K

    Niko K

    3 soat oldin

    greatest teacher ever

  60. Slingo Bobingo

    Slingo Bobingo

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    26:37 Me surfin UZtop at 1am

  61. Nourii


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    there would be a moment that michael upload his last video

  62. BeastModeNL


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    Infinity is being shown by 2 rods on a clock weird isn’t it?

  63. Parshv Patel

    Parshv Patel

    3 soat oldin

    Time will stop when I will fall asleep

  64. Ray Herring

    Ray Herring

    3 soat oldin

    ... I had the opposite, my childhood flew by without me really even remembering it, but as I got older (20s and older), time seems to move so much faster :(

  65. BeastModeNL


    3 soat oldin

    He is finnaly back

  66. arthrogamer


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    Christopher Nolan wants to know your location

  67. Collie's Studio

    Collie's Studio

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    2021: Vsauce: comes back Bill Wurtz: comes back Oh muy god 2021 is getting better

  68. XU LILY


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    Someone told me to stand facing the wall until they say stop (which was 5 minutes later). They were expecting I felt like 15 minutes, but I counted to 300.

  69. Cheryl Birdsong-Juneau

    Cheryl Birdsong-Juneau

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    It has been too long since I have watched a Vsauce video.

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  72. onenickelmiracle


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    I'm this much older now 4,409,959 views than then 4,408,338 views and this much older when I finally posted this 4,410,271 views.

    • onenickelmiracle


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      And now when I'm eating raisin bran 4,413,656 views. This video is long, it's really not that new to me, and kind of boring and pointless things I already know.

    • onenickelmiracle


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      Then first 4,411,577 views by the time I got done doing a lot of nonsense flipping around doing God knows what on this site and that and cooking up some Brussel sprouts.

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    soooo anyone watching now?

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    Painted Marc

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    So THATS why he hasn't made a video in a while...

  76. The Book Of Wisdom

    The Book Of Wisdom

    4 soat oldin

    Michael solve the problem of state governing system which is the best from the existing system if they are no-go invent and represent new one to us.

  77. J M

    J M

    4 soat oldin

    I imagine people did feel less like *the* main character in the past, when community was more important and people felt more connected to the earth and their ancestors. I want to adopt that kind of mindset--even if I do love "you're the main character in a coming of age film" playlists

  78. Austin Harding

    Austin Harding

    4 soat oldin

    talk about one of the rarest phenomenon that exists in the physical universe. There are Actually many records of it occurring, but compared to other phenomenon, are of the rarest, even rarer then bilocation.... time slips. Yes it is a real phenomenon, but is as mysterious to us as ball lighting was 100 years ago. there are 2 books that i have found that are recounts of such an experience during a time slip, one is called "An Adventure" or "The Adventure" by 2 scholars written 120 years ago give or take, another is one that was jus recently translated into English called "Chronicles from the Future" also originally written 100 years ago, the latter of which completely changed my view of the world

  79. Austin Harding

    Austin Harding

    4 soat oldin

    in other words, watching this video was a huge waste of my time?

  80. bart mcdougall

    bart mcdougall

    4 soat oldin

    Am 32 and lived in 5 decides

  81. Braulio Ortiz

    Braulio Ortiz

    4 soat oldin

    Crazy how I need to do something to kill time and this came my way. Now that I watched this 30 minute video it feels like it took so long to finish but now that I gatta go somewhere will it feel like a small part of my time of day. But I’ll probably remember it since I went the whole day doing nothing waiting for my soccer game. What book was he reading there ? Might need to get it.

  82. Austin Harding

    Austin Harding

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    That book full of post it notes, i love it😄

  83. Yasha Zare

    Yasha Zare

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  84. ctrlaltbean


    4 soat oldin

    VSauce is honestly the greatest of UZtop.. BRB internet.

  85. Austin Harding

    Austin Harding

    4 soat oldin

    funny how these were things i always thought about an had come to this same conclusion maybe 3 to 5 years ago

  86. Austin Harding

    Austin Harding

    4 soat oldin

    16.00 sounds mor like egocentrism to me

  87. Choochirilla


    4 soat oldin

    My brain is burning omg it hurts

  88. Connor Thompson

    Connor Thompson

    4 soat oldin

    Why does boiling macaroni water foam up when the lid is on but not when it's off? Please do a video on this very interesting topic.

  89. G M

    G M

    4 soat oldin

    Here’s what’s most shocking to me. Everything we have now; all of the technology and knowledge and everything we have built and learned - all of it. That is The only thing that sets us apart from people, say, 100 years ago. Or 1,000 years ago. Or even 10,000 years ago. We’re just human beings. If all of our technology and tangible things were removed, we’d be nothing more than prehistoric human beings. “Modern times” is nothing but a label we use to define what we perceive to be an unprecedented advanced time in human history. But the truth is, as humans, we are no more advanced than hundreds of generations ago. We have collected, slowly, all of the knowledge and all of the things necessary to exist in “the modern world” today. Imagine the butterfly effect. What if one single event or one single breakthrough in history never happened? Is there a “thing” that occurred that set us on the path to end up with advanced technology today? What if that one thing didn’t happen? Well, none of us would exist. But, that’s not to say nobody would exist. There could be still, to this very day, a bunch of nomadic prehistoric humans roaming the Earth. We might not have developed animal husbandry or farming or any of that. We could very well still be savages not far removed from what we refer to as animals. We could very well just be a bunch of animals... It’s all a matter of perspective, eh? As is the basis of this video. :)

  90. Vontux


    4 soat oldin

    Its fitting that this video about perception of time and the past feels la lot like an old school VSauce video. I like it.

  91. Leo Fitz_Lad

    Leo Fitz_Lad

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    Not joking i don't know what I had for breakfast my memory sucks nothing ever happens yesterday felt like my 11th bday not a metaphor (I'm 14)

  92. Manos Ads

    Manos Ads

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    I feel old...

  93. Ai REI

    Ai REI

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  94. Rodrick Crichton

    Rodrick Crichton

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    My mind: Wtf is he talking about

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    Existential crisis activated.

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    Kenneth Amanyangole

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    Vince Collins

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    age 50 to age 60 takes about 10 seconds............

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    Filiph Sandberg

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    A masterpiece! So interesting!

  99. Scotty Troxell

    Scotty Troxell

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    Would've been funnier if he said Uranus will always be gassy, instead of Jupiter.

  100. Citrus


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    These are literally my 3am thoughts