Meet the Impostor (Among Us Animation)

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Boneless Stream
Clown Song
•WTaollor - Shinra Tensei
•Musicality - O2 Remix
Ave Maria
Ameno 🙏
Main Theme - Super Smash Bros Brawl
Explosion at the end:
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  1. Chimaru


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    • Darion Davis

      Darion Davis

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      That song at the end what is it?

    • Shedletsky


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    • Fernando Parejo

      Fernando Parejo

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      @Black Crewmate Among us

    • MOAMEN Khaled

      MOAMEN Khaled

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      100% jojo

  2. Leonardo Oblino

    Leonardo Oblino

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    It's so cute

  3. Aspen Baxter

    Aspen Baxter

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    It's soooooooo funny

  4. Camila Ornelas

    Camila Ornelas

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    2:11 ✨I just fell in love with that slow motion sound✨

  5. 420 69Dude

    420 69Dude

    2 soat oldin

    *Among Us is starting to get too over-rated in my recommended, I ain't saying this is bad, it's good, but over-using memes and meme music isn't always that good, I don't wanna sound rude, but I feel this is half funny and half unfunny band kid humor honestly.*

  6. Newbie Newb

    Newbie Newb

    4 soat oldin

    Is this A J O J O REFERENCE

  7. horror sans the master

    horror sans the master

    4 soat oldin

    Is that a undertale theme

  8. Alexis Ngo

    Alexis Ngo

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  9. Orie Hairston

    Orie Hairston

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    Da ma da ma da

  10. Orie Hairston

    Orie Hairston

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    Dorime ima no ima no

  11. Khaing Nai

    Khaing Nai

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    I live it when it play strem blood

  12. Mohammad Ilham

    Mohammad Ilham

    5 soat oldin

    0:37 What Picture😂🤣🤣🤣

  13. Ángela María Ángulo moreno

    Ángela María Ángulo moreno

    5 soat oldin

    yellow the impostor

  14. Amoung us Gaming

    Amoung us Gaming

    6 soat oldin

    1:59 TOP 10 moments taken right before disaster

  15. Mariano AMQYq

    Mariano AMQYq

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  16. Sonic Galaxy

    Sonic Galaxy

    6 soat oldin

    Wait this are all megalovania remixes?!? Imposter:always has been.

  17. Orange blastoise

    Orange blastoise

    7 soat oldin

    Can you make a video that is not just imposter win

  18. Evan Escalante

    Evan Escalante

    7 soat oldin

    Impostor = chimaru

  19. Chasty Silva Munguia

    Chasty Silva Munguia

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  20. Isa Mil

    Isa Mil

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    Ahahahahahah c'est très très très très très très très drôle en vrai j'ai vu tout les épisodes donc du coup j'adore ça j'adore donc du coup donc du coup j'adore faire j'adore regarder tes vidéos elles sont vraiment excellent temps j'ai mis un pouce bleu je mets un pouce bleu et je suis très contente parce que j'adore tes vidéos parce que fait toujours rire en fait toujours rire donc du coup j'adore les voulais te dire que voilà bon bah voilà j'ai dit tout parce que je savais pas qu'on envoyer des donc du coup j'adore ton commentaire franchement je l'adore et je peux je te souhaite une bonne nuit parce que là c'est le soir pour moi c'était pas si tu es pas français ben tant pis c'est pas grave si tu es français bah tant pis hein tu peux regarder quand même bon bah du coup quand je serai grand je serai youtubeuse c'est bien non bon donc mais bon c'est bien bien bien bien bien bien bien bien viens viens viens viens viens je suis une fille en plus en plus je suis petite j'ai 7 ans et je m'appelle Isaline

  21. Tango Rec

    Tango Rec

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    0:55 xd

  22. Davell Exvzz

    Davell Exvzz

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    yall tryna tell a brother what the sound is? 0:00

  23. Desito17


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    0:58 whats the name of the music

  24. Is_Train


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  25. Killer Dragon

    Killer Dragon

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    Nice editing

  26. Maria Hernandez

    Maria Hernandez

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    La mucha risa muy cómico lo voy a agregar en me gusta y suscribirse y activar la campanita voy a hacer todo eso

  27. Golden Blackmare

    Golden Blackmare

    17 soat oldin

    0:36 Wait... In that task there you put the hand... and you decided to put that as task...that means... *Fbi open up*

  28. dunya ali

    dunya ali

    17 soat oldin

    Cool game bich

  29. dunya ali

    dunya ali

    17 soat oldin

    Cool game birch

  30. Nam Ngyễn

    Nam Ngyễn

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    Good job

  31. S Mang

    S Mang

    19 soat oldin

    So funnyy😂😂

  32. Sha_ Roblox

    Sha_ Roblox

    19 soat oldin

    Original fast impostor kill cooldown:"10 second" This impostor's kill cooldown: *1 SECOND*

  33. Shree Krishna

    Shree Krishna

    20 soat oldin

    Subscribe chimaru or dorime will come in your dream

  34. noob


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    14 crewmates, n i c e

  35. TheSuperiorComedian


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  36. Greyson Pulou

    Greyson Pulou

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    Gonzerk you a UZtopr

  37. vidio tentang among uss

    vidio tentang among uss

    21 soat oldin

    do-ri-me pameno-pameno

  38. Ben Drowned

    Ben Drowned

    21 soat oldin

    2:38 Lyrics Smile Sweet Sister Sadistic Service Cut. Shenra Tensei. Almight push. :)

  39. Silverado's Boutique

    Silverado's Boutique

    23 soat oldin

    Crew mates: i have the power of emergency meeting on my side. Chimaru: I have the power of anime and memes on my side Crewmates: run away

  40. Greyson Pulou

    Greyson Pulou

    23 soat oldin

    What’s the fuk what’s going on with yellow

  41. Greyson Pulou

    Greyson Pulou

    23 soat oldin

    This is rigged

  42. БоЛьШеВиК Коммунизма

    БоЛьШеВиК Коммунизма

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    1:50 когда мама вернулась с родительского собрания...🤣👍

  43. Alison Playz RBLX

    Alison Playz RBLX

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    Step scan

  44. Jonathan Vargas

    Jonathan Vargas

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    I really like this video

  45. hakim chanel 41 al hakim

    hakim chanel 41 al hakim

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  46. Marlyn Banares

    Marlyn Banares

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  47. Tokyo Skies

    Tokyo Skies

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    That ending tho

  48. Allmightycat Matt

    Allmightycat Matt

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    How does one achieve such animated perfection?

  49. MrFreak


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    You are the coolest and the funniest animator I've ever seen!!!

  50. Christi Talbert

    Christi Talbert

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    Bruh yellow is pain he has the rennigan(sorry if I spelt it wrong)and just almighty pushed the ship😂😂

  51. Monserrat Moreno

    Monserrat Moreno

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  52. Brian Nelson

    Brian Nelson

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    Do ri me

  53. Big Red

    Big Red

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    We not going to act like that beat was not fire at the end

  54. Diego Alonso Carbonel Bravo

    Diego Alonso Carbonel Bravo

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    smile sweet sister sadistic surprise SHINRA TENSEIIII

  55. Cyclops


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  56. DeadStar 7777

    DeadStar 7777

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    Me when i don’t get enough sleep.

  57. legendary freddy

    legendary freddy

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    0:57 wachi wachi wa

  58. Vânia Aparecida Alves de Sá dos Santos Vânia Sá

    Vânia Aparecida Alves de Sá dos Santos Vânia Sá

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    nobody:a. yellow:china tem c

  59. MineRade


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    OH MY GOD 👇если что я русский

  60. Vedang Bhor

    Vedang Bhor

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    What is the song at 0:23

  61. Pedro Arthur de Araújo Arruda

    Pedro Arthur de Araújo Arruda

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    Shinra tensei

  62. Wodoley_ m

    Wodoley_ m

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    0:98 😂😂😂

  63. Gunda Marista

    Gunda Marista

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    Me: nice

  64. Ben Drowned

    Ben Drowned

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  65. Skedaddle


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  66. Bodhi Lam

    Bodhi Lam

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    is nobody going to talk about the reactor scan? ok :D

  67. BlastingSauce


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    If this ever happened I’m buying smash.

  68. Kick th buddy

    Kick th buddy

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    search for minecraft = 1:09 only found !

  69. Wahyu Madyo

    Wahyu Madyo

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    DO RI ME

  70. Expedito Gonzaga

    Expedito Gonzaga

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    Who is purples enemy? Comment down below don’t like okay?

  71. Denise R Munteanu

    Denise R Munteanu

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    Yellow: venting an ignoring cyan Meanwhile:yellow kills yall Yellow:bRaZiL is THE MAGIC QUESTION HOORAY

  72. My life Suffering :v

    My life Suffering :v

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    Shin-ga tensei

  73. My life Suffering :v

    My life Suffering :v

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    Nobody: Me:"Get killed by impostor it's fine" Also me:*SOMEONE CALL EMERGENCY MEETING FOR NO REASON* *Slam my phone* 0:46

  74. yellow ㅤ

    yellow ㅤ

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  75. Jonar Descartin

    Jonar Descartin

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  76. CAT шоу

    CAT шоу

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    Жолтый всегда предатель

  77. barritoo thy

    barritoo thy

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    the jojo refernces are killig me

  78. barritoo thy

    barritoo thy

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    whats with 'the hando' sound effects?

  79. Josh Leonardo

    Josh Leonardo

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    2:12 damn I love this sound

  80. Ninja Flame

    Ninja Flame

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    DO RI ME

  81. thinh nguyen

    thinh nguyen

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    You watch too much jojo

  82. Ryan Matthew Jeremiah Mendoza

    Ryan Matthew Jeremiah Mendoza

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  83. Enes Gokmen

    Enes Gokmen

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  84. deoxys


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    i like the music in the end



    2 kun oldin

    1:17 Before 1:34 Shadow The World requiem theme

  86. Sonia Sonia

    Sonia Sonia

    2 kun oldin

    Meme putin amão 0:57

  87. Sethroth channel

    Sethroth channel

    2 kun oldin

    1 imposter walks into a bar, 2 imposters walk into a bar, and 3 imposters walk into a bar. They are all friends, What would you do? (A) Talk it out' (B) Bonk them (C) *Z* *A* *W* *A* *R* *U* *D* *O*

  88. ToyFreddyKidGamer Studios

    ToyFreddyKidGamer Studios

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    imposter durnyfoos

  89. Omnicronium


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    0:36 ummmm ok I don't think their hands look like that

  90. Agustin Francisco Medrano Arregui

    Agustin Francisco Medrano Arregui

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    1:30 . REEEEEEE!!!!(good reference)



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  92. GoldenBoy


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    0:55 Purple: what are you doing step bro? Yellow: eating u

  93. Vinyl Rabbit

    Vinyl Rabbit

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    0:45 this dude was trying so hard

  94. chimène Marquez

    chimène Marquez

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  95. Kelvin Daitey

    Kelvin Daitey

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    1:38 I'm guessing the code was 5555555555?

  96. Emilce Escobal

    Emilce Escobal

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    i hear screaming 2:36

  97. Nadson Braga Gomes

    Nadson Braga Gomes

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    0:55 Sexy

  98. beatriz Sousa

    beatriz Sousa

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    Am i oN A DrUG tRip??

  99. Ninja Kids

    Ninja Kids

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    yellow always imposter

  100. danword77


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    2:39 : the musi is ぼなぺてぃーと▽s(tvサイズver) ブレンド・a: