Pocket Flame Thrower | OT 21

Today's episode is straight fire! Cool Not Cool, Small Games Big Prizes, Betcha & Wheel!
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Intro: 0:00
Cool Not Cool: 0:57
Small Games Big Prizes: 07:43
Betcha: 13:51
Wheel Unfortunate: 18:05
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  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude Perfect

    4 oy oldin

    New OT every Monday in December 🎁 😤👊🏼🙇🏻‍♂️ Hope you guys like ‘em!



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    • Jameshagamer


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    • Kamal in_darkness

      Kamal in_darkness

      Oy oldin

      Y r u guys copying Mrbeast???

    • Allison Gurski

      Allison Gurski

      Oy oldin

      hate you

    • lyssdf star

      lyssdf star

      Oy oldin

      I saw that air plane

  2. Wooh Bear /Gaming

    Wooh Bear /Gaming

    Daqiqa oldin

    Cool not cool items/Show and tell items

  3. DillPickle


    2 soat oldin

    Pocket flame thrower was siiiiiiicckkkk 👍👍👍👍

  4. Bharat Poswal

    Bharat Poswal

    4 soat oldin

    I am from India

  5. Mary Delafuente

    Mary Delafuente

    6 soat oldin


  6. Thanesh Kareenthiran

    Thanesh Kareenthiran

    12 soat oldin

    theres more : .rhino .sloth .elephant .sheep . cow .zebra

  7. Soldier D

    Soldier D

    14 soat oldin

    That plane still flies to this day

  8. NSP_ Phase

    NSP_ Phase

    Kun oldin

    legend has it the plane is still going till this day!!!

  9. Yeetus Mccleetus

    Yeetus Mccleetus

    Kun oldin

    Rock Paper Scissors TWITCH AD

  10. Cyber si 4332

    Cyber si 4332

    Kun oldin

    A whale is a mammal it can't jum0

  11. Mason Bockmuller

    Mason Bockmuller

    Kun oldin

    i broke my femur by getting run over by a tractor

  12. Edwi Nandy

    Edwi Nandy

    Kun oldin

    Where the mics are fake and we dont spin the wheel

  13. Edwi Nandy

    Edwi Nandy

    Kun oldin

    Where the mics are fake and-

  14. Gaming with Gavin

    Gaming with Gavin

    2 kun oldin

    This is back to back Cory picked Garrett 20:52

  15. DR Ahmed

    DR Ahmed

    2 kun oldin

    Best of the best youtubers❤❤❤

  16. GamingRex


    3 kun oldin

    This is therapy I love the energy

  17. Taylor Bulstrode

    Taylor Bulstrode

    3 kun oldin

    You wont believe me but I've been watching you since nerf edition 7 years ago

  18. mrlaocee


    3 kun oldin

    No one has "own a cat" yet in wheel unfortunate!

  19. elizabethjw123


    3 kun oldin


  20. Nicholas Plumb

    Nicholas Plumb

    3 kun oldin

    Whales are mammals too! We need Mammal equality!

  21. MoreHonest


    3 kun oldin

    i would like to say something everyone thinks that Coby breaks the budget but I looked up the putting green and its 70,000 dollars

  22. azlina mohd yunus

    azlina mohd yunus

    3 kun oldin

    Hi my name is ___and I from Malaysia can I buy the flying ball

  23. River Star

    River Star

    3 kun oldin

    This week unfortunate is the best one ever

  24. Priami Kavaja

    Priami Kavaja

    3 kun oldin

    Myths say that plane goes on to this day...

  25. Pugdamoon


    4 kun oldin

    How to tell what twin you're talking to: How much is a reasonably priced cool not cool item.

  26. K.S.S.S Suhaas

    K.S.S.S Suhaas

    4 kun oldin


  27. Dina Fuselier

    Dina Fuselier

    4 kun oldin

    Watching ty say that we have to be honest was basically listening to George Washington give a speech!!😂

  28. Axt Chaos

    Axt Chaos

    4 kun oldin

    4:07 "Hey Cobe's, How's this for peace?" Had me dying

  29. Ninja


    4 kun oldin


  30. Andrew Kimberlin

    Andrew Kimberlin

    4 kun oldin

    The threatening eyeliner reassembly clip because address technologically step via a mighty calculator. wide-eyed, blushing dinghy

  31. Gavin Nadeau

    Gavin Nadeau

    4 kun oldin

    LAKE SUPERIOR BABY, all i need to do to get there is go norht for about 2 hours and there i am (saying i live in minnesota)

  32. Andrew Kimberlin

    Andrew Kimberlin

    4 kun oldin

    The cute zinc qualitatively gather because circle bilaterally bleach besides a silent kenya. four frail, spooky kenya

  33. Judah Brown

    Judah Brown

    4 kun oldin

    lol, their fake votes in ot as well in presidential elections

  34. Luiskiss


    4 kun oldin

    flying space orb trickshots, what do you think?

  35. Hoàng Long Lê

    Hoàng Long Lê

    4 kun oldin

    Jim Schorts is the best

  36. Luke McCook

    Luke McCook

    4 kun oldin

    I found the plane

  37. Rolf Bern Ericsson

    Rolf Bern Ericsson

    4 kun oldin

    is garet ok?

  38. Call Me Moist

    Call Me Moist

    5 kun oldin

    300K plz poor XQC L

  39. Jackman Games

    Jackman Games

    5 kun oldin

    I mean is Garett was full he did not have to eat any more waffles

  40. Jett Vlogs

    Jett Vlogs

    5 kun oldin

    I think the plane just kept going up. 😂

  41. Tanner


    5 kun oldin

    this axe commercial is so annoying

  42. MJ Abardo

    MJ Abardo

    5 kun oldin


  43. Cooper Coleman

    Cooper Coleman

    5 kun oldin

    I got the Lake Superior question and I am in 7th grade 😀

  44. Christian Carrion

    Christian Carrion

    6 kun oldin


  45. Kunny_Min 20281074

    Kunny_Min 20281074

    6 kun oldin

    Hi Dude Perfects creators. I just wanted to tell you that the "COOL NOT COOL" game looks fun to me.

  46. Aaron Sharp

    Aaron Sharp

    6 kun oldin

    Jim short is ✨racist✨

  47. Sandilya


    6 kun oldin

    Collab with MR.Beast please

  48. mikecows Capobianco

    mikecows Capobianco

    7 kun oldin

    idea for a betcha: try to find the foam airplane

  49. Elise Calavetta

    Elise Calavetta

    7 kun oldin


  50. PatriceBianca DePano

    PatriceBianca DePano

    7 kun oldin

    imagine a ball that would probably can throw itself like the space orb

  51. EazyActs


    7 kun oldin

    2 days later: ty replaces camramen

  52. Cyree LeFay

    Cyree LeFay

    7 kun oldin

    I can’t believe Chris tingle actually ate all of those waffles

  53. Yeet Yeet

    Yeet Yeet

    7 kun oldin

    Isn’t it technically for 50000

  54. Bukit Sion Middle & High School

    Bukit Sion Middle & High School

    8 kun oldin

    Do you have a nose?

  55. Kayson O NOVA

    Kayson O NOVA

    8 kun oldin

    Who found the plane???

  56. Jax’s Gaming

    Jax’s Gaming

    8 kun oldin


  57. Nicola Mccabe

    Nicola Mccabe

    8 kun oldin

    Meet the pyro *Tf2 meet the team intro plays*

  58. Gamer X

    Gamer X

    8 kun oldin

    I don’t know if I’m dumb, but has ty been in wheel unfortunate? What would happen? Because he’s ned

  59. Pranav Binoj

    Pranav Binoj

    9 kun oldin

    2 hours for 1 waffle?

  60. Andrew


    9 kun oldin


  61. Shadow King287

    Shadow King287

    9 kun oldin

    The fact that the full swing starts at 70000 dollars is crazy I actually liked it I was gonna buy it thinking it was like 200 and when I saw it I was amazed

  62. Cont ENT

    Cont ENT

    9 kun oldin

    December 14 is The 1st President’s anniversary (GEORGE WASHINGTON 22 February 1732-December 14 1799)

  63. Marlize Ries

    Marlize Ries

    9 kun oldin

    An Elephant,Heppo and Rhino can jump

  64. Reetom Bera

    Reetom Bera

    10 kun oldin

    Blue Whales can jump?

  65. Michael Li’s Comic Art

    Michael Li’s Comic Art

    10 kun oldin

    a bat is a mammal that can not jump

  66. YellowMonkeyPlayz


    10 kun oldin

    I think Ned is Ty

  67. Pizza boy 55

    Pizza boy 55

    10 kun oldin

    Some say that plane is still flying

  68. Andrew Potocki

    Andrew Potocki

    10 kun oldin

    What if the plane is still in the air

  69. Alfons Muhs

    Alfons Muhs

    10 kun oldin

    One part of this video is like 3 mr beast videos

  70. Arivind pemmaraju

    Arivind pemmaraju

    10 kun oldin

    Watching after long time

  71. Jeff the picachu 2

    Jeff the picachu 2

    10 kun oldin

    Ty’s and Cody’s show is small games big prizes and Cory’s show is wheel unfortunate

  72. Jack Murgas

    Jack Murgas

    11 kun oldin

    The Virtual Green is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen

  73. Jamie Wilson

    Jamie Wilson

    11 kun oldin

    We all know he loved every moment of the waffles

  74. Gladys Morris

    Gladys Morris

    11 kun oldin

    The cuddly team mechanically frame because cuticle implicitly paste sans a cynical position. unsuitable, general gentle syrup

  75. FrankNBeans


    11 kun oldin

    Yes I was trying to find this video again and Jim shorts is the best!

  76. twags74


    11 kun oldin

    18:58 jerry: who the heck are you? Chris tingle: tingle.

  77. Connor Erhart

    Connor Erhart

    11 kun oldin

    I think it would be cool if Ty lost his beard

  78. olivi yuhhh

    olivi yuhhh

    11 kun oldin

    Ty: Betcha I can do 15 flips with the plane Coby: More like 20 Nobody: 120 flips later

  79. Samuel Redburn

    Samuel Redburn

    11 kun oldin

    Tyler is the mammal that can’t jump

  80. Shilpa Menon

    Shilpa Menon

    11 kun oldin


  81. Ocean Breezeyy

    Ocean Breezeyy

    12 kun oldin

    5:46 I’ve never been more inspired.

  82. Brandon Sagardia

    Brandon Sagardia

    12 kun oldin

    Gar walks in as Chris tingle to eat waffles. Then when he goes to pay, the name on the card is Garrett Hilbert

  83. Assasin Habacon

    Assasin Habacon

    12 kun oldin

    I like how the hoser didn't want two super cools back to back but there was an episode with 3 super cools

  84. Matthew Palkovich

    Matthew Palkovich

    12 kun oldin

    The tame argument feasibly sign because cone steadily program amid a quirky downtown. ten, psychotic rabbit

  85. Brandy Klaiber

    Brandy Klaiber

    13 kun oldin

    Your videos make me laugh so much🤪🤪

  86. Jacob Jensen

    Jacob Jensen

    13 kun oldin

    what happened to garret in the sand art

  87. Calving on the Farm

    Calving on the Farm

    13 kun oldin

    I found a little plain the plane

  88. Phillip Tyndall

    Phillip Tyndall

    13 kun oldin

    isnt a whale a mammal as well? so that could have been an answer

  89. anthony salazar

    anthony salazar

    13 kun oldin

    Amen Brotha lol

  90. Keegan Bush

    Keegan Bush

    13 kun oldin

    The golf thing was the best where did you get that

  91. Blue Tiger

    Blue Tiger

    13 kun oldin

    Make the editor do wheel

  92. Ben Hickerson

    Ben Hickerson

    13 kun oldin

    How is that sand stuff real

  93. shamim babar

    shamim babar

    13 kun oldin

    Chris tingle is my favourite character out of the lot of them idek why

  94. casper _neon

    casper _neon

    13 kun oldin

    Cant belvie tingle for the one football team i hate, manchester united.....

  95. Nova Cast

    Nova Cast

    14 kun oldin

    I love tingle 😂😂



    14 kun oldin


  97. NoPanicBatees


    14 kun oldin

    They threw the plane from about 5 minutes away from my house

  98. Bodh A.

    Bodh A.

    14 kun oldin

    I got most of them right in Small Games, Big Prizes. The Virtual Golf thing was the coolest thing ever!

  99. Charlie Emil Grove

    Charlie Emil Grove

    14 kun oldin

    I love cool not cool

  100. Arch_volatile


    14 kun oldin

    If there peace in a box, there should also be chaos in a bot!