Project Hazel | World's Smartest Mask

Introducing Project Hazel, the world's smartest mask. Designed to provide a safe, social, sustainable, comfortable, and personalized experience, this mask ensures the highest degree of safety with the best quality of life enhancements. Face the new normal with protection that’s far from average:
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  1. Paul Denovich

    Paul Denovich

    Daqiqa oldin

    I want one of these masks they look so amazing

  2. Bacon Sushi

    Bacon Sushi

    6 daqiqa oldin

    People need this, Razer, please let this work, make it on the market, please!

  3. Evan Harland

    Evan Harland

    7 daqiqa oldin

    Could you turn the music up a little bit? I can still hear you talking.

  4. Ibrahim Ahmed

    Ibrahim Ahmed

    10 daqiqa oldin

    wait it's not april yet

  5. Natuek


    12 daqiqa oldin

    SMH Another waste of money... I’ll take 2 please!!

  6. Tharun Perera

    Tharun Perera

    21 daqiqa oldin

    Starting at $999 (Base Model) with Usb C (No Thunderbolt)



    23 daqiqa oldin




      21 daqiqa oldin


  8. wotb Livestream

    wotb Livestream

    26 daqiqa oldin

    I never tought that i would breathe in 120fps

  9. Joshua Abiog

    Joshua Abiog

    31 daqiqa oldin

    Finally, I can breathe in 8K

  10. Shadowedvenom


    40 daqiqa oldin

    It better have RGB

  11. WkeyFN


    42 daqiqa oldin

    1 year later: *introducing the project hazel microphone* “the *in face* microphone”

  12. WkeyFN


    43 daqiqa oldin

    imagine how heavy that’ll be......

  13. WkeyFN


    44 daqiqa oldin

    woah the very first gaming mask

  14. Alvin Ng

    Alvin Ng

    45 daqiqa oldin

    cool, but l'm broke

  15. Radia Goenadi

    Radia Goenadi

    46 daqiqa oldin

    Does it come in RGB? And can run 4K?

  16. NoLocity


    51 daqiqa oldin

    this a joke?

  17. Grellison


    55 daqiqa oldin

    Jesus Christ ur just giving the 12 year olds a way to mic spam irl

  18. Mr Pineapple

    Mr Pineapple

    59 daqiqa oldin

    Yeah no I wanna hide my ugly ass face

  19. Loki Fellrath

    Loki Fellrath

    Soat oldin

    Shut up and take my money! 🤑

  20. Rb1 Sensa IQ

    Rb1 Sensa IQ

    Soat oldin

    I can breathe 144 fps

  21. Coolkie酷奇


    Soat oldin

    Wait, Today is April fool?

  22. Dante


    Soat oldin

    When I first saw it i though its funny but then I realized its not april 1 yet.... oh boi

  23. SpeedTrial


    Soat oldin

    people bout to breathe 60 fps :D

  24. Ardian


    Soat oldin

    MTX 3090 Watercooled mask when?

  25. Galaxy _

    Galaxy _

    Soat oldin

    Add some ear pods

  26. kak_has_eyes


    Soat oldin

    Oh shit i can finally breath in 45mbps

  27. Lee Stacey

    Lee Stacey

    2 soat oldin

    Thanks razer i can now breathe in 250FPS!

  28. xylonious


    2 soat oldin

    Can you get one with the glass not being seethrough or something. Tbh id rather have that part of the mask not being seethrough if I accidentally spit or something and so it also doesn’t fog up and look wierd

  29. kirei.


    2 soat oldin

    2077 be like no cap

  30. ayu kuscahyani

    ayu kuscahyani

    2 soat oldin

    even the gameing factory save our live

  31. kulartüp


    2 soat oldin

    The music is a lil quiet would make it louder

  32. The Lyrics of this Song

    The Lyrics of this Song

    2 soat oldin

    wait what is this??? is this for real??

  33. logos1099


    3 soat oldin

    Hahahahahahaha, omg Gaming toaster when?

  34. Satyajeet


    3 soat oldin

    Why this mask was charging itself, does it fight viruses on battery?

  35. Quartel Music’s

    Quartel Music’s

    3 soat oldin

    Please make a Rocket with Razer logo

  36. Sturmling


    3 soat oldin

    You should actually don't expose the mouth to make it even more cooler. Just Saying!

  37. Brayzz


    3 soat oldin

    Oh yeah rgb mask now i can breath more fps

  38. SageD360


    3 soat oldin

    I legit would buy one of these if they actually release it.

  39. RayD Official

    RayD Official

    4 soat oldin

    Really nice! Got a few questions tho: - how useable is it in the medical field? (Will I be able to disinfect it in a good way or once it’s contaminated it’s pretty much over with it) - how does the airflow work? Is it a two site filter? Since air is able to get out of the mask it seems like I am only protecting myself instead of my surrounding as well. Which will make it hard to use in ambulance services or hospitals...



    4 soat oldin

    soo... in other words, RGBreathing at 120fps? hmmmmmm... neat

  41. Hoi4 noob

    Hoi4 noob

    4 soat oldin

    Valve masks are banned in most places

  42. North Face

    North Face

    4 soat oldin

    People from 2019 watching this vid: 😐 (visible confusion)

  43. Kyle Neasham

    Kyle Neasham

    4 soat oldin

    Waste of FOKEN money

  44. StationVGames


    4 soat oldin

    I bet everyone's gonna hear 100% pure sound and have fast DPI with it

  45. Arne Olemans

    Arne Olemans

    4 soat oldin

    this is a joke right XD

  46. nigel ngwarai

    nigel ngwarai

    4 soat oldin

    get ready to breath in 4k

  47. Lego John

    Lego John

    4 soat oldin

    Pls make this real for real I need this plz don’t care the price I’ll pay

  48. Moses Byju Dreams

    Moses Byju Dreams

    4 soat oldin

    Sounds like a Johnny english idea

  49. Bumbo Jumbo

    Bumbo Jumbo

    4 soat oldin

    Normal mask:5$ Razor mask:250$ plus delivery 24.89$ plus tax fees 50$ equal 304.89$ for one mask

  50. Santiago Ayuso Durán

    Santiago Ayuso Durán

    4 soat oldin

    Price 500 Dollars

  51. Wheeze


    4 soat oldin

    God please tell me that this is a real product don’t make this the next razor toaster I want it

  52. Wheeze


    4 soat oldin

    I low-key want this to be a thing like please tell me that this could be real

  53. LuckyTuber


    5 soat oldin

    The only thing that stops me from wearing this is my school mates who will probably make fun of my mask for no reason...

  54. aquatiq


    5 soat oldin

    360hz mask

  55. Thomask


    5 soat oldin

    Niceee, now you can breathe with 600gb of data!

  56. Blank


    5 soat oldin

    Aw there gonna go out of business after covid

  57. Aureliano Camargo

    Aureliano Camargo

    5 soat oldin

    How much?

  58. Faqih Awang

    Faqih Awang

    5 soat oldin

    yall dont stand a chance against me i got a gaming mask 😈😈🔥

  59. Samuel Simandl

    Samuel Simandl

    5 soat oldin

    It is troll...... Right?

  60. Simox


    5 soat oldin

    Man, I don’t even have a money to buy a razer mouse, and now u asking me to buy this?! Sure why not

  61. Gekko - Amm

    Gekko - Amm

    5 soat oldin

    it isnt april fools yet

  62. Kiloridge


    5 soat oldin

    April hasn't came yet.

  63. Vladimir Nyk

    Vladimir Nyk

    5 soat oldin

    Fear costs money

  64. Ugur Akkuş

    Ugur Akkuş

    5 soat oldin

    Rgb is people

  65. ArcXDZ


    5 soat oldin

    It's too early for April 1st, right?

  66. Instinct mrk

    Instinct mrk

    5 soat oldin

    *Covid-19 happens* Razer: “It’s free real estate”

  67. Chronos


    5 soat oldin

    We can now breathe at 120 FPS

  68. LandBreaker


    5 soat oldin

    idk should i listen to him or the music

  69. Turtle polnareffu

    Turtle polnareffu

    5 soat oldin

    Me : *mumbling when speaking* The teacher with that mask : bruh you lagging?

  70. Anubhav Gupta

    Anubhav Gupta

    5 soat oldin

    ah yes, the virginity protector C-19 ultra

  71. Eclipsos


    5 soat oldin

    Yay gaming mask Its over 60fps no lag

  72. Cute boi

    Cute boi

    5 soat oldin

    Now I can breathe in 4K

  73. Kyanlmao


    5 soat oldin

    All jokes aside this is genuinely an amazing invention, I am buying it when it is released

  74. Ovewyn


    5 soat oldin

    i hope this mask comes with Darth Vader voice changer

  75. Andres Garza

    Andres Garza

    5 soat oldin

    I don’t want it transparent

  76. ombaify


    5 soat oldin

    gaming mask go brrrrrrr

  77. Johnwell Villaflor

    Johnwell Villaflor

    5 soat oldin

    How much is it?

  78. Stephen Jay Ramirez

    Stephen Jay Ramirez

    6 soat oldin

    I cant see myself wear it with my flat nose lmao

  79. Vivek Muralidharan

    Vivek Muralidharan

    6 soat oldin

    so now i have to charge the mask too. ffs.

  80. Sei


    6 soat oldin

    Make Akali's mask from League of Legends :)

  81. Mazda RX-8 Rotary.

    Mazda RX-8 Rotary.

    6 soat oldin

    Very funny razer, making a £2,000 mask.

  82. 찬찬


    6 soat oldin

    ok but how much would that be.... I just don't wanna spend another 200 on freakin mask...

  83. Mesyâr


    6 soat oldin

    I need this for my PC.

  84. Number 1

    Number 1

    6 soat oldin

    they had to add rgb...

  85. Kushagra Bhushan

    Kushagra Bhushan

    6 soat oldin

    viper mains unite

  86. Shubham Dheringe

    Shubham Dheringe

    6 soat oldin

    Viper be like.... I've seen it somewhere

  87. Mackhenzie Rhod Yuson

    Mackhenzie Rhod Yuson

    6 soat oldin

    RGB, yes?

  88. Aaron.


    6 soat oldin

    will I be able to speak like vader?

  89. Heinrich Nienaber

    Heinrich Nienaber

    6 soat oldin

    Okay but why would you wear a mask while playing games in your home? You can’t wear it at an event cause there are no major gaming events during Covid? So when does one wear this while gaming?

  90. Havien Gangan

    Havien Gangan

    6 soat oldin

    Im sure this is only for flex

  91. Lqmn


    6 soat oldin

    I need this.

  92. Erik V.k

    Erik V.k

    6 soat oldin

    You should make a version where it is tinted, because I like people not being able to see my ugly face🤣😭

  93. Low-End Gamer

    Low-End Gamer

    6 soat oldin

    So... What's the price?

  94. radiation


    6 soat oldin

    prolly the most stupidest idea

  95. ゴーストghost


    6 soat oldin

    I need this!

  96. Weaponkid


    6 soat oldin

    Once these are available covid will be gone. xD

  97. Sir Toasty

    Sir Toasty

    7 soat oldin

    Everything fun and games until you have to charge your mask.

  98. Krow


    7 soat oldin

    I can barely hear him

  99. Andree Approx Fan

    Andree Approx Fan

    7 soat oldin

    Alternative title: GAMERUU MASKU

  100. SparePlays


    7 soat oldin

    You know the product is from a PC part company.. if it has RGB on it