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Reacting to xQc’s Reaction of Linus’ Reaction of xQc’s PC Build

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  1. Odd Cooper

    Odd Cooper

    2 soat oldin

    xqc reacts to linus reacting to xqc reacting to linus’ reaction to xqcs pc build

    • Odd Cooper

      Odd Cooper

      2 soat oldin

      This is called the reaction paradox

  2. Vinay Kadu

    Vinay Kadu

    18 soat oldin

    How many times are you going to react to each other

  3. Potatical


    22 soat oldin

    This comment is sponsored by ridge wallet

  4. Dakota Lewis

    Dakota Lewis

    23 soat oldin

    So, this build video collab coming or not..

  5. farmerfb


    Kun oldin

    I don't know this guy is and I really don't care. That makes this reaction to reaction video pointless to me.

  6. Justin Svenkeson

    Justin Svenkeson

    Kun oldin

    Imagine if they went back to back reacting to each others videos forever.

  7. Daniel Duncan

    Daniel Duncan

    Kun oldin

    Low hanging fruit. I will pass on this one.

  8. ThatKeffordGuy


    Kun oldin

    Would buried pipes do a good job of cooling a server? For cooling I would’ve thought putting the pipes into a pond or something would work better. I guess it depends how deep the pipes are, a couple of metres down and it stays kinda warm.

  9. Tim Conboy

    Tim Conboy

    Kun oldin

    I generally mock your transitions but am generally low key amused. But I bought a ridge wallet. . .

  10. L H

    L H

    2 kun oldin

    21:20 who else knows what he is talking about?😝

  11. Richard H

    Richard H

    2 kun oldin

    Linus at 17:15 : "I just need like a thicker thing." Me shouting at 2 am: "That's what she said!"

  12. Min Sugi

    Min Sugi

    2 kun oldin

    Sooo, He is reacting to xqc reacting to Him reacting to xqc? Does that make sense?

  13. Jacob Batterham

    Jacob Batterham

    3 kun oldin

    React annnndy bro!

  14. Jasen Worrell

    Jasen Worrell

    3 kun oldin

    He was meaning he has anxiety but doesn't know what to call it

  15. SJ218P


    3 kun oldin


  16. Octane Mode Films

    Octane Mode Films

    3 kun oldin

    Like Xqc thing he is arrogant he shows up like he is a pro but I think he is a noob

  17. Helmaks


    3 kun oldin

    Somebody should install BTTV and FFZ for linus, they're tech guys, aren't they?

  18. Alein FromEarth

    Alein FromEarth

    4 kun oldin

    Is this the new way humans are gonna communicate in the future?

  19. tibiboss


    4 kun oldin


  20. Alan Antony Sebastian

    Alan Antony Sebastian

    4 kun oldin

    Joey tribbiani's head is exploding in the distance

  21. Delta Six Gaming

    Delta Six Gaming

    5 kun oldin

    I want to see this Geothermal Cooling Solution for your Server Room now

  22. Luis Ynayan

    Luis Ynayan

    5 kun oldin

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  23. Luiz Campos

    Luiz Campos

    5 kun oldin

    I can’t survive again to that moment when xqc says V-aye-aye-aye not knowing a sh*t about Roman numbers.

  24. Ellmatador


    5 kun oldin

    Wtf pls normalize audio in the future

  25. UnoriginalName


    5 kun oldin

    Somebody get this man bttv and ffz

  26. Kells G

    Kells G

    5 kun oldin

    OmegaLUL xQc worried about losing face pepeLaugh

  27. Harsh Raj

    Harsh Raj

    5 kun oldin

    me reacting to Linus reacting to xqc reacting to linus reacting to xqc pc build.

  28. Theoretic


    5 kun oldin

    Way too dank

  29. Chay Comas

    Chay Comas

    5 kun oldin

    Is this the streamer version of a rap battle?

  30. gamerman


    6 kun oldin


  31. Richard Adam

    Richard Adam

    6 kun oldin

    There's a Christopher Nolan joke somewhere here.

  32. Samar


    6 kun oldin

    Imagine not having BTTV enabled Linus WeirdChamp

  33. Pikopati


    6 kun oldin

    20:05 That diagram are just like his own diagram when he explain something. So he would understand it 100%

  34. Hokuu Kuia

    Hokuu Kuia

    8 kun oldin

    linus i love the headphones i didn’t know you had the hundo 600 they are very nice

  35. Dr_LoOm


    8 kun oldin

    lmao sticker book

  36. Andrea Briganti

    Andrea Briganti

    8 kun oldin

    Wait a second. Linus is reacting to this guy, that was reacting to Linus previous reaction about the same guy end... I'm lost.

  37. smackyefoehead


    9 kun oldin

    no bttv WeirdChamp

  38. Quick Nick

    Quick Nick

    9 kun oldin

    before UZtop recommending xQcs reaction to the verge to me, I never heard of him too. And it looks like I didn't miss anything, so

  39. Quick Nick

    Quick Nick

    9 kun oldin

    Luke loosing his shit like: "THAT'S A WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF LOVE, LIKE..." Linus: "Luke can you just chill for a sec?"

  40. Thug with Pug

    Thug with Pug

    9 kun oldin

    The Audio here was way off, Luke alot louder then Linus. i dont wanna have to adjust volume trough the whole video. and also pause the reaction video, do not mute it.

  41. Yuuuhh Boiii

    Yuuuhh Boiii

    9 kun oldin

    Watching them try to explain the closed water system was cringe af tbh and where as I get what they were trying to say, they were very wrong in explaining it.

  42. ms3bani


    10 kun oldin

    @13:41 think of it like spinning a wheel from the outer rim. it doesn't matter where you apply power to - top, bottom, left, right. equal amount of power is required to spin the wheel, and no mechanical advantage is gained doing it from any point, over any other.

  43. AlienBroski


    11 kun oldin

    these 2 need to date each other

  44. Aman Kumar

    Aman Kumar

    11 kun oldin

    Does that mean i have seen the original video 4 times by watching this once?

  45. Gilgabro


    11 kun oldin

    The sound diffrence is annoying.

  46. Dane


    11 kun oldin

    the funny part is xqc is actually never in character unless when playing RP games. so whenever you watch him, anything he does it's basically him :D we all know he's a Pepega (quite a bit stupid) but we like him cause we like laughing on other people's behalf specially if they're ok with it.

  47. Gah


    11 kun oldin

    Now XqC reacting to the reaction of LTT reacting to the reaction of xQc reacting to the reaction of LTT reacting to xQc pc building

  48. Nut Bust

    Nut Bust

    11 kun oldin

    Xqc has a brain of a 6 year old

    • kfrvrggr ktfdd

      kfrvrggr ktfdd

      5 kun oldin

      yes, a brain of a 6 year old who makes more money than you and your family combined

  49. Paul D

    Paul D

    12 kun oldin

    Lol I'm having trouble figuring out which layer is speaking

  50. Xploding Autismo

    Xploding Autismo

    12 kun oldin

    we enter the loop

  51. Ariel Hernandez

    Ariel Hernandez

    12 kun oldin

    Gotta install BTTV

  52. Avy Lynn

    Avy Lynn

    12 kun oldin

    He’s acting like he has no time when he streams like 12hrs a day

  53. Noa


    12 kun oldin

    4:56 *"I showed you mine. You showed me yours."* lmao what's wrong with me?

  54. Nub Nublet

    Nub Nublet

    12 kun oldin

    OkayChamp This chat is too fast!

  55. SuperParthz GAMING

    SuperParthz GAMING

    12 kun oldin


  56. Tamharjeet Singh Walia

    Tamharjeet Singh Walia

    13 kun oldin

    Xqc did nothing but just play his vid on his channel. Not even a good reaction

  57. RathØX


    13 kun oldin

    Madisons drawing was better 😂

  58. PsychoCaki


    13 kun oldin

    Cant wait to see next part! xQc reacting to Linus reaction of xQc’s Reaction of Linus’ Reaction of xQc’s PC Build .

  59. Shane Duffy

    Shane Duffy

    13 kun oldin

    Watching people explain basic physics baffles me. To explain equilibrium like this made me giggle, nice gravity waves lol

  60. The British Patriot

    The British Patriot

    13 kun oldin

    Now we all wait for XQC to react to Linus reacting to XQC reacting to Linus reacting to XQC's PC build.

  61. Ashish Gupta

    Ashish Gupta

    14 kun oldin

    Dude, You spent 10 mins explaining a simple fact: "Pressure in a tube with close circuit does not depend on gravity"

  62. Alec Travis-Daugherty

    Alec Travis-Daugherty

    14 kun oldin

    God I cant handle xqc....

  63. bigdreams


    14 kun oldin

    LTT's sponsors are the only ones winning out of this reaction madness

  64. sTew


    15 kun oldin

    When will this reacception end

  65. Sebastian Jensch

    Sebastian Jensch

    15 kun oldin

    This is a joke lol. You just need to think of a siphon. This is basic fluid mechanics.

  66. P-Tech


    15 kun oldin

    As a physics major when you drew the gravity waves in brown I died inside

  67. King Roski

    King Roski

    15 kun oldin

    Dude, I was dying laughing at the ms paint bit lol

  68. Daroth_Arsona


    16 kun oldin

    and why do you mute instead of pausing?!?! actually the worst host of all time

    • TheCrack TBFF

      TheCrack TBFF

      15 kun oldin

      Him and luke are probably trying to put their streams in sync

  69. Daroth_Arsona


    16 kun oldin

    why did you have him react with no chat emotes turned on? also why is his face not on screen for the whole reaction? isnt that kinda the point?

  70. THEmickTHEgun


    17 kun oldin

    V I I I!! Lol

  71. Ahmed Mohamed

    Ahmed Mohamed

    17 kun oldin

    who is xQc

    • Ahmed Mohamed

      Ahmed Mohamed

      17 kun oldin

      am i a boomer now?

  72. Levosso


    17 kun oldin

    Wait how much channel do u have

  73. Pookie


    17 kun oldin


  74. Matthew Traum

    Matthew Traum

    18 kun oldin

    This is just so hard to listen to

  75. Ƶҽɳσ


    18 kun oldin

    Now lets see xQc react to linus reacting to xQc reacting to linus reacting to xQc

  76. jo JO

    jo JO

    18 kun oldin

    Linus is only seeing text in the chat LULW Chat don’t tell him he doesn’t know PepeLaugh

  77. s2


    18 kun oldin

    he was saying he treats even ‘celebrity streamers’ the same. he wasn’t saying he was

  78. buzz


    18 kun oldin

    no BTTV Pepega Pepega Pepega Pepega

  79. Aden B

    Aden B

    19 kun oldin


  80. Master Shredtacular

    Master Shredtacular

    19 kun oldin

    is it just me or was xQc actually just reacting to himself the whole time? It's like this guys see's and hears nothing but himself... I guess you don't get followings like his without being entirely narcissistic and self-absorbed

  81. Dumbledore David

    Dumbledore David

    19 kun oldin

    Mom: what are you watching? Me: Its complicated

  82. FakzX


    19 kun oldin


  83. lubbers maltby

    lubbers maltby

    19 kun oldin

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  84. Kimoka Records

    Kimoka Records

    19 kun oldin

    This is getting waytodank

  85. ChabuTwo


    19 kun oldin

    We need to go deeper.

  86. lubbers maltby

    lubbers maltby

    19 kun oldin

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  87. Matthew C

    Matthew C

    20 kun oldin

    These reactions have more layers than my personality

  88. Chali YYY

    Chali YYY

    20 kun oldin

    Infinite loop of monetization

  89. Tom Laight

    Tom Laight

    20 kun oldin

    counterweights on a lift could be a good analogy for explaining the gravity issue

  90. Josh The Human

    Josh The Human

    20 kun oldin


  91. Guntazza


    20 kun oldin

    Get BTTV

  92. Dark Unknown

    Dark Unknown

    20 kun oldin


  93. objBobby


    20 kun oldin

    Luke is slowly turning into a RDR2 character

  94. Velvet Thunder

    Velvet Thunder

    21 kun oldin

    4:57 yes yes yes

  95. Shavaaa


    21 kun oldin

    Just collab already ffs

  96. SomeRandomGuy


    21 kun oldin

    Please put that drawing on a shirt. I will legit buy one for each of my family members.

  97. Mikołaj K

    Mikołaj K

    21 kun oldin

    0 IQ physics here.

  98. Gamblerscop


    21 kun oldin

    This just getting weird now

  99. Everett Ririe

    Everett Ririe

    21 kun oldin

    I want to do a reaction to this so that at least somebody can get the physics right

  100. 12ManFan


    23 kun oldin

    The title alone is funnier than half the content on this site😂