Real Madrid vs. Shakhtar Donetsk: Extended Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports

Shakhtar came into Matchday 1 severely outmanned as they were down 10 men due to COVID. Despite being down players they created opportunities and gave Zinedine Zidane and his Real Madrid squad problems from start to finish.
Shakhtar came out with a strong offensive plan and put the pressure on Real Madrid early and often. The early offensive pressure resulted in a goal in the 29’ by Tetê thrusting the Ukranian side to an early 1-0 lead.
Not long after the goal, Tetê was causing problems again. He took a shot from the top of the box causing Real Madrid’s keeper, Thibaut Courtois, to deflect the ball back into play, but it went off of his own defender, Raphaël Varane, for an own goal giving Shakhtar a commanding 2-0 lead in the 33’.
Tetê wasn’t done leaving his mark on the first half though, in the 42’ he played a beautiful back heel pass to an open Manor Solomon who drilled it to the bottom left corner of the goal to bolster Shakhtar’s lead over Real Madrid, 3-0.
Real Madrid started the second half playing with more fire, and they got things going with an absolute banger of a goal in the 54’ by Luka Modrić from 30 meters. Real Madrid kept the pressure on by scoring its second goal just 5 minutes later in the 59’ by Vinícius Júnior who had just come on to the pitch after being on the bench for the first half. Real Madrid had one final opportunity late in the second half to pull even, but Vinícius Júnior was ruled offside via VAR and the goal was called off.
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  1. Arnulfo Moreno

    Arnulfo Moreno

    18 kun oldin

    0:43 bro that was the cleanest tackle I’ve ever seen, tough and not dirty. How was that even a foul!?!

  2. Tristan Xavier

    Tristan Xavier

    22 kun oldin

    Madrid just lost to a shaktar B team. LMAO

  3. handsom.chris


    22 kun oldin

    Shakhtar had Real in the first half but in the second half they still had Real

  4. Xavier


    23 kun oldin

    Varane needs to be bench now mark my words

  5. Kayla Sosa

    Kayla Sosa

    25 kun oldin

    They had us in the first half, not gonna lie And they still had us in the second half.

  6. Steven Vicijan

    Steven Vicijan

    26 kun oldin

    Muy disapointo por Real Madrid. Muy exspiensa ikepa

  7. luis mendoza

    luis mendoza

    26 kun oldin


  8. ICreateAnger


    26 kun oldin

    Bet 15 dollars on Shakhtar and won 188$ lol

  9. Miguel Cortez Jr.

    Miguel Cortez Jr.

    26 kun oldin

    I really don't think Real Madrid's making it out of the group stages

  10. Leonardo Castro

    Leonardo Castro

    27 kun oldin

    What happened to the stadium

  11. The Rose PageSt

    The Rose PageSt

    27 kun oldin

    Simply don't like soccer, no way no how.

  12. Bridger Peres

    Bridger Peres

    27 kun oldin

    CBS's extended highlights are absolutely atrocious, you need new editors.

  13. The Real King James

    The Real King James

    28 kun oldin

    3-0 thalaatha sifir in the 1st half🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Ethan Mo

    Ethan Mo

    28 kun oldin

    aw man real almost made a comeback

  15. Battalgazi


    29 kun oldin

    HALA MADRiD lol..

  16. God


    29 kun oldin

    Lmao just make slide tackles illegal at this point

  17. Alpha Diallo

    Alpha Diallo

    29 kun oldin

    real trash without ronaldo

  18. Robert Del Rosario

    Robert Del Rosario

    29 kun oldin

    where's Sergio Ramos when u need him

  19. Shaked Sharabee

    Shaked Sharabee

    Oy oldin

    Solomon and Tete terrorising Madrid was so fun to watch

  20. Myles Taylor

    Myles Taylor

    Oy oldin

    Ramos is like Messi, when they’re not playing, they have a huge hole in their team.

  21. skech_one


    Oy oldin

    I guess Barca do have a chance

  22. NYs9thwonder


    Oy oldin

    Is this the state of Spanish football? Dios mio!

  23. pijigi


    Oy oldin

    RMA sucks hell!!! LOL

  24. Mike Ree

    Mike Ree

    Oy oldin

    What kind stadium is this..??

  25. Oh Hale YEAH!

    Oh Hale YEAH!

    Oy oldin

    Defense looks like my Saturday 40+ team tracking back. That Solomon goal is horrible tracking.



    Oy oldin

    Congrats to Shahktar Brazilsk, an excellent win! You can hardly see an Ukrainian player in the main team for the Ukrainian team...

    • Jasper Seen

      Jasper Seen

      28 kun oldin

      Salty comment, it's an international team.

  27. Bob Ross’s Dad

    Bob Ross’s Dad

    Oy oldin

    I don’t get it, why was the goal called offsides?

  28. Angel Bautista

    Angel Bautista

    Oy oldin

    It was an own goal dumbass

  29. Eddie Yates

    Eddie Yates

    Oy oldin

    Real Madrid are shit

  30. Juan Lara

    Juan Lara

    Oy oldin

    Jesus they got clapped for that 3rd goal, jeez shaktar just didn’t care at all

  31. spinemaggot11


    Oy oldin

    Hahahaha you got it fucking zizu

  32. Cris 3

    Cris 3

    Oy oldin

    #3 Real Madrid is so bad

  33. GerardoGalle


    Oy oldin


  34. Minato Uzumaki

    Minato Uzumaki

    Oy oldin

    Real Madrid are just a bunch of spoiled kids they forgot what Madrid stands for. Its more than having tattoos and having your a nice hairstyle



    Oy oldin

    These commentators suck

  36. Heisenberg-SchrodingerEmc2


    Oy oldin

    No Ronaldo = No Party

  37. Slavy Nikolic

    Slavy Nikolic

    Oy oldin

    Jovic is MIA

  38. Azael Aguilar

    Azael Aguilar

    Oy oldin

    I really believe that they let them win It’s hard to think they actually play this bad

  39. syphaxny


    Oy oldin

    Im wondering what Varane is still doing at RM.

  40. Jules Tjamak

    Jules Tjamak

    Oy oldin

    zidane should make some adjustments

  41. Astro Mars

    Astro Mars

    Oy oldin

    Varane should stop playing. He looks like he has no more desire....After winning every trophy there is to win...

  42. Nike Addicts

    Nike Addicts

    Oy oldin

    Varane messed up first half

  43. Callme Ishmael

    Callme Ishmael

    Oy oldin

    where is Shakhtar from?

  44. Victor F

    Victor F

    Oy oldin

    Why aren’t they playing at the barnebeu

    • Bob Bowie

      Bob Bowie

      Oy oldin

      its being renovated. oh lord

  45. Jonathan Wiebe

    Jonathan Wiebe

    Oy oldin

    I don't want to be rude but that was a horror show by Madrid. I don't know what it is but the team doesn't seem to have chemistry. I know they rely on Ramos but still... I don't want to point fingers but ever since Ronaldo left they haven't had the same confidence. The same with Zidane I don't know if he is the right coach. He has messed things up in my opinion trying to make Los Blancos "his team" rather than the best team they could be. Him keeping Bale and James on the bench is simply uncalled for especially with James performance in Everton. Even if he doesn't think that they are better than his "starters" he should at least sub them in to see if it changes up the chemistry. I know that talent is the main part of a Dominant team. But if you don't have chemistry you will fall apart.

  46. Caetano Sanchez

    Caetano Sanchez

    Oy oldin


  47. julio chavez

    julio chavez

    Oy oldin

    Center backs need to watch this awful positioning, this is not acceptable from what is supposed to be a top tier team



    Oy oldin

    Varane can't live without Ramos



    Oy oldin

    Damn why does Hazard always gets injured

  50. Ruben


    Oy oldin

    It’s gonna be a long season 🤦🏽‍♂️

  51. TheOman1997


    Oy oldin

    That third goal from Shakhtar🤩💪

  52. Michael Schultz

    Michael Schultz

    Oy oldin

    'This might clear it up for us!' *camera cuts away right before the shot*

  53. Ricardo Alvarez

    Ricardo Alvarez

    Oy oldin

    Real Titanic.

  54. 鐘樹根收皮


    Oy oldin

    Wheres hazard ?

  55. NotSoLiberal


    Oy oldin

    8:46 why does Kroos look like he just woke up before the game

  56. Kevyn Montenegro

    Kevyn Montenegro

    Oy oldin

    I'm a simple man, I see a real madrid loss, I click like.

    • Jesus Christ

      Jesus Christ

      Oy oldin

      We’re both simple man then..

  57. Miguel Tovar

    Miguel Tovar

    Oy oldin

    Militao.... bruuuh, you suck!!!! A la banca!!

  58. Nicholas Lancetta

    Nicholas Lancetta

    Oy oldin

    Ive been saying for years that I don't trust Varane and between the City game last year and this game it totally makes my point, I never liked him from when he replaced Pepe and always saw that he was prone to mental lapses in La liga games but his saving grace was that he would rise to the level of competition and played his best games in the UCL and for France.. Well even that is fading quick .... Militao is barely worth mentioning because he's such gutter trash and is either dreadfully slow or is literally jogging... Dude is a dumpster fire, where is my man Nacho.. Would so much rather play him.. Watching our center defense this game made me want to rip out me eyes.. I'm so used to the sublime performances of Ramos, we are in huge trouble if we don't find another capable CB within the next 2 years because even how great Ramos is he can't stave off father time forever.. Not having Carjaval really hurts us as well because not only is he such an elite RB.. But Mendy does not look comfortable on the right compared to the left where he shines.. And Marcelo my man I love you and all the greatness you brought to Real Madrid but your not capable of elite level left back play anymore and thats been the case for like 3 years now.. We really should have had 5 goals scored against us.. Zidane has to figure out this mess of a D and we need Ramos back in a hurry because this shit was brutal.. I thought I was watching Arsenal or City CBs out there..

  59. Ayodamola Ajala

    Ayodamola Ajala

    Oy oldin

    Militao was horrendous like such bad defending . This man was basically walking on the 3rd goal with all that space. See how far the guy who scored the goal had to run.

  60. Ezwap


    Oy oldin

    We need Ramos to play and we need Benz to be the only striker and sell jovic and play asensio RW and vininicus LW

  61. chuckie


    Oy oldin

    “The young team” never underestimate your opponent .

  62. Dez


    Oy oldin

    Isn't tete a beast omg

  63. Sergii Baidalin

    Sergii Baidalin

    Oy oldin

    This is what happens when you underestimate and disrespect teams because you RM. And shame on spanish journalists who misspelled lots of Shakhtar's players names. Same happened last week when Spain played against Ukraine. Were punished twice though. You guys should start remembering our names already

    • Sergii Baidalin

      Sergii Baidalin

      Oy oldin

      @Avp Imdb it’s not

    • Avp Imdb

      Avp Imdb

      Oy oldin

      Your name is also misspelled.

  64. Dez


    Oy oldin

    That celebration of tete on the first Goal remind me of the running scene in the movie get out..😁

  65. Dez


    Oy oldin

    Call shaktar little brazil 🇧🇷

  66. TheIskateTV


    Oy oldin

    And for some reason militao starts for brazil dont make sense

  67. Brandon Espinoza

    Brandon Espinoza

    Oy oldin

    Bro i cant pronounce the other teams name idk why

  68. Danny Celis

    Danny Celis

    Oy oldin

    modric marcelo ascensio and benzema thats it

  69. Danny Celis

    Danny Celis

    Oy oldin

    madrid just looks lazy no one follows back

  70. tapinbrysx!


    Oy oldin

    Paidway T.O Gets Expose By Girlfriend 😳

  71. tapinbrysx!


    Oy oldin

    Paidway T.O Gets Expose By Girlfriend 😳

  72. Brendan Veit

    Brendan Veit

    Oy oldin

    Militao is some dog shit

  73. Life Hacks

    Life Hacks

    Oy oldin

    I couldnt stop laughing from this video

  74. Sudharshan Srinivasan

    Sudharshan Srinivasan

    Oy oldin

    3:07 "This might absolutely clear it for us". Goes on to cut that sequence

  75. O YE

    O YE

    Oy oldin

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  76. Sagar Jacky

    Sagar Jacky

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  77. Phoenix-King 77

    Phoenix-King 77

    Oy oldin

    You know shakhtar’s dressing room was lit 🔥 after

  78. Phoenix-King 77

    Phoenix-King 77

    Oy oldin

    Imagine that dressing room after 😂

    • Jesus Christ

      Jesus Christ

      Oy oldin

      They’re all ganging up on Varane and Militao😪

  79. Mark Do

    Mark Do

    Oy oldin

    It's true that Zidane is not good for this giant club he was lucky enough best players Las time. He considered he is best??? Will see people 👎👎👎 even he brought Aden hazard by his ideal might be not owner. Now trying to get fucking around Popa from MU with his mind again. No no no fire now

  80. Andrew Guillen

    Andrew Guillen

    Oy oldin

    Man what kinda defense was that 🚶🏽

  81. STILL


    Oy oldin

    One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates❤️

  82. Imad Almosawi

    Imad Almosawi

    Oy oldin

    This more then 10 time I’m saying this to zaidan The coach of Real Madrid I will be saying this to you in Arabic and English hopefully you’re going to get it somehow if you keep losing to this shitty team how are you going to make it all the way to the top???? ياحضرة المدرب زيدان ،،، اذا تبقى تخسر مع هذه الفرق الضعيفه ممكن ان توضح لنا كيف سوف تصل الى نهايات البطوله في الدوري الاسباني او بطولات الاوربيه ؟؟؟ رجاءاً حاول ان تبذل جهداً افضل وحافظ على اسمك واسم الفريق ( هذا ريال مدريد ) فلا تحاول ان تشوه صورته بمثل هذه الخسارات المخزيه

  83. Tvsia


    Oy oldin .

  84. Peace FC

    Peace FC

    Oy oldin

    Those defensive mistakes weren’t lookin good 🥵

  85. Peace FC

    Peace FC

    Oy oldin

    Saw that real was 3-0 down, and my friend asked if I think real will come back I said probably because they are real, that’s what they do

  86. Santos Urbina

    Santos Urbina

    Oy oldin

    Madrid are trash! Might as well give them the boot for this L!

  87. ElRey Phenomenon

    ElRey Phenomenon

    Oy oldin

    Unfortunately Varane was trash

  88. TW Mda

    TW Mda

    Oy oldin

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  89. john franco

    john franco

    Oy oldin

    Jovic is ass, Varane played horrible and Luka looks a step to slow

  90. Oprahs my Mum

    Oprahs my Mum

    Oy oldin

    Real Madrid is a dead team

  91. Alejandro Ruelas

    Alejandro Ruelas

    Oy oldin

    Vini jr is an idiot he needs to be smarter that goal could’ve counted. Sale that bum he another rodrygo

  92. Gamer Ayhum

    Gamer Ayhum

    Oy oldin

    it will be a comeback for real, like if you think like that

  93. Mr3344555


    Oy oldin

    Dude in the thumbnails mouth is so big, he looks those sock puppets 😂

  94. Rose Lee

    Rose Lee

    Oy oldin

  95. Soccer!


    Oy oldin

    Wow, this was a group full of players that haven't worked together much at all while several players played their first game in ages. And they managed to beat Real Madrid, who admittedly didn't exactly defend well but are still one of the best teams in Europe. That is phenomenal work.

  96. Andrew Castro

    Andrew Castro

    Oy oldin

    Is that even legal? Blocking a goal keeper and then getting scored?

  97. Kurt Leier

    Kurt Leier

    Oy oldin


  98. Alejandro Alba

    Alejandro Alba

    Oy oldin

    Militao gave up

  99. Diego R.

    Diego R.

    Oy oldin

    Milatao is straight ass. Sell that guy. He was a complete disaster. From his shite attitude to his shite defending

  100. Ivan H

    Ivan H

    Oy oldin

    Hala Vardrid !!!