SHORT PEOPLE PROBLEMS - Relatable musical by La La Life

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Here are some relatable facts about short girl problems and struggles of living in the tall people world. Are you short? Can you relate to that?
00:00 Bored at home
00:43 The hat problem
01:06 Wet armpit
01:19 Stepping over a puddle
01:41 Waiting for a bus
02:31 The doorbell problem
03:00 The tall guys party
04:17 Online shopping
05:44 Clothes store
06:19 The cashier
06:42 To the beach!
07:13 I am not that young!
09:00 New tik tok trend
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  1. Job George

    Job George

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  2. Evelyn Joslin

    Evelyn Joslin

    4 soat oldin

    My mom said I can't have tiktok till I'm 16 but I can relate to maybe half of the things

  3. Minorca Pena

    Minorca Pena

    6 soat oldin

    Wow wow and wow

  4. Zoey Farrah Achumbre

    Zoey Farrah Achumbre

    7 soat oldin

    4:49 dilevery guy:awww wheres your mom Me:hahaha oh no

  5. McKenna Misiuk

    McKenna Misiuk

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  6. Petra Dennie

    Petra Dennie

    11 soat oldin

    This video is so relatable

  7. Donna Green

    Donna Green

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    Is not friday to day is Satday

  8. Donna Green

    Donna Green

    11 soat oldin

    I like sue pink hair

  9. Amora Robinson

    Amora Robinson

    13 soat oldin

    it was silly when she was crawing on the couch like a caterpiller

  10. claudia diaz gomez

    claudia diaz gomez

    17 soat oldin

    Sue, I'm just like you girl, I'm a kid and short but somehow other kids are taller than me, you know?

  11. mishal Jasmin

    mishal Jasmin

    21 soat oldin

    # fun and short

  12. Mila Mila

    Mila Mila

    22 soat oldin

    I’m short but I don’t wear kids clothes anymore.

  13. Jayden Ramsawak

    Jayden Ramsawak

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  14. Ben Evans

    Ben Evans

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    I Love so

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  17. Janney and Mia and Julia

    Janney and Mia and Julia

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    Did The Song Say im Fucking Bored

  18. Jovita Pereira

    Jovita Pereira

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    Person: Run girl run Me: um why

  19. alexis Frausto

    alexis Frausto

    Kun oldin

    This is my mom and my brother when they were little all my God I love you so I just I want to make a UZtop video but I don’t know how to make one teach me how to make one please and if you tell me something I’ll be so happy

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    Olyme beboso

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    Gracies World

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    I Love

  22. Amarissa Martinez

    Amarissa Martinez

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    What are you doing Alex

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      Fixbuv5gdgnyb y, ,,,,.kuyuyhjjhj and how Gbdgs cbcsdg

  24. Ava Gacha go

    Ava Gacha go

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    It’s cool to be a kid yn

  25. Ava Gacha go

    Ava Gacha go

    Kun oldin

    Same problem which me and my hoodie

  26. Sarah Taylor

    Sarah Taylor

    Kun oldin

    It's the part where sue had to swim on the sand 😂

    • Mikael Mustonen

      Mikael Mustonen

      15 soat oldin

      @Helen Beautiful vi

    • Helen Beautiful

      Helen Beautiful

      23 soat oldin

      Is due in Morrisons order would I need

  27. Sarah Taylor

    Sarah Taylor

    Kun oldin

    I hate being short too it's very hard

    • Chontate Brown

      Chontate Brown

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      Kk!!!¡Hnhhhhhhhhhhhhhghhhhhhhbhhb bbbbbhhhh?

  28. oralia alaniz

    oralia alaniz

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    So pretty videos you know you say cuss words no no stop baby videos

  29. Hridya Pv

    Hridya Pv

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    Sue what is your number 🤔 😕 🤣

  30. Kira Gammage

    Kira Gammage

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    So true

  31. Giselle Rocha

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    Pop it kit giselle

  32. Edrees Ismail

    Edrees Ismail

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    Cool sue

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    I can relate 2 sue 24\7

  34. Cassandra Gaines

    Cassandra Gaines

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  38. XxRed roses xX

    XxRed roses xX

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    I bored in a house and im in a house boi 😎 but if i watch lala life then i change my mind pls comment lala life

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  42. Milkshake Uwu

    Milkshake Uwu

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    Tbh they aren’t relatable at all only a few

  43. Zilpha Johnson

    Zilpha Johnson

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    We is a

  44. Zilpha Johnson

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    185ff H g f h g f do G HD hb gb

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    Omg why are you so small

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    La. La Life

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  52. natalia toma

    natalia toma

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    friends are more taller than me, I am so short

  53. Jyostna Naik

    Jyostna Naik

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    Wow 😲🤩😍 this video is amazing👍

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    Is cornaviras how you still ate the beach

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    i did i can rlait

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    U are still little

  61. Donna Holland

    Donna Holland

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    I am the smallest in my class

  62. Kez H

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    Sharna Kiddle

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    I am big

  64. Eranga Abeyseka

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    We're doo you liv

  66. Laurinka Švédovà

    Laurinka Švédovà

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    Your pink hair Its Real or not???

  67. Elin Wonderland

    Elin Wonderland

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    At least you didn’t have to pay

  68. Sophie Walten

    Sophie Walten

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    I’m at the literal fucking size of a kitchen counter I can’t fucking reach the mirror

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  71. Sabrina Kharleen HONRADE

    Sabrina Kharleen HONRADE

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  72. Selay Plays!

    Selay Plays!

    8 kun oldin

    Why do ppl still call sue a child can’t u see she has a chest?

  73. Ariana Arruda

    Ariana Arruda

    8 kun oldin

    Im short It was very relatable

  74. e V

    e V

    8 kun oldin

    Sue: im so f*ucking bored

  75. Lily Pie

    Lily Pie

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    La Lliggbhh

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    Brooklyn Williams

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    Thanks Marg Silva it’s because I’m a kid

  78. Antonia Jacobs

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    Hi sue I am a Fan O f you .are o.

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    Video hè dat vind ik zoveel groetjes Sanne en de andere rol en Sophie ook toch groetjes Suzanne👠👠👗💍💋👄💎❤️❤️❤️

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    Paloma Luna

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    At least you got to go to the beach free and no waste your money :D

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    Im bored alwayz in my house becuse i have nothing to do -_-

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      XD same.

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    I relate all of them

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    FAB FF

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    By the way I am 6'4

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    Athena T

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    I’m so small like i was 6 and 5 and 4 but my 7

  95. Lemon plays

    Lemon plays

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    I love the sound effects! Good job!

    • R-R R-R

      R-R R-R

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    Camilla 18

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    It’s spelled “snak” 😂

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  98. Mayra Quintero

    Mayra Quintero

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    Sue is nice being sort I am and I love it I can go in small place when some thing I suke

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