SHORT PEOPLE PROBLEMS - Relatable musical by La La Life

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Here are some relatable facts about short girl problems and struggles of living in the tall people world. Are you short? Can you relate to that?
00:00 Bored at home
00:43 The hat problem
01:06 Wet armpit
01:19 Stepping over a puddle
01:41 Waiting for a bus
02:31 The doorbell problem
03:00 The tall guys party
04:17 Online shopping
05:44 Clothes store
06:19 The cashier
06:42 To the beach!
07:13 I am not that young!
09:00 New tik tok trend
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  1. Lydia Jessy

    Lydia Jessy

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    Me 11.4🀭

  2. Lena


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    Im tall

  3. Schejla Prijic

    Schejla Prijic

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    Im shortπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺβ€β€πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸŒπŸŒ

  4. Rawin Zirak

    Rawin Zirak

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    hahaha nownow

  5. Rawin Zirak

    Rawin Zirak

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  13. BuRnT_ChEeSe989 β€’_β€’

    BuRnT_ChEeSe989 β€’_β€’

    9 soat oldin

    I thought this was supposed to be a child friendly channel not with the f word in..

  14. Ammu Sanup

    Ammu Sanup

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    I love you guys

  15. Shriya Singh

    Shriya Singh

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    UNO is my favorite game

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    DIEZ Imagen

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    asΓ­ sou culπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  17. Makayla Gonzales

    Makayla Gonzales

    11 soat oldin

    This is me

  18. Schalacey Hayes

    Schalacey Hayes

    12 soat oldin

    Wow i love her hight we could be friends no hate love the hieght i wish i was that short

    • Afeei Hamza

      Afeei Hamza

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    • Afeei Hamza

      Afeei Hamza

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  19. Our Lives

    Our Lives

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  20. Marni Garland

    Marni Garland

    13 soat oldin

    The girl with the brown hair sounds like Susie sheep Lol and I am tall

  21. lorie,nahla and zlatan

    lorie,nahla and zlatan

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    I cant believe she say a bad word

  22. Leafy Gaming

    Leafy Gaming

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    I am a kid so it’s like I am a little nugget

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    I am 5

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    On plm

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    I love this video

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    imchloe arielle

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    I'm bored at the house but I'm also a kid

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    I'm short to

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    Luann's video

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    Stampy and baby girl I like a UZtop videos I like the song what you put on it what's your videos please you

    • Luann's video

      Luann's video

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      You asked my bed kids from a stupid portal and I just walked through a puddle do you ever go up you have to be a big girl I'm just a kid kid wave to you're not brave so good Girl UZtop videos please post more please please please show will you put pause new videos please thank you for your bed

  34. jemtones dolls

    jemtones dolls

    21 soat oldin

    You spell snack wrong

  35. {starlight_dragon} starlight_dragon

    {starlight_dragon} starlight_dragon

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    Why does the smal girl look like leah ashe

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    Laura Usher

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    She is smal

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    Hahah cool

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    Haw come she was happy wen she fell asleep

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    This is weird

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    She is to short

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    This is cringe and super funny 😁😁😁

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    Well it doesn't happen to me lol

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