The State of Movement Shooters 2

let's give this another shot.
part 1: (you don't need to see it to watch this tho)
Twitter: funkepills

Titanfall 2 on Steam
Paladins on Steam
Doom Eternal on Steam
google the rest
thx GSE for the legion gang beat (Titan Fall)
Music data:
random drum solos by Szendőfi Péter during cod segment
city trial theme (kirby air ride) during titanfall segment
greensleeves (tavern ambience) during paladins/valorant intro
it doesn't matter (sonic adventure) during maeve segment
At Fortress' Gate (Doom/TF2 remix by MrModez) during doom intro
sonic 3 bass & percussion during doom eternal intro
live and learn (sonic adventure 3) during valorant montage
outro is parody of weezer the good life (apparently i still have to explain this)
full version:
legion rap animated bit was by me dude i used to animate dude remember funketv i do 2 man i miss it


  1. FUNKe


    9 oy oldin

    POST-VIDEO ADDENDUM 1. scorch and ion mains in my comment section i see you but you guys kill me all the time and it makes me the big mad 2. I agree eternal's multiplayer has its flaws, I don't want to imply it's a direct substitute for deathmatch. I just don't want people hating it for the wrong reasons, because that's exactly what happened to 16's multiplayer. I don't intend to generalize others opinions on it! 3. there are a tooon of games that got scrapped from this script (ultrakill, ghostrunner etc). you'll hear me talk about the singleplayer ones another day :)

    • aguyontheinternet


      4 kun oldin

      6:08 i would say congrats to the rest of the legion gang... but they dont exist

    • Dougyboy


      5 kun oldin


    • CEO of onion incorperated

      CEO of onion incorperated

      9 kun oldin

      Damn that's crazy what if you made the ultrakill video rn?

    • Ronin Goding

      Ronin Goding

      9 kun oldin


    • Blue Flower

      Blue Flower

      14 kun oldin

      Mate TitanFall 2 is peaking at 16 000 now

  2. Alexander Radcliffe

    Alexander Radcliffe

    9 daqiqa oldin

    How many times have you watched this video?

  3. Nelo Angelo

    Nelo Angelo

    21 daqiqa oldin

    Whoever invented Drop shotting. I RSVP you a seat next to me in hell.

  4. Crab Cake

    Crab Cake

    3 soat oldin

    that track was kinda fire

  5. Penglings


    4 soat oldin

    What I’d like to know is what would Splatoon be considered? The game punishes being out of position but it also has a lot of movement techniques that can be learned. But idk, maybe splatoon is it’s own beast

  6. Weirdo


    4 soat oldin


  7. Cadigan


    7 soat oldin

    Fear the scorch mains, they're playing spatial mind games in the 7th dimension. Or they're walking towards you menacingly with their thermal shield, both are terrifying.

  8. Kevin Varner

    Kevin Varner

    8 soat oldin

    I appreciate someone that knows super monkey Ball

  9. the goose

    the goose

    8 soat oldin


  10. ItsJustMeJake


    10 soat oldin

    split gate is actually pretty good if you can find a damn lobby

  11. Brandon Ruffin

    Brandon Ruffin

    11 soat oldin

    jett is the scout of valorant

  12. AboTurki


    12 soat oldin

    Sadly the only people who keep ruins some FPS games are those fucking noobs who can't aim, don't wanna learn how to play it properly, and love to moan about anything stronger in someone's hands who have practiced a lot to master it. developers should put an NPC vs newbie so they can learn how to play the game or just stay there forever so they don't get demolished by who really puts time into the game.

  13. CurbThePain


    12 soat oldin

    u ar ded not big sooprize = subscribed

  14. iIRazebladesIi


    Kun oldin

    buy titanfall 2

  15. BulbasaurNo001 BulbasaurNo001

    BulbasaurNo001 BulbasaurNo001

    Kun oldin

    I was wondering why he was hating on Ion so much because it is a titan that actually needs good skill and decision making to use until I saw he was Legion main lol. Amped Vortex Shield go BRRRRRT.

  16. Doggaraffe


    Kun oldin

    He just called Papa Scorch irrelevant. Gamers, rise!

  17. Clone 2222

    Clone 2222

    Kun oldin

    Scorch and Ion are my second mains. You shall perish in four seconds.

  18. Adolf Shitler

    Adolf Shitler

    Kun oldin

    I wish i was playing on steam, tf|2 servers still only got like 4k players on ps4. At the end of this year i get my legion 5 pro and ca join the steam guys

  19. Pootis Pencer

    Pootis Pencer

    Kun oldin

    Your singing is surprisingly good

  20. Pootis Pencer

    Pootis Pencer

    Kun oldin

    I like the idea between doom eternal's multiplayer, and the slayer side is great! But the demon side feels like some fps-moba shit and I really don't like that. They should have gone all-in asymmetric arena shooter.

  21. CovfefeMug


    Kun oldin

    What was the music during the cod camper segment

  22. Modest services

    Modest services

    Kun oldin

    U didn't talk about halo

  23. plinygg


    Kun oldin

    5:07 "killed by smart pistol chimp" we've all been there

  24. Enzo


    Kun oldin

    6:09 putting this timestamp here for personal use

  25. Ashly Plourde

    Ashly Plourde

    Kun oldin

    Instead of toning down the movement for doom multiplayer they should have ramped it up, run faster jump higher wall run, slide jump etc

  26. Arvin


    Kun oldin

    Warframe: imma kill everybody

  27. Tjorgen 500

    Tjorgen 500

    Kun oldin

    PlayStation Hq: titanfall is getting popular again PlayStation store: *80% off titanfall 2 deluxe edition*

  28. b0roovka


    Kun oldin

    But Quake Champions has really good movement mechanics...

  29. Jimmy Crow

    Jimmy Crow

    Kun oldin

    people that complained about dooms multiplayer were just shit at it. Still the best multiplayer mode released since 2016

  30. SadFishySad


    Kun oldin

    Can we get a full grapple men version pls ?

  31. Dexster MM

    Dexster MM

    2 kun oldin

    disliked just cauh the rap cut shit was cringe , so much so i had to take off my headphones , other than that good vid

  32. Toyachii


    2 kun oldin

    Valorant is just boring

  33. Rui Wang

    Rui Wang

    2 kun oldin

    After all these years, we’re gravitating back towards old school shooters like Tribes, Quake 3 Arena and Unreal Tournaments.

  34. AkumaDuck


    2 kun oldin

    LEGION GANG haha

  35. NaC1 _

    NaC1 _

    2 kun oldin

    TF2/TF2 on top

  36. iiDoughnutHoles


    2 kun oldin

    I didn’t hear of Titanfall after apex...I’m a day one player of the game lmao

  37. KFC66


    2 kun oldin

    I just picked it up on steam a couple weeks ago. Can't believe I waited this long to play such a great game.

  38. Captain Mac

    Captain Mac

    2 kun oldin

    Lol Ion is the perfect counter to Legion and he hates it. -an Ion Main

  39. Captain Mac

    Captain Mac

    2 kun oldin

    Just buy TitanFall 2. And don't miss out on May 1st next year, we've designated it the annual Titanfall day.

  40. emanuel noel

    emanuel noel

    2 kun oldin

    Hahaha you should try warframes pvp

  41. Cattigen


    2 kun oldin

    that valorant gameplay ._.

  42. Fin_Moose XD

    Fin_Moose XD

    2 kun oldin

    That legion rap made me subscribe

  43. Slime Dog

    Slime Dog

    2 kun oldin

    UZtop has been recommending this for weeks and finally I watched it and I am WHOLLY UNDISAPOINTED

  44. The Bozzy Boi

    The Bozzy Boi

    2 kun oldin


  45. DVOxJustChillin


    3 kun oldin

    Should try conclave in warframe

  46. I Colby

    I Colby

    3 kun oldin

    god bless all yall for finally realizing how good this game is

  47. Alexander Hanson

    Alexander Hanson

    3 kun oldin

    Titan fall is great. nuff said

  48. Sean Barrett

    Sean Barrett

    3 kun oldin

    Dude it is SIMPLE. Titanfall has such a crazy high skill barrier that it is not fun for anyone not doing adderal and playing 12 hours a day.

    • Maximo MacLean

      Maximo MacLean

      2 kun oldin

      I think you are just bad

  49. peadar mckinney

    peadar mckinney

    3 kun oldin

    I would be roasting you for sleeping on titan fall for half a decade if I myself hadn’t been sleeping on your content until now 😂

  50. Psycho Fox

    Psycho Fox

    3 kun oldin

    Did you know that there was a Titanfall 1. Almost nobody has heard about it.

  51. Toastiest bread Box Tim

    Toastiest bread Box Tim

    3 kun oldin

    I am almost at lesion G 10.0 Fear me

  52. Patricia Carneal

    Patricia Carneal

    3 kun oldin

    Hey where does pubg lan on this list I feel like it would be grounded but idk

  53. DIOhydrogen Monoxide

    DIOhydrogen Monoxide

    3 kun oldin

    not even a single mention of any singular tribes game nice "movement shooter" video jackass

    • animated rope

      animated rope

      Kun oldin

      Yo check 11:01 he can't talk about every game and your dead franchise from 2012 isn't really a good selling point

  54. Аюр Раднаев

    Аюр Раднаев

    3 kun oldin

    8:00 OK fine. I did it.

  55. Avernuum Solantis

    Avernuum Solantis

    3 kun oldin

    @11:02 Tribes Ascend :) I was wondering when will it show up.

  56. Francis Fecktainé

    Francis Fecktainé

    3 kun oldin

    Scorch is not irrelevant

  57. AMPStorm


    3 kun oldin

    Bro, maybe you don't have an Xbox one but if Valorant is a positional/movement shooter then Halo 5 is a movement shooter.

    • AMPStorm


      3 kun oldin

      Also Quake Champions is faster than any of these games. Great video though.

  58. Lewis Coles

    Lewis Coles

    3 kun oldin

    It’s funny because I play titanfall2 siege and eft

  59. Mike Chuaseco

    Mike Chuaseco

    4 kun oldin

    You cant remove camping even in world war 2 hitler never called the soviets in Stalingrad campers. It's a valid tactical skill but i agree its being overused to the point of obnoxiousness. The only solution is to git gud and accept that in every game there will be a pussy camping the entrance to every doorway, every tight corner there is. I rest my case.

  60. Space Oni

    Space Oni

    4 kun oldin

    small update. titanfall 2 went for free on may 1st 2021 and the game had like a huge surge of new pilots. servers aint dead yet pilots games are faster now. (from the usual 10-20 minute matchmaking) good shit.

  61. hooDio


    4 kun oldin

    on a completely serious note, fortnite is the ultimate movement shooter

    • S Anne

      S Anne

      2 kun oldin

      @hooDio apex

    • hooDio


      2 kun oldin

      @Maximo MacLean any other game where movement is so important? yes, but in 3 dimensions?

    • Maximo MacLean

      Maximo MacLean

      2 kun oldin

      Dunno bout that one chief

  62. Papa Panara

    Papa Panara

    4 kun oldin

    oh hyperscape. i remember that. damn shame

  63. Mokeysniper


    4 kun oldin

    I come back to this video about twice a month for this alone. 02:32. bumm and then hit's him with the bwueeaRUGH

    • JustBrandy


      3 kun oldin

      can you please go on detail on how to do the superglide with key input please?

    • ozzy


      4 kun oldin

      hi mookey

    • meme


      4 kun oldin


    • Ghost Reaper

      Ghost Reaper

      4 kun oldin

      It’s just a 10 second summary of how TF2 feels.

  64. Nat Nat

    Nat Nat

    4 kun oldin

    did this guy just say that half of apex is looting and waiting? that can easily be avoided by simply not doing that and killing.

    • Matthew Ockey

      Matthew Ockey

      2 kun oldin

      Oh yeah let me just kill enemies with no guns

    • Maximo MacLean

      Maximo MacLean

      2 kun oldin

      Ah yes let me kill the enemy’s with my fists

  65. Ronnie X

    Ronnie X

    4 kun oldin

    why did he just start rapping like I'm genuinely confused

    • Maximo MacLean

      Maximo MacLean

      2 kun oldin

      Because he wanted to

  66. El Ferry Loco

    El Ferry Loco

    4 kun oldin

    Tf2 is free this weekend

  67. RS232


    4 kun oldin

    Titan Fall 2 is free weekends on STEAM. Few hours to go guys. Enjoy

  68. Hal


    4 kun oldin

    im a legion main

  69. Epicmonk117


    4 kun oldin

    Full Legion rap when?

  70. Real Supersand

    Real Supersand

    5 kun oldin

    What gundam you watching though?

  71. Kenny Pagley

    Kenny Pagley

    5 kun oldin

    Abababababbaa as a titanfall veteran a good pilot is always safe, is true pilot should be able to defend himself in whatever situation possible. I can sit there with a kraber and a re-45 auto and wipe the enemy team. The problem with the cod games with advanced movement was it didn’t know what it wanted to do, botg or fly.

  72. Z Four

    Z Four

    5 kun oldin

    You didny know about titanfall until apex legends?

  73. MCWOLF 39

    MCWOLF 39

    5 kun oldin


  74. Ryan Strandberg

    Ryan Strandberg

    5 kun oldin

    5:49 Wait till you find out about Energy Thief

  75. Neku


    5 kun oldin

    All FPS are pretty same-y

  76. Ghost Mane

    Ghost Mane

    5 kun oldin

    I hate and love paladins. I love the game, hate the players. It's not hard to fucking stay alive and play the point.

  77. Ghost Mane

    Ghost Mane

    5 kun oldin

    Titanfall is fucking amazing.

  78. A8EL


    5 kun oldin

    today may 1st 2021, 30000+ online players on titanfall2

  79. damien wilcomb

    damien wilcomb

    5 kun oldin

    i got it for free on ps4 and I AM ADDICTED @-@

  80. Seraphin Elysiae

    Seraphin Elysiae

    5 kun oldin

    yooo that rap intermission was SICK

  81. Carbide 8

    Carbide 8

    5 kun oldin

    Wait wait wait..... Papa scorch is IRELEVANT?!!

  82. J C

    J C

    6 kun oldin

    Tips for Ronin: Don’t act like you have the most hp in the lobby

    • Zachy Pwner

      Zachy Pwner

      5 kun oldin

      and if you have nuke eject +phase reflex, charge into an enemy crowd and try to tear them a new one!

  83. coolduders


    6 kun oldin

    give us the outro song plz

  84. Salvatore Calabria

    Salvatore Calabria

    6 kun oldin

    OK I subscribe

  85. Supernova Gaming

    Supernova Gaming

    6 kun oldin

    ronin VS scorched is legit extremely hard to loose as schorched

  86. Supernova Gaming

    Supernova Gaming

    6 kun oldin

    I have over four thousand hours in titanfall 2 trust me so noobies don’t worry I’ll be here to make your life hell

  87. olearris


    6 kun oldin

    Everyone please remember they scrapped Titan fall 3 for apex legends. Apex is the skeleton of Titan Fall 3. And it is all thanks to EA they killed Titan fall

  88. Kap3z1


    6 kun oldin

    CSGO has more skill based movement than Titanfall 2.

  89. Wax hh

    Wax hh

    6 kun oldin

    Overwatch could definitely have been a good game if there was hero lock

  90. Wax hh

    Wax hh

    6 kun oldin

    Gundam, Gun them>? holy fuuuck. Youre rap skills are something else

  91. wtfisjuice


    6 kun oldin

    I thought wall bouncing took skill but those titanfall pros had me speechless

  92. Rafał Drath

    Rafał Drath

    6 kun oldin

    Amazing content. I laughed and enjoyed. Liked and subscribed, you deserve much love. Keep it up!

  93. Curiously Rare clone trooper

    Curiously Rare clone trooper

    7 kun oldin

    I knew about titanfall 2 before apex.

  94. ライアン


    7 kun oldin

    titanfall 2 is the better older brother to apex its also basically a aim trainer for apex

  95. NoaVR


    7 kun oldin

    I am so mad because you are playing shotgun in call of duty.

  96. 148 03

    148 03

    7 kun oldin

    hey mate. dooms my game lol i speed run that shit and make it look easy. but this: 10:26 was an ignorant thing to say. ill 1v5 you..ill be the one. the fact and unbiased fact is that the demons have a massive advantage. so its not equal work. if you take 2 people of equal attributes and throw one on the demon, the demon will always win, again OF EQUAL SKILL so yea, the demon will always win. once you understand the mechanics and damage output of the demons vs slayer, it will become obviously clear that its one sided. lol but ill still destroy you. ill add you.

  97. SonneyD


    7 kun oldin

    Lmfao 10/10

  98. Allen Jones

    Allen Jones

    7 kun oldin

    Does this guy still play titanfall?

  99. Hobo Jesus

    Hobo Jesus

    7 kun oldin

    i would like to point out that go fast was part of the way FPSs were originally before CoD was a twinkle in the eye of AAA developers, before AAA games even

  100. Wateristic


    7 kun oldin

    Wait people didn’t know what titan fall was