Trapping Karl




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    Covid patients are our friends: parents, brothers, sisters, colleagues, neighbors. 😍🥰😍 From everything that happens during this period, the worst thing seems to me that people are afraid to say that they are going through the disease, because in society there is this current, against those who get sick. They are not guilty because they got sick. Some go through illness and return to work, others were on the verge of being gone. 😍🥰😍 We are a faithful people, with love for our fellow men, with empathy and we must help those who are going through hard times because of this unfortunate virus. When you find out that someone is suffering, think of that person warmly and be with them! 😍🥰😍 Send her light and good thoughts, health, as we would like each of us to receive, if we needed to. 😍🥰😍 If you have been through this experience, write to your friends, but you can write to me and I promise I will be with you. 😍🥰😍 Let us remember that before we are rich or poor, smart or not, from the country or the city, intellectuals or workers, men or women, young or old, we are and must remain PEOPLE. 😍🥰😍 God bless us all! 😍🥰😍

  2. jack b

    jack b

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  3. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiu

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    I love how the door wasn’t even closed and he was so quiet

  4. MrCheap


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    Chandler 2069: Destroying MrBeast and Surprising Everyone with MrCheap

  5. JamesAnimations


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    He just trapped #1 Hater

  6. tortilla man

    tortilla man

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    I didn’t know about this channel till this morning

  7. Breh


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    Ultra instinct:Am I a joke to you?

    • bodoti qwiu

      bodoti qwiu

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      The room is fake Can't believe people still believed it after Jimmy saying it 🤣

  8. Zax Plays

    Zax Plays

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    R.I.P Karl

  9. Lawrence Pics123

    Lawrence Pics123

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    Bruh is it me or Karl's scream sounds like that dude from monsters university oozma kapa the one with like 5 eyes im guessing

  10. Spud Johnson

    Spud Johnson

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    If he didn’t say that was too obvious I would have not known it was fake.

  11. Spud Johnson

    Spud Johnson

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    He clickbaited us XD

  12. Boomshakalaka Boys

    Boomshakalaka Boys

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    where's MrBeast Pants?

  13. Shockwave Infinity

    Shockwave Infinity

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    I'm not gonna lie, this is my 3rd time watching this and NOW I realized that the room actually isn't soundproof, and Karl was faking it MrBeast saying it's too obvious isn't very true after all

  14. Do you Know de wae?

    Do you Know de wae?

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    I see a 24 hour video in the making.

  15. Mr.BraveBoy


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    know no one will read this but if you could piz subscrib i wud appciate it m8 ty plz no hatearini

  16. George March

    George March

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  17. V Alamelu

    V Alamelu

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    #save karl

  18. Eli on 144hz

    Eli on 144hz

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  19. Impostermate's gonna kill you

    Impostermate's gonna kill you

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    Karl stop screaming when the door closed, I guess that's why Jimmy said," it's too obvious"

  20. Mike Madman

    Mike Madman

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  21. Mr. Ben

    Mr. Ben

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    The room is fake Can't believe people still believed it after Jimmy saying it 🤣

  22. Dr Panda

    Dr Panda

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    Lol MrBeast can make anything good, even this 9 second vid.

  23. Klaze


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    I love how everyone here missed the joke.

  24. Dinosaurs avengers 999

    Dinosaurs avengers 999

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    Cool video bro 😎

  25. Zeeshan Baber

    Zeeshan Baber

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  26. Not Average

    Not Average

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    If you don't get it the room isn't sound proof it's a joke

  27. loop sweep

    loop sweep

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    Sound familiar

  28. Corndog boi_88

    Corndog boi_88

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    I need this so i can put my victims in there

  29. Giddie P

    Giddie P

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    people don't get that it was a skit, and yes karl faked it. even mr.beast knows that, he said "it's too obvious, im uploading it."

  30. Jasmine Sangroula

    Jasmine Sangroula

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    I just knew today he has this channel too We learn something new every day 👍😁😂

  31. Patrick Sawires

    Patrick Sawires

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  32. MrBeast Live

    MrBeast Live

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  33. CxTurtle


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    Thats where karl belongs cause hes so annoying

  34. SoSi hAmpToN

    SoSi hAmpToN

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    lol this is were he probly keeps all the haters in **tho he probly doesn't**

  35. Roadhouse82


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    Plot twist: Karl started yawing when he got in there, so it isn’t sound proof. 300 iq

  36. TheWizardOz39


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    Makes me wonder what awesome stuff ISN’T uploaded.

  37. Jordan Negrellos

    Jordan Negrellos

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    Karl: screams Door closes Karl: *S C R E A M I N G I N T E N S I F I E S*

  38. SANS_MUSIC 360

    SANS_MUSIC 360

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  39. Fisher Amen

    Fisher Amen

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  40. moonkiller RBLX

    moonkiller RBLX

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    I wish this was real lol

  41. joella kanaziz

    joella kanaziz

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  42. yondong lee

    yondong lee

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    oh no karl

  43. Mr Beast

    Mr Beast

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    Definitely Not Real Mr Beast

  44. Mr Beast

    Mr Beast

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  45. Erik Ruiz

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  47. wolfie legend

    wolfie legend

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  48. Johnemmet9


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    A+ meme worthy

  49. Max Ebert

    Max Ebert

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  50. lorent1234


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    What was obvious

  51. Mastablasta2064


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    Morgz can do better :P

  52. Kan Kar [GD]

    Kan Kar [GD]

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  53. Seleste Zambrano

    Seleste Zambrano

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    i watch these videos if i want to laugh :,)

  54. Brigid McNamara

    Brigid McNamara

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    Who else thought it was real for a second?! Just me ok...

  55. Mike Madman

    Mike Madman

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  56. Egidio De iacovo

    Egidio De iacovo

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  57. Rachel Robards

    Rachel Robards

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    Read the red button video comics

  58. railhawks on 60fps

    railhawks on 60fps

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  59. railhawks on 60fps

    railhawks on 60fps

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  60. Samuel Hawley

    Samuel Hawley

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  61. nicole rodriguez

    nicole rodriguez

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    That was beyond funny



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    Make A Vid On Main Channel And Do A Last To Leave The Sound Proof Room.

  63. Izzyboy0921


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    Karl no clue what’s happing: me beast haha gotey

  64. FSG Gxld

    FSG Gxld

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    This shows us how much better Mr.Beasts editors are then the real Jimmy aka Mr.beast! 😂

  65. Gia Preciado

    Gia Preciado

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    They should do a challenge when they stay in there for 24 hours

  66. Cockroach Chronicle

    Cockroach Chronicle

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    He kinda looked like Morgz there

  67. Lewis Lizzo

    Lewis Lizzo

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    Phhh. It’s fake 🤣🤣🤣

  68. Mvtrixx


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  69. WOLFIENOVA_798


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    Notice me pls

  70. George Cole

    George Cole

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    Karl is gone

  71. Cortney_Gill


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  72. Gen DropShot

    Gen DropShot

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    His videos are very obviously scripted and fake

  73. DoggoML


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    Noo Karl was my favorite

  74. FireWolf


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    This channel is for bots and scammers? Cuz I see a lot of them

  75. Nolan Rhodes

    Nolan Rhodes

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    That’s too obvious ok I’m uploading it anyway



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    The soundproof room when trapping Karl: Sneak 100

  77. dont yeet a pig

    dont yeet a pig

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    Karl just stopped screaming after he closed the door. His mouth wasn't open Seems legit

  78. Braxton Nelson

    Braxton Nelson

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    Now just keep him in the room



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  80. zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy

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    Dang it MrBeast call it “dum ideas with MrBeast” that’s the most perfect name

  81. mr.classic man

    mr.classic man

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    And that's the last we seen of karl 😔

  82. This A.U. of Reality

    This A.U. of Reality

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    MrBeast needs to read this I posted a poll with the boys not exactly who is the best but yeah So both Jimmy and Karl got 20% of the votes and Chandler got 40% and no one voted Chris

  83. KevinTheJesus


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  84. KevinTheJesus


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    • zijuiy wttuy

      zijuiy wttuy

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      I just want to know why Karl's nails was black

  85. KevinTheJesus


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  86. zero Zen zero Zen

    zero Zen zero Zen

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    You tricked me I actually thought it was soundproof

  87. serdy ximi

    serdy ximi

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    when he said "I'm uploading it", he sounded like a French chef.

  88. George Opinde

    George Opinde

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  89. OP_Alejandro


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  90. Sue fansisco

    Sue fansisco

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    I want money can you give me 50$

  91. rosecxsm life

    rosecxsm life

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    When the door shuts, I was like- goodbye karl!! 😃 Read more...

    • serdy ximi

      serdy ximi

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      Beast: uploads Subs: Nice, let's add to the millions 😂

  92. MUSIC Lover

    MUSIC Lover

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    Mrbeast you are beast person I know can have phones or ps5

  93. Shadow and Maxie

    Shadow and Maxie

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    Lol the end "I'm uploading this" -Mrbeast 2020

  94. The Purple Chicken Gaming

    The Purple Chicken Gaming

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    Jimmy sus

  95. Mio Akiyama

    Mio Akiyama

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    I kinda thought at first it was real;-; I big dumb dumb

  96. Reshma Zaheer

    Reshma Zaheer

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    Bro u just close a door and got 300k likes but I did a whole minecraft survival series and all together I got only 30. HOW U DO THAT.....

  97. Only Jesus Can Save Us

    Only Jesus Can Save Us

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    John 3.16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Romans 6.23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. Amen. Repent and turn to God!!!! Time is running out!

  98. xXCentLifeXx


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    I just want to know why Karl's nails was black

  99. Ronnie Barrios

    Ronnie Barrios

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    I have that merch

  100. That Guy

    That Guy

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    I know you will never see this but there's this you tuber called @lazerblazer who I feel deserves to be in a challenge he's only around 15-16 but he's a great guy he's just hit 10k pls if you read this at least give him a shout out even if it's just on a second channel as I would love to see him hit 15k subs