Weezer - All My Favorite Songs (Official Video)

The first song off of OK Human "All My Favorite Songs" is out everywhere now
During the summer of COVID-19 we grabbed our masks, hit the studio & began to chip away at what is now known as OK Human. An album that was made by a handful of humans using only analog technologies (including a 38 piece orchestra) for all of you humans to consume.
OK Human was made at a time when humans-playing-instruments was a thing of the past. All we could do is look back on ancient times when humans really mattered and when the dark tech-takeover fantasy didn’t exist. We used our instruments to connect to the 1960’s and 1970’s and, with the orchestra, back to the 18th and 19th centuries. We had no click track or loops or hi-tech sounds. Not even an electric guitar.
OK Human arrives on January 29th, and is available for pre-order:
Limited vinyl is available on
Sonny Golden
Monroe Cline
Ed Regine
Talia Perez
Timothy Hall
Emily Elkin
Directed By: Colin Read
Produced By: Pulse Films & Obra House
Executive Producer: Rik Green
Producers: Johnny Hernandez & Joseph Barbalaco
Director of Photography: Trevor Wineman
1st AC: Erick Aguilar
2nd AC: Bryam Aguilar
Production Designer: Matt Sokoler
Art Director: Spencer Gongwer
Set Dresser: JP Sweeney
Set Dresser: Tony Pettibone
Gaffer: Skott Khuu
BGE: Amber Jones
Key Grip: Grant Gilligan
BBG: Ricky Irizarry
Wardrobe: Charneice Edwards
HMU: Diana Escamilla
Sound Mixer: Oscar Coronel
PA: Edgar Cortes
PA: Bradley Kohlmeier
Covid Compliance Officer: Maria Estrella
Editor: Colin Read
Director's Rep: Doug Klinger, Reprobates
Post Facility: Irving Harvey
Color Producer: Kerry Mack
Colorist: Samuel Gursky
All my favorite songs are slow and sad
All my favorite people make me mad
Everything that feels so good is bad, bad, bad
All my favorite songs are slow and sad
I don’t know what’s wrong with me
I don’t know what’s wrong with me
I love parties but I don’t go
Then I feel bad when I stay home
‘Cause I need a friend when I take a walk
I like spacing out when somebody talks
I wanna be rich but I feel guilty
I fall in love with everyone who hates me
Dreamy morning
Walking along by myself
Thinking about life
Trying’ to find my way through hell
Sometimes I wish I was on an island
But then I’d miss the sound of sirens
I don’t know what’s wrong with me

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  1. J M

    J M

    7 soat oldin

    Weezer has haunted me throughout my recovery journey from all kinds of abuse and running running running trying to find somewhere safe enough find the peace to heal. Every time I'm on my last limb, I start them on shuffle, and usually the first song to play nails whatever I'm feeling. Now, I thought songs like the world has turned could never be topped in their impact they have had on me continuing to fight to understand myself and the world. This song has proved that wrong. I just got home from the hospital. Suicide attempt. Of course, loaded up the Weezer shuffle. This song was like a punch to the chest, almost literally. I found myself dissolved into sobs on the floor before I knew it. I needed to get this out. Thank you for helping me find the words to express myself when sometimes it's all I can do just to contain all that I am feeling inside. I'm the girl in the short skirt and a long jacket. Trust me, I'm just as beat up sometimes, dude. All I've got is my art and music in the end. Creating seems to merely be our attempts to grasp at a permeance which simply does not exist in the natural world. The struggle is real but so are the beautiful expressions which are born from it.



    10 soat oldin

    One part of the song sounds like that one song from Steven Universe about Lapis Lazuli

  3. David Jones

    David Jones

    11 soat oldin

    Funny and unique like most of Weezer’s other songs and videos. It’s something fans can relate to.

  4. Rex Chopper

    Rex Chopper

    Kun oldin

    Harvard Wellplayed

  5. nikralm


    Kun oldin

    Absolutely lost it when Rivers pulled out the second phone.

  6. にしたまお


    Kun oldin


  7. Steve Kelly

    Steve Kelly

    Kun oldin

    Great stuff

  8. Jenn Welsch - Gem State Realtors Team

    Jenn Welsch - Gem State Realtors Team

    2 kun oldin

    They do it again, and again, and again - love this song Weezer

  9. Mohamed


    2 kun oldin

    Thanks to that Instagram ad 💜

  10. Vijit Kumawat

    Vijit Kumawat

    3 kun oldin

    ohh man what a video and song.... Appreciate👏

  11. Florian Su

    Florian Su

    3 kun oldin

    Bereits jetzt eines der besten Lieder in 2021.

  12. Aman Singh

    Aman Singh

    3 kun oldin


  13. Bear


    3 kun oldin

    This song explains my life

  14. vanner


    4 kun oldin

    Strong pandemic vibes on this one

  15. _OCEAN VIEW_


    5 kun oldin

    who is this video's boy?

  16. Daniel Aguilera

    Daniel Aguilera

    5 kun oldin

    I love it how Weezer sounds contemporary and atractive without losing his identity! Great song!

  17. The Duke Of Dorks

    The Duke Of Dorks

    5 kun oldin

    the heros song i didn't like, but this, this jams. keep your mental health in check yall.

  18. Alexander Boulton

    Alexander Boulton

    5 kun oldin

    All my favorite songs are Pinkerton

  19. brittany ingraham

    brittany ingraham

    5 kun oldin

    That's MY problem, too! Whatever he's singing about. I dont know what it is, but i feel that way, too. 😔

  20. SaltyCures


    5 kun oldin

    Kind of annoyed at the album version of this song, it’s slightly different and not as good as this version. Still a killer song though 🤙🏼

  21. Hunter Osborne

    Hunter Osborne

    5 kun oldin

    what is this call back to 2004

  22. Zoye Boykin

    Zoye Boykin

    6 kun oldin

    Bro this song hits for me

  23. Ukulilly


    7 kun oldin

    Weezer became Cavetown, but hey, I ain't complaining

  24. Bob Inwater

    Bob Inwater

    7 kun oldin


  25. Mikey Ramone

    Mikey Ramone

    7 kun oldin

    Can you make a music video for Aloo Gobi please? I love that track!

  26. hrhfj dud

    hrhfj dud

    8 kun oldin

    Was defenetly filmed in ikea

  27. Emilio MR

    Emilio MR

    9 kun oldin

    So yeah sure do THE POWER OF LOVE by the Huey Lewis And The News. I'm an old fan and yeah. Kisses.

  28. Sven Olbers

    Sven Olbers

    9 kun oldin

    There was no real "hey google" response.

    • Sven Olbers

      Sven Olbers

      9 kun oldin

      Two seconds to make it better. I know...

  29. Sven Olbers

    Sven Olbers

    9 kun oldin

    And if "the internet" likes it...

  30. Sven Olbers

    Sven Olbers

    9 kun oldin

    My favorate depressing song... That's my life.

  31. Raimonn Aptle

    Raimonn Aptle

    9 kun oldin

    I. Love. This. Music.

  32. Vinícius


    9 kun oldin

    in the next consultation I can literally play this song for the psychologist to show her what I'm feeling

  33. Andrew Walsh

    Andrew Walsh

    9 kun oldin

    “I want to be rich but I feel bad” First of all you are rich Rivers and second of all Yeah Right. Lol 😂

  34. Dan Hibiki

    Dan Hibiki

    9 kun oldin

    social media is destroying our way of life

  35. Mason MacKinnon

    Mason MacKinnon

    9 kun oldin

    They made really relatable lyrics with this one! The boys are back in town

  36. Maisha Aman

    Maisha Aman

    9 kun oldin

    Etto relatable kno bhai 🥺🤦‍♀️

  37. Todd E Walnuts

    Todd E Walnuts

    10 kun oldin

    Has a Beetles vibe. I like that!

  38. Anthony Peters

    Anthony Peters

    10 kun oldin

    Yahhh classic Wheezer sound is back!

  39. SamiUllah Agha

    SamiUllah Agha

    10 kun oldin


  40. Burt Fisher

    Burt Fisher

    10 kun oldin

    This song is so bare bones! Whole album is. This literally could have come out anywhere from 1965 to 2021. Ok Human won't be the album they're remembered for, but it's the one that you won't be able to glue to a timeframe. Love this!!

  41. TimeDime


    11 kun oldin

    Now it’s in Fortnite... Ok

  42. Miguel Varas

    Miguel Varas

    11 kun oldin

    Que Hermosa canción!

  43. Demooncrazy


    11 kun oldin

    Google phone ad?

  44. Hypnoticake


    11 kun oldin

    I dont know why but I love that he pulls out another phone.

  45. David Davis

    David Davis

    11 kun oldin


  46. Константин Карасев

    Константин Карасев

    11 kun oldin

    This song reminds by its harmony, rhythm and partly lyrics "Чиж и Ко. - О любви" which was big in Russia 25 years ago. I wonder if they heard it:)

  47. onofre liscano

    onofre liscano

    11 kun oldin


  48. hamacaboy


    11 kun oldin

    Best weezer album of all time!!!!! They did it!!!! Masterpiece

  49. Orbital Jellyfish

    Orbital Jellyfish

    12 kun oldin

    This album is what I would have made if God granted me his own powers of boundless musical fluency and I turned all my recent thoughts and feelings up to 11

  50. essemmetv


    12 kun oldin

    I'll throw it out there: Ok Human is the most inspired Weezer album since Pinkerton.

  51. Fidel Cashflow

    Fidel Cashflow

    12 kun oldin

    This one brought me back to the 90s, for a bit, I think we need more of that. So, well done...

  52. Leo Lasky

    Leo Lasky

    12 kun oldin

    if this is not an emo song I don't know what is, good job

  53. Christopher Dobbins

    Christopher Dobbins

    13 kun oldin


  54. JoyInAHood


    13 kun oldin

    The mix of this song is different in the music video, has more pop and electric elements, anyone else notice?

  55. j o s e r

    j o s e r

    13 kun oldin

    De las mejores canciones que nos está dando el 2021

  56. san ramonee

    san ramonee

    13 kun oldin

    Weezer 💕👌

  57. Little Cloud

    Little Cloud

    13 kun oldin

  58. Jeff Payne

    Jeff Payne

    14 kun oldin

    I like spacing out when someone talks.

  59. County Facts

    County Facts

    14 kun oldin

    This sounds like Rivers Cuomo joined AJR.

    • JoyInAHood


      13 kun oldin

      I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking this!!

  60. Grant Robertson

    Grant Robertson

    15 kun oldin

    I need to hear a version of this with a big crunchy, Weezery guitar coming in at 50 second mark

  61. Martin Scholz

    Martin Scholz

    15 kun oldin

    Hey Weezer ! Want To Hear Your Cover of .... " Sweet City Woman " U Can Do It !

  62. Joshua Quezon

    Joshua Quezon

    15 kun oldin

    You know what, I ironically saw their vynl of this song along with a few others in Barnes and Noble today, I didn't know who they were and decided to look them up because the art on the vynl cover interested me. Best decision ever

  63. Marcelo Romero

    Marcelo Romero

    15 kun oldin

    Is Paz Lenchantin en Cello?

  64. Jhug


    15 kun oldin

    Damn Weezer is good again

  65. Asmr Voice

    Asmr Voice

    16 kun oldin

    Anyone get freaked out at the irony of this song being about being slaves to our devices ...watching this video on our devices ...

  66. Spencer Green

    Spencer Green

    16 kun oldin

    Is it just me, or does this version of the song have horrible mastering? Seems like the dynamic range is lower than on the album version.

  67. Hayes Haze

    Hayes Haze

    16 kun oldin

    Genuinely thought the older guy in the park was Robert DeNiro

  68. Hudson Murray

    Hudson Murray

    16 kun oldin

    It's good to know that after all these years weezer still gets me

  69. Cristian Mendoza

    Cristian Mendoza

    17 kun oldin

    The MV is so 90S, is so classic but is from 2021. 😄

  70. InsteadImAwake


    17 kun oldin


  71. Susana Ventura

    Susana Ventura

    17 kun oldin

    Very cool.

  72. tris8101 tris8101

    tris8101 tris8101

    17 kun oldin

    Is it just me, or can you relate to everything in this song?

  73. callum james

    callum james

    17 kun oldin

    nick mullen in 15 years

  74. Pascal ne

    Pascal ne

    17 kun oldin

    thsi song made me cry its so good its so good have my fisrt born child rivers pls

  75. Reiky Meiky

    Reiky Meiky

    17 kun oldin

    i can't get this song out of my head!

  76. Frank B

    Frank B

    18 kun oldin

    What a GREAT song! I've waited 56 years to hear the soundtrack of my life but it was worth it :)

  77. Piratepop7


    18 kun oldin

    This is an instant classic

  78. Pascal ne

    Pascal ne

    18 kun oldin

    i wuv this song its so good poggggggggg am i right retro indie ND HIPSTER

  79. TtotheD IsMe

    TtotheD IsMe

    18 kun oldin

    play. repeat.

  80. Leonardo Cunha

    Leonardo Cunha

    18 kun oldin

    Alguém do Brasil?

  81. Paul


    18 kun oldin

    I like Pat's Blue Album shirt

  82. Rosanna D'Agnillo

    Rosanna D'Agnillo

    18 kun oldin

    Oo can't wait to introduce to my students! I have several young people who will enjoy covering this song! THANKS!!!

  83. bw


    18 kun oldin

    This song needs a guitar SOLO!!!!!

  84. Seymour_Gamecats


    19 kun oldin

    Looks like someone has a vendetta against screens...

  85. Robin Song

    Robin Song

    19 kun oldin

    I’ve never related to a weezer song harder



    19 kun oldin

    Awesome track thanks Weezer

  87. ezra8s


    19 kun oldin

    my new hymn, amazing Weezer

  88. Alarabi1998 o

    Alarabi1998 o

    20 kun oldin

    I keep doing the like button

  89. Matthew Palsgrove

    Matthew Palsgrove

    20 kun oldin

    I don't comment a bunch, i'm old. 37... heard "in the garage" in 3rd grade on the school bus and was sold for life. I still don't know what's wrong with me. I hold a mediocre job at a hardware store - i used to be in a singed band on a small label but it's all in the past. i hate parties anymore, bars - dammit... and i shred my guitar in the "cat litter room" cause that's my badass adult domain now lol. still wanna be rich... everything that feels SO GOOD. is bad bad bad. haha what a truth. love all the fans, and thanks weezer! Anyone else still shred in the cat litter room!? ha

  90. Shane Engler

    Shane Engler

    20 kun oldin

    How has this not hit 1mil yet

  91. Joey Shoe

    Joey Shoe

    20 kun oldin

    Anyone else getting a strong ELO vibe from this song?

  92. 生涯絶対クッソオシ声帯域無男2953428


    20 kun oldin

    🍀3ツ羽カゲロウ 4つデラ3つ4つ3つ4つ声帯←域→無男です★2953428★声帯←域→無男です★2953428★声帯←域→無男です★2953428★声帯←域→無男です★2953428★声帯←域→無男です★2953428★★

  93. wandy no sekai

    wandy no sekai

    21 kun oldin

    this song release on my birthday. I'm glad and this song will be my favourite song all time.

  94. Nosacrality


    21 kun oldin

    I dont know alot of Cavetown songs, but this sounds exactly like Boys Will be Bugs

  95. Thomas Corcoran

    Thomas Corcoran

    21 kun oldin

    This song reminds me of my self and the sad stuff we are all going threw but in a way it makes me feel better and happy and hopeful. Weezer a great band

  96. humming sallyTM

    humming sallyTM

    21 kun oldin

    スマホ触る時間を減らそうかな Thank you for making me realize.

  97. tharockstar01


    21 kun oldin

    I love this song! Hoping to get to see y’all in the summer!!

  98. S|D


    21 kun oldin

    Song about me.

  99. Just Claire

    Just Claire

    21 kun oldin

    Take On Me all over again with a new meaning ❤️

  100. Aaryaman Nambiar

    Aaryaman Nambiar

    21 kun oldin

    I've only recently gotten down to listening to Weezer, new and old stuff. I've heard a lot of polarizing things about them, but I'm liking their new stuff, and some of the old songs they've made in the 90s are also quite good. I'm glad they're still making music.